Travel Vietnam - Mui ne travel guidebook from a to z


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A Mui Ne travel guidebook with all information and most concise, destinations and delicious food while staying in the central coastal city.

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Travel Vietnam - Mui ne travel guidebook from a to z

  1. 1. Mui Ne travel guidebook from A to Z A Mui Ne travel guidebook with all information and most concise, destinations and delicious food while staying in the central coastal city. MUI NE ATTRACTION OVERVIEW Mui Ne is a Vietnam beauty and a famous tourist attraction in Phan Thiet and is widely known for its long stretch of white sand, blue sea and curved coconut trees. Traveling to Mui Ne, not only do you visit, but can enjoy countless delicious dishes made from seafood. This is also one of the proud of fisherman. MUI NE TRANSPORTATION By cars: currently there are many high quality types of vehicles from Saigon - Phan Thiet/Mui Ne. You can easily find transport service companies, such as: Phuong Trang, Mai Linh, Tam Hanh, Hoang Long... Ticket prices range are from VND 130,000 to VND 200,000 (depending on type of seats: seater or sleeper buses). Most high quality companies offer transit service to Mui Ne.
  2. 2. By train: in order to get to Phan Thiet , you can also travel by train. However, the restriction is to stop at Phan Thiet Railway Station and then you have to find the car to move to Mui Ne. Fares range is from VND 95,000 to VND 125,000. In Mui Ne: most resorts have motor-cycles rental service. IN MUI NE: Swimming: There are many clean and beautiful beaches, tourist attraction in Mui Ne. Hon Rom beach: this beach owns stunning scenery. It has a strange attraction because there are so many rocks with strange shapes opposite the sea. Particularly, in the rainy season, the mountain is covered with natural green color. In the dry season, grass is yellowish which look like a giant straw from long distance, that is why it is called Hon Rom by residents. Suoi Tien (Fairy spring): the area of Mui Ne is lovingly named as "the fairy land" by tourists. Suoi Tien is a small water canyon located next to Hon Rom which is stream for walking with beautiful sandy valley. Next to the stream is red and white natural stalactites. Due to the erosion of time, stalactites have naturally wonderful shapes.
  3. 3. Desert of Golden sand: is also called "flying sand hills" stretching several kilometers from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan. The color is very fancy due to the color of old iron mine mixed with yellow sand. The shape of sand layers diversely changes all time due to the erosion of wind which washes away the thin top layer. The image of gold dunes is seen as a symbol of Mui Ne tourism. AROUND MUI NE White Lake – Lotus Lake: is located 18km away from Hon Rom. These are two natural freshwater lakes in the middle of the vast white sand dunes. White Lake is also known as Man lake; you will admire the blooming lotus flowers between the white sand dunes in the summer. Lotus lake is called Women lake which has a big lake with deep blue water surrounded by the purely beautiful white and smooth sand dunes. Cham Poshanu Tower: is located about 7 km away from Phan Thiet. Being situated on Ba Nai hill, Tram tower is relatively intact and a group of remaining ruin towers of Champa Kingdom. The group had a small architecture but was refined from essence of architecture and art of the Cham people. It has a very majestic beauty and mystery, is an interesting attraction of Mui Ne tourism in particular and Binh Thuan tourism in general. IN PHAN THIET CITY: is situated about 25km from Mui Ne, with many sightseeing area attached to history.
  4. 4. Ho Chi Minh Museum: Museum of Ho Chi Minh in Binh Thuan was established on May 19th 1986, where President Ho Chi Minh had stayed and taught in 1910 before he went to Saigon to traveled abroad and saved the country. Van Thuy Tu Palace: Being attractive destination in Mui Ne / Phan Thiet. Van Thuy Tu Palace has kept dozens of titles of the Nguyen emperors, in which the reign of Thieu Tri King had 10 titles and until now, they has been preserved intact. There is a bronze bell casted in Nham Than (1872 – Lunar calendar) which has been 140 years until now. Associated with religious which has respected and worshiped Ca Ong (whales) over hundreds years. The friendly whales usually help and assist fishermen beyond the danger on the sea... Thuy Tu Palace is the burial place which has been keeping hundreds of remains of little and big one over hundreds of years. “The Prince’s House”: On the way to Mui Ne, you will certainly be curious to discover “the Prince’s house” because of its association with the name of poet Han Mac Tu. “The Prince’s House” used to be the dating place between Han Mac Tu and Mong Cam - lover of the poet . The poet - Han Mac Tu had many poem about the romatic scenery. EATING: SPECIALITIES IN MUI NE TOURISM Besides specialties of sea, Mui Ne owns a rich and attractive cuisine. Some dishes can not be ignored when traveling to Mui Ne including:
  5. 5. 1. Steam tapioca cake: the dish has existed for a long time in Binh Thuan, visitors traveling to Binh Thuan often enjoy this cake because of its unforgettable taste. 2. Bread soup: is a simple and nutritious dish. It can be enjoy with bread and special soup. There are many breads like fried fish cake soup, bread soup steamed roll. 3. Seafood Salad: is Salad of fish, snail salad. Fish salad made from fresh Ca Mai, Ca Duc served with fresh salad, noodles and a special sauce. Salad of snail includes snail meat, pork, vegetables, onions, roast peanuts ... going with sweet and sour sauce. 4. Banh Can pancake: original name is the rising bread, because when being baked, bread is rising. Bread is made from rice flour and put into small molds as Khot cake in the other provinces of the south, but it is not coated with oil into the mold. Cakes are "baked" and then put onto the dishes in pair with fried chopped onions. 5. Rice paper with shrimp sauce: is a familiar snacks which can be found in the streets in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. Rice papers are placed on the coal stove, add shrimp sauce, quail eggs and spices then being grilled and rolled. -----------------------------------------Travel Vietnam-----------------------------------------1. Mr Manh – Travel Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia – Mobile : (0084) 913 025 122 2. Web: 3. Facebook: 4. Twitter: 5. Pinterest: