Vietnam trek - six secrets for a perfect trekking


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Vietnam trek - consider the moving ability suitable with the strength, bring necessary and light tools.

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Vietnam trek - six secrets for a perfect trekking

  1. 1. Vietnam trek - Six secrets for a perfect trekking trip Vietnam trek - consider the moving ability suitable with the strength, bring necessary and light tools. 1. Considering the moving ability - Depends on the strength of each person in order to calculate a proper distance avoiding being overloaded. A normal person can move an average of 12km to 15km per day. - See weather forecast to decide what to bring and have specific solutions - Remember to bring your identity papers when you visit the border areas or conservation areas. A copy of your route or a map of trekking area should be taken with you. 2. Personal belongings - Bring warm clothes, waterproof boots and hiking shoes, raincoats…Backpacks should be waterproof. - Should not forget to have stockings, scarf, gloves and personal care. 3. Equipments for group - Tents, rope, carpets, sleeping bags, lighters, candles, pans and pots, kettle…are essential and depend your trip. - Map of the trekking area should be carefully kept in a specialized bag. 1 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share!
  2. 2. - Other devices are also interesting to take with you such as, Ipod mp3, GPS device, compass, cameras, a notebook and pen which will be used to note some valuable experiences on the way. 4. Medicines Some basic types of medicine should to be taken on the trip like, antiseptic, fever, flu, stomach pain, antibiotic, dressing, alcohol, insect repellent… 5. Foods Some preservable and handy food with high energy is advised to have such as, breads, sausages, canned food, instant noodles, bagged vegetable, biscuit, candy, chocolate…You should bring water as well. 2 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share!
  3. 3. 6. Moving - Stay close to support each other in urgent events; should not travel alone especially, crossing stream or dangerous roads. - Should not take off the backpacks which can be used as fulcrum at rest. - Should stay overnight at local houses or camp nearby. Also, you can ask the locals to cook or buy food for your meals. - If camping in the forest, you are advised to camp before sunset and next to the water source. The fire should be remained all night to protect from dangerous animals. - You should have conversation with the locals to get more important information about the trekking area. --------------------------------------Travel Vietnam------------------------------------------1. Mr Manh – Travel Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia – Mobile : (0084) 913 025 122 2. Web: 3. Facebook: 4. Twitter: 5. Pinterest: 3 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share!