Best destination wedding locations


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A guide to the best wedding destinations across the world for brides to be including Vegas and Malaysia

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Best destination wedding locations

  1. 1. Best Destination Wedding LocationsThe perfect wedding day means different things to different couples. Somewant a small gathering to intimately celebrate their commitment whereasothers want a big party to begin the start of their marriage. However acouple chooses to express themselves on their big day, one sentiment isshared and angst over between all future bride and grooms…will the suncome out!Here in the UK, it’s all about luck. So the appeal of having guaranteedsunshine to help make the day perfect definitely settles the nerves and allowsany couple to really look forward to their special day.So where is hot to tie the knot in 2012? Historic and Timeless in Italy The history that is embedded in many old buildings, churches and ruins of Italy make the country a romantically poignant place to marry. Getting married in Italy during the summer months provides not only an almost certainty for stunning weather but it also means that you will take away photographs of the day that are set in the timeless romantic backdrop of a rustic ruin in the Italian countryside, the volcanic rocks off stunning Sorrento ocean or an Italian vineyard. Famous in Vegas Getting married in Las Vegas is the true rock ’n’ roll way to go about getting hitched! This type of wedding is well-known and the attraction to head to the bright light desert maintains massive appeal due to the iconic place Vegas is.
  2. 2. Eloping in true ‘young love’ style by jetting off to the casino capital really canmake your commitment the private yet exciting event you always wanted.The appeal of living like a Hollywood star for a day by tying the knot in thelittle white chapel like couple Mamie and Bryan did, oozes glamour appeal inthe backdrop of the desert sun, all year round. If you really want to make abig statement, why not get married in the Venetian Hotel to give you thestory book charm of Italy whilst in the iconic Las Vegas.Matrimony in MalaysiaFor true escapism and a tranquil day, Malaysia ticks all the boxes for anycouple. This faraway destination gives you the option to try something totallydifferent by saying your ‘I do’s’ in Malay custom. Or you can get a bespokewedding to provide you with the day you always dreamed of. The flexibilityavailable in Malaysian wedding destinations means that you can have thewedding day you planned for in the surroundings of the sun and sereneMalaysian landscape, creating memorable photographs. One hotel thatoozes serenity and class, that might just be the perfect location for you, is thePort Dickson Hotel in Malaysia who creates a day that is truly yours.
  3. 3. Blessed in Marrakech Blessing your wedding in Marrakech after a the legal ceremony in the UK is becoming increasingly popular as couples are not as limited to making their wedding abroad a small occasion due to more no frills airlines flying to the famous ‘’Ochre City’’. Many couples can make their wedding moremeaningful this way, as it can often become not only time to celebrate theircommitment to each other, but also spend time with the loved ones that flyout to join them in their celebrations. By immersing yourselves and your familyin the Moroccan culture, any bride and groom will be certain to gainmemories for a lifetime for all those who attended.Marrying abroad can be perfect way to get married as you have a higherchance of sun as well as guaranteed iconic and memorable images. Italy,Vegas, Malaysia and Marrakech each provides a very different experiencewhich are all as unique as the couples who choose to marry there.