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  • Hi, My name is Travis Knoll and this is for Professional Communications class.I chose two quotes and I think they relate to myself in the same respect both how I live lifeand what it takes to be successful in the entertainment industry.
  • I grew up in a town called Elizabeth just outside Denver. I attended Elizabeth High School and took all of the art classes and found a strong interest in media and communications. The beautiful landscape and open space greatly influenced myself.
  • I was often bored with class work and I had constant migraine headaches. I would leave and my attention was drawn to movies which helped my head relax.I used to watch all three of theses movies and dream of my own projects. Movies were the only thing could hold my attention.
  • After high school I traveled all over Europe. I wanted to explore and see the artistic world. My mind grew and I knew what I wanted to be so…
  • I joined the army and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes for four years. I eventually got out and decided to pursue a degree in film studies.
  • I used the G.I. Bill to pursue a passion that I had in film and flew to New York for creative writing/screenwriting classes with two bags and a passion for the movies ahead of me.
  • After learning to write I wrote all the time and have completed over five scripts and a teleplay. I felt like I needed to learn to be a filmmaker as well and continued to pursue a goal to get people in the seats to watch my movies.
  • I headed to Los Angeles to continue to pursue a dream.
  • I packed my bags and bought a foreign car and drove to Los Angeles. I studied all aspects of film in the artistic realm and I fell asleep one night and I had an amazing vision of a future.
  • I finished that film program and had a vision of what was going on around me in Los Angeles. “The movement” spawned a short film I produced about medicinal marijuana and the life and times of a certain group of people, called “Green Gold.”
  • I briefly worked in film production and different jobs that related to the film industry, but it was difficult to get close to the to the business needs that I needed.
  • I enrolled into the entertainment business course at Full Sail and now a whole new world has opened to me.
  • I feel strong from the great knowledge and people that are around me. I have a continued passion that I am happy to move forward with.
  • I currently do freelance on my own and work with other friends in hopes to achieve a common goal. If it doesn’t work with them I will do it myself.
  • Amongst other things that run through a filmmakers mind I am working on a documentary feature film that I call “Houseless.” This film will take a look at this business side of homelessness.
  • This is a current project that I am working on to build an audience. It is an online animated series about a man with a DOGHEAD.
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    14. 14. I am currently in the the process of financing a documentary called “Houseless.”
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