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Web based ,pay for performance programs for online promotions and loyalty .Perfect for Facebook /Twitter /SMM marketing

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Online Promotions - RewardPort

  1. 1. Innovative IncentiveSolution throughDigital Marketing
  2. 2. The Challenge How to motivate users / members to participate / engage regularly? How to increase repeat customers? How to simulate an offline marketing blitz / promo for the online business?
  3. 3. What is required?When your customers download/ participate/engage in activity and keep returning for thesame, your business wins!User engagement/ participation build lastingrelationships and impacts your fundamentalbusiness objectives. It doesnt matter whoyoure dealing with, whatever the targetdemographic; Its finally PEOPLE, and if youcan get them to participate, you can driveyour business value.
  4. 4. The Solution• Sure Shot Rewards- Instant Gratification• Sure Shot Points- Loyalty Concept
  5. 5. Sure Shot Rewards The Concept Incentivise Application/ Content downloads; Motivate registration/ subscriptions / contributions.• Reward ALL your Users with incentives for all or any action/ engagement on your website; applications, games, mobile content downloads or making purchases on your e-com portal.• Reward them for posting, inviting, rating, reviewing, subscribing, making friends, listening, watching, sharing, and/or referring.• Reward them with gifts or/and points which can be redeemed for products and branded merchandise with high perceived value.• Everyone Wins… Always
  6. 6. The Process• Register on site (verify mobile number)• Download Application, game, mobile content etc.• After download, SureShot win code is sent as text to registered mobile number, in case of ECom sites code will display after checkout.• User logs in to specially created redemption site.• User enters code, free gift displays.• User enters details for shipping and makes payment for handling charges.• Gift is shipped to user within 15 working days.
  7. 7. Process Flowchart A Promo Code isCustomer engages in Customer redeems delivered via desired activity the code on the company or created redemption site systemCustomer enjoys his Within 15 working Win an Assured Gift. gift without any days, The gift is Pays handling and hassle. delivered. delivery charges
  8. 8. The Advantage• Increase verified Registrations (build database)• Incentivise downloads• Ensure repeat transactions• Create an additional revenue stream (gift upgrade option)
  9. 9. What’s new?Gift Upgrade – User has an option to upgradehis gift to a higher value gift by paying anominal additional amount (over and abovefixed handling charger of Rs.499)For Example: User gets a Reebok watch as agift (handling 499) he can choose to upgradeto a Reebok sunglass by paying Rs.499 extra.
  10. 10. Gifts A glimpse of what to expect SureShot Wins Gift for instant wins/ redemption against loyalty points Product MRP• Reebok BackPack 1299• Geetanjali Pearl Set 2500• Reebok Watch 2499• SanDisk Micro SD 990• Converse T-shirt 1099• Reebok T-shirt 1399
  11. 11. Contd…• Converse T shirt 1099• Reebok Tshirt 1399• Polo Watch 3599• Numero Uno Shades 2499• Reebok Duffle Bag 999• Jagdamba Pearl Set 2500• Blac Watch 2499• MP3 Players 550• Wireless Headphones 800• Discover Insignia 6999• Travelport Voucher 499 (no handling charge) Back
  12. 12. The Process• Register on site and create a unique id• Download Application, game, mobile content etc• After download / any activity, SureShot points are awarded (points system will be integrated on your website)• User logs in to specially created loyalty site and views his accumulated points and the gifts that he can redeem for those points• User chooses gift and redeems against his accumulated points• Gift is shipped to user within 15 working days
  13. 13. Process Flowchart
  14. 14. Advantage• Create a loyal community of users / members• Incentivise user engagement• Incentivise user for low-ticket downloads• Create an additional revenue stream (redemption against points & cash)
  15. 15. What’s new?Points & Cash – All / some products in theredemption catalogue will be available forredemption against points and cashFor Example: User can redeem a Reebokwatch against 100 points and he canchoose to redeem a Reebok sunglassagainst 100 points + Rs.499
  16. 16. Gifts A glimpse of what to expect SureShot Wins; Gift upgrade / points & cash redemption optionsProduct MRP• Polaroid Sunglass 4428• Reebok Sunglass 4999• Ben10 English Learner Kids Laptop 1350• Giordano BackPack 3999• Polo Shades 5999
  17. 17. Contd…• Reebok Pair Watch 5198• John Players Party Shirt 1100• Sony 8GB USB Micro Vault Classic 1300• ED Hardy Bag 3350• Converse backpack 1099• V Slicer 1500• Giordano Watch 3850 NOTE: All the above products available against payment of upgrade charges of Rs.299 / 499 + handling Rs.499 Back
  18. 18. CostingPayment is only for codes/points redeemed/ or apercentage of the value ofthe gifts redeemed.Loyalty website (hosting andmaintenance will be @extras)
  19. 19. Thank YouRewardPortB 901, Fairlink CenterOff New Link Road, Andheri WMumbai 400053T: +91 22 40270000, 26748000F: +91 22 26735314E: