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An american newspaper reporting 5 most beautiful landscapes in vietnam


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An american newspaper reporting 5 most beautiful landscapes in vietnam

  1. 1. 1 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! An American newspaper reporting 5 most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam The Huffington Post of U.S has recently published an article about the famous and the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam. As a small country, people visiting Vietnam will not be unsurprised when the country has so many diverse kinds of terrain. The landscapes in Vietnam are very diversified and unique. From the white sand beaches with the very beautifully turquoise blue waters to the beautiful lush and murky tropical forests, going into the forest is the sealed leaves covering both the sun and the mountains, visitors on those will feel like flying in the clouds … It „s just some impressive scenery that visitors can be mentioned when visiting Vietnam. Nha Trang Sea With a coastline of over 3000 km (excluding the coastal islands), it is unsurprised to say that Vietnam is one of the top potential countries for sea. There are a lot of beautiful beaches. Being tired of traveling by cars along the coast of central Vietnam, you seem to be revived when see the gorgeous landscapes in front. One of the ideal destinations for tourists who love sea is Nha Trang. There are here many voyages in even both day and night, either on a cruise ship or boat fishermen. In addition, the pace of life in Nha Trang relatively young, people here are already familiar with the bustling night life.
  2. 2. 2 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! If Miami is one of the famous busy coastal cities of the United States, NhaTrang is a “Miami of South East Asia”. Besides beautiful beaches, there are small islands which are the right places for diving lovers. World of marine life in Nha Trang is very rich. Having a happy holiday in Nha Trang is very simple; in particularly, prices here are very cheap compared with those of other places in the region.
  3. 3. 3 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! Mui Ne Sand Dunes After delight playing in the ocean, remember that not only does Vietnam have white sand and blue sea, but also are there sand dunes in Mui Ne with white or orange-red dunes. Facing with the beauty of the sand dunes in Mui Ne, everyone will feel overwhelmed by the natural beauty. The pleasure to Mui Ne is very simple, you‟ll get the feeling of childhood like jumping, running, sliding in the sand. Maybe you‟ll think you‟re in a desert in Africa, but you are virtually in Vietnam where it takes about some minutes to be back the sea for surfing.
  4. 4. 4 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! Sapa terraced rice fields Every country with the coastline will have beaches, but not every country has mountains and terraced fields as Vietnam. You want to see the most beautiful terraces, just visit Sapa.
  5. 5. 5 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! The terraced fields in Sapa were “shaped “by hand from more than 2,000 years ago. Until now, they have continued to produce food source to the ethnic minorities living in the mountains.Tourists can explore the magnificent terraced fields by hiring a local to guide. Also, people here also provide “homestay” service for tourists who want to stay few days with families –then, tourists will have memorable experiences.
  6. 6. 6 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! Ha Giang Also being located in the northern mountain of Vietnam, not far from Sapa is a relative untouched area – Ha Giang. For those who love photography should take many camera batteries, because the beauty here simply is so stunning that you always want to stop along the way to take pictures. Ha Giang is the land which will make any tourists feel amazed before wonderfully grand and overwhelming beauty. Tourists can rent a motorbike and travel, sometimes you can stop to watch, take photos and then continue to travel.
  7. 7. 7 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! The most beautiful road of the journey which also is regarded as one of the world‟s most beautiful road is the connection between Dong Van and Meo Vac. Here the roads are difficult to drive with steep hill, but it is worthwhile to see the scenery in Ha Giang. Ha Long Bay It‟s interesting to see friendly kids in unique dresses and say “hello” to tourists. On their back are beautiful baskets. Men here wear mostly black clothes and black berets whereas women dress suits and colorful bandanas.Talk about the beauty of Vietnam, we can not ignore Ha Long bay which is probably one of the most impressive landscapes of Vietnam. The Limestone Mountains in the still waters hide in the morning mist in the villages and tourists sit on the wooden boats gliding lightly across the bay.
  8. 8. 8 TRAVEL VIETNAM – Discover & Share! If you look closely at the limestone here, sometimes you‟ll be able to figure out the dragons‟ stature. That‟s why this is called Halong (Bay of dragons landing). --------------------------------------Travel Vietnam-------------------------------------- 1. Mr Manh – Travel Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia – Mobile : (0084) 913 025 122 2. Web: 3. Facebook: 4. Twitter: 5. Pinterest: