How to book your 2012 vacation


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Confused on how to get the ball rolling on planning your next big vacation? Here's a handy guide.

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How to book your 2012 vacation

  1. 1. How to bookyour 2012vacationBy Travelwyse
  2. 2. ContentsWith the New Year almost upon us, it is time to start thinkingabout your yearly getaway. The start of the year is the besttime to plan and book your 2012 vacation because it willallow you to budget and to get ready for a sufficientamount of time.This how-to guide willoutline the best methodsfor booking your 2012vacation, which will helpyou plan the holiday of alifetime, and not just in2012!
  3. 3. Online:  The internet is a great place to begin your search with a wealth of information. You can search for information about any destination. It is a good idea to visit the tourism websites of the country you wish to visit. This will provide you with reliable information about the types of activities and attractions in your desired location.  However be aware that you may not be able to ask every source you visit specific questions if you require additional information.
  4. 4. Tradeshows Tradeshows are an excellent place to visit. Meeting travel industry experts face-to-face means that you can tailor your holiday to your exact requirements. Shows like “Destinations: Holiday & Travel Show” are attended by a variety of travel companies, meaning you can find comprehensive information and lots of inspiration! Click the image below for video footage of the Destinations show There are also lots of 2011 entertainment and celebrity guest speakers at tradeshows. The other advantage is that some exhibitors offer discounts. For example, Voyages Jules Verne who are attending the Destinations show offer a 5% discount.
  5. 5. Travel Agents Travel agents are the traditional method of booking a holiday. They may be convenient to visit if you live nearby and will be able to provide you with various brochures which allows you to take away information to think over.  However, the information you receive may be limited to one company. This means you cannot compare deals from various companies. It would be appropriate to book your holiday via a travel agent if you were certain about the type of holiday or company you were looking to book.
  6. 6. Tips:* Personal recommendationsare always an excellent sourceof knowledge. Remember toask friend and family abouttheir favourite holidays.* Don’t book a last minuteholiday. It is hard to relax andenjoy your time away whenthere has been little time toplan and prepare.* Try something new! Considera different style of holiday, i.e.a cruise or safari, or even justtry a new country to which youhave never been before.