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Media consumption


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Media consumption

  1. 1. I have been approached by NW films to completeresearch for them into existing teen films and their audiences.
  2. 2.  With social networks it is not hard to find out which social networks are more popular than others, we can find this out just by knowing the number of people have joined the site and how many people use it regularly. These three social networks are the most popular sites around now, Facebook, Blackberry messenger and Twitter
  3. 3. From the Kaiser Family Trust I have gathered statistics on which mobile media is most used from 2004 to 2009:iPod/MP3 Players: 13% (2004) 76% (2009)Mobile phones: 39% (2004) 66% (2009)Laptop: 12% (2004) 29% (2009)From these results it shows that in the space of 5 years these figures have nearly doubled and that mobile media has become even more popular then it was.
  4. 4. It is important to know what, where, and when teens are going to watch. From the Kaiser report it shows what age race and gender of teens from 8- 18 are regularly going to the cinema.Age: 8-10Race: BlackGender: MaleFrom our focus group and primary research we have gathered what genres of films teenagers go to see , which are:ComedyAction AdventureAnd Horror
  5. 5.  We did our own primary research to gather what teens are watching and how they watching films and what we found is that teenagers are watching films via the internet and going to the cinema. They both had a joint amount of votes of 18. We found that teenagers are not watching films through portable devices as this only had a total of 6 votes.
  6. 6.  The percentage of teenagers reading or buying Magazines, Newspapers but books has been around the same average since 1999, whereas the rest have decreased over ten past ten years Books: 46% (1999) 46% (2004) 47% (2009) Magazines: 55%(1999) 47% (2004) 35% (2009) Newspaper: 42%(1999) 34% (2004) 23% (2009) This shows how teenagers reading habits have decreased but nowadays teens are reading a lot more online
  7. 7.  A good way too find out what songs are current is by looking what at what songs are number one in the charts and to see what song is being played a lot on the radio These are ways teenagers are listening to music.
  8. 8.  entL.pdf enage-media-habits-morgan-stanley
  9. 9. I think that a Comedy version of Kidulthood/Adulthood would be a successful film because teens can relate to the situation, a film called Anuvahood was a spoof version of Kidulthood and was very successful because teenagers found it funny.The genre of the film would be comedy because comedy it is such a popular genre and would attract both genders and a mixed race of people.