Top 10 Marketing & Loyalty Trends for 2012


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Based on research and interaction with some of our 400 clients across sectors and converted to a single generic presentation for all .By RewardPort ,Loyalty and rewards specialist .

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Top 10 Marketing & Loyalty Trends for 2012

  1. 1. Thinking of a Marketing and Loyalty direction for 2012 Take a quick glimpse for the latest trends
  2. 2. FOCUS Customer Retention and Loyalty Customer Aquisition > <
  3. 3. Customer Experience will beat Points and Rewards Reward points You have to Win ‘Me’ emotionally
  4. 4. Chief Experience Officer Chief loyalty Officer Chief Attrition Check Officer Some of the new positions likely to get created in organisations. Are you available?
  5. 5. Personalised Technology that can engage customer with a brand Technology which aims at personalizing the customer’s engagement with a brand will take the forefront while the one that delivers generic and invasive communication will be largely ineffective and eventually obsolete.
  6. 6. Social Media Engagement is MUST The proliferation of information, inventive methods of reach and ease of connect would make Social Media impossible to ignore.
  7. 7. Mobile is everything for the customer A mobile phone or its wiser cousin ‘the smart phone’ is the customers wallet, computer, camera, social hangout, a gaming device, mobile bank and yes a phone too. Use of location based services, m-coupons and m-loyalty will increase manifold.
  8. 8. E-commerce companies to look at coalition partnerships Specialized ‘Coalition Loyalty Programs’ addressing specific customer groups based on socials levels, activities and interests will emerge. E-commerce companies will need both internal programs and external coalition partnerships more than any other sector.
  9. 9. Experience Rewards The new age customer selection Customers would want their points and rewards to be redeemed for experiences (movies, events, spa, luxury holidays etc) rather than products
  10. 10. Privileges will win over discounts The importance of Freebies and offers will continue to dictate but it’s popularity might take a rude check. The same would have to be used cleverly and with guile. Barrage of discounts and offers for customer acquisition will not please the loyal customers; Privileges will win them over instead.
  11. 11. Bollywood Cricket Hollywood Soccer These and more will yet be the most exciting engagement platform for customers. Customer engagement platforms:
  12. 12. When your organisation is looking for someone to help you develop a loyalty program for your customers or an incentive plan for your employees or channel partners; RewardPort’s your best destination. We’ll help you ideate, advise you on structure, develop and run the program for you. You sit back, analyse the outcome, strategise, and you’ll have the time to up the quality of your output. It could be a short one-off or three month Sales Promotion exercise or even a whole year’s Rewards and Recognition affair, we’re bound to have something that will dove tail your needs. In fact we’ve developed a number of tools and products, supported by a battery of services offerings to cater all your needs Call +91 9773000077 B 901 Fairlink Center, Off New Link Road, Andheri W, Mumbai 400053 Mumbai Delhi Bengaluru Dubai