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Florida: The Sunshine State


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A showcase of some of our favourite shots on Flickr featuring the Sunshine State!

Published in: Travel, Education, Sports
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Florida: The Sunshine State

  1. 1. FLORIDA: The Sunshine State Image by Alex de Carvalho
  2. 2. We love this shot of the early morning sunrise over Biscayne Bay.Image by joiseyshowaa
  3. 3. How cute are the pelicans here on the Naples Pier?Image by conorwithonen
  4. 4. Sunrise off the bow of a boat in the Bermuda Triangle, just off the coast of Florida.Image by joiseyshowaa
  5. 5. Check out that road! Its shots like this that make me want to book holidays in Florida.Image by Francis Ledoux
  6. 6. Check out thecolours on thisferris wheel!Image bytwoblueday
  7. 7. Ah, the sunrise over Miami...Image by joiseyshowaa
  8. 8. The colours of thislifeguard hut are goodenough to eat!Image by Joe Shlabotnik
  9. 9. A great action shot, again with excellent use of colour!Image by turtlemom4bacon