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London neighbourhoods


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While the global image of London may be of red double-decker buses and royal guards in funny hats, there’s actually much more depth and diversity to the city once you dig a bit deeper.

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London neighbourhoods

  1. 1. LONDON’S TRENDIEST Image via Amy Souza Dion via Pinterest NEIGHBOURHOODS
  2. 2. CHELSEA Once a hub for bohemians and creative-types (indeed, the former home of Oscar Wilde), this London neighbourhood is now best known forImage via Brit Heart via Pinterest the affluence and wealth showcased in the popular TV series ‘Made in Chelsea.’ It remains home to some fantastic museums and galleries, as well as its fair share of hoppin’ bars and clubs. Hot Spots: JuJu Chelsea 606 Club Kona Kai The Pig’s Ear
  3. 3. ISLINGTONHot Spots:69 Colebrooke Row Lord Clyde Pub Image via Adiran Fusiarski via Pinterest Filthy McNasty’s Situated just northeast of central London, this busy neighbourhood is always bustling with activity, day and night. The Lexington In recent decades it’s become an increasingly desirable place to live, thanks to its convenient location and eclectic mixture of independent shops and pubs. If you’re going out in Islington, ‘Angel’ is the place to be.
  4. 4. Slightly north of central London,Camden Town is one of the rare C Image via Pablo Olmeda via Pinterestareas of the city that’s managed toretain its edginess over the years. AIt’s a diverse music scene, attractingfans of jazz, rock, metal and Meverything in between.Camden Lock, situated along DRegent’s Canal is filled with uniquecharacters and crowded street Emarkets. N Hot Spots: T The Jazz Cafe Electric Ballroom O Lockside Lounge W Bar Vinyl N
  5. 5. Situated within the Northeast London borough of Hackney, Shoreditch is a vibrant arts and culture hub. Its distinctly urban culture makes it popular among the city’s Hot Spots: young adults, though it is equally loved by long-time London Book Club residents who revere its authentic spirit. Callooh Callay Nearby is the famous ‘Brick Lane’, filled with top-notch curry houses, vintage clothing shops and colourful street art. 93 Feet East CargoSHOREDITCH Image via Anais Masse via Pinterest
  6. 6. So, while the global image of London maybe of red double-decker buses and royalguards in funny hats, there’s actually muchmore depth and diversity to the city onceyou dig a bit deeper.When you book your flights and researchhotels in London, also consider scheduling CHEERS!some time to walk through these uniqueareas of the city – it’s worth it!