India tourism


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India tourism

  1. 1. India TourismIndia apart from being a diverse land is an ineffable country which is rich in every aspect. Whether it isnatural, spiritual, political, adventure, wildlife or anything else, it exceptionally houses almost everydistinct facet within its territory to allure tourists all over the world. Each of its distinctive featurescontributes to its tourism therefore India has become the most eminent tourist destination in Asia.We would surely fall short of words if we try to describe the enigmatic charm of its idiosyncratic facets.The most eminent aspect of India which allures the tourists worldwide is its rich culture. The exclusiveculture of this land enhances its beauty and attracts tourists as nowhere else you will find such aculturally rich land displaying rare traditions and unique customs. Every nook and cranny of this amazingland exhibits its unique culture. The best of it can be observed through the fascinating heritage. The wayof living here too depicts the exclusive culture. People follow the age old traditions and exclusivecustoms in their daily routine. Not just culture, spiritualism too dots the place with religious sites likeVaranasi, Rishikesh, Haridwar that comprises innumerable temples, enchanting Ghats, etc. Besides theculture and religion, India is decorated with enigmatic natural beauty as it has been exquisitely blessedwith a diverse geographical terrain. India has it all whether you talk about the snowcapped Himalayas orthe pristine beaches, the arid dessert or the prosperous fields. You will surely find something interestingwhich will match your choice.India is exceptionally adorned with myriads of alluring destinations. Myriads of tourists from across theworld visit this place throughout the year. Due to which tourism in India plays a major role and affirmsto be the largest service industry in India which employs a large number of India’s population. Becauseof this it contributes a lot to the country’s economy. Some of the best ones which contribute the mostto India’s tourism are mentioned below with their attractive features as well.Rajasthan: it affirms to be the most royal destination of India with housing majestic heritage sites aswell as the imperial Thar Desert. The fascinating culture as well as the imperial aura of the placeexquisitely bestows a whimsical charm which magnetizes the travelers. The place elegantly stands as thevalor of the royal Rajputs and is dotted with innumerable tourists attractions in the form of golden sanddunes, magnificent forts and palaces, vibrant markets etc. Rajasthan is famed for inhabiting the moststriking wildlife too and most prominently the royal Bengal tigers, which can easily be spotted inRanthambore national park, Kanha National Park etc.Agra: Agra proudly houses one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Taj Mahal. The ineffable beautyof this white mausoleum mesmerizes the onlookers and intrigues them as well with the legends behindits emergence. Not just the Taj Mahal, Agra even houses some of the most fascinating monuments ofIndia. Taj Mahal ToursGoa: this tropical paradise affirms to be a delight for the travelers. It exclusively bestows some of theworld’s most beautiful beaches offering innumerable tourist attractions.Kerala, Varanasi and Himachal Pradesh are some of the other destinations which are replete with touristattractions and contribute to the tourism of India.