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  • Think-Pair-Share What do you know about these terms? Can you provide an example to your partner?
  • Show United Artist Video Clip
  • During Reading: Let students know this is a flashback, then moves forward, and flashback again.
  • Kagan Structure
  • ReRead The Vision. Ask students to discuss how their list of signal words contrasts with how the author about this series of events.
  • The wall

    1. 1. The Wall by Eve Bunting“Always to Remember:The Vision of Maya Yin Ling”by Brent Ashabranner 8th Grade Language Arts
    2. 2. Building Academic VocabularyToneFlashbackCompare &Contrast
    3. 3. MemorialWhat is the purpose of a memorial?How do memorials move people?
    4. 4. Essential Questions1. Why might an author useFLASHBACK instead of presentingevents in the order they occur?2. In what ways does the TONE of TheVision differ from The Wall?
    5. 5. In 1961, President John F.Kennedy sent 3,000military troops to help theSouth Vietnamesegovernment fight againstcommunist rebelssupported by NorthVietnam. By 1968, the U.S.had more than 500,000troops in Vietnam. In theUnited States the warsparked many protests.Our nation became bitterlydivided between thosewho supported the warand those who opposed it.
    6. 6. The Vietnam VeteransMemorial is located inWashington, D.C.Three million peoplevisit and pay respectto the V-shapedgranite structureevery year.The memorial wasdedicated onNovember 13, 1982.
    7. 7. Do you think youth and inexperience stop someone from making a major contribution to society?In “Always to Remember:The Vision of Maya YingLin,” the author describesa contest held for thememorial in Washington,D.C., to honor theveterans. This selection isa brief biographical sketchof a remarkable collegestudent.
    8. 8. As you read, think about how the author’s portrayal of the Vietnam Wallcompare and contrast with the picture book, The Wall.
    9. 9. Discuss ways that The Wall and The Visionare similar and ways they are different.Focus on contrasting the two selections’details and descriptions. Inside-Outside Circle 1. Students face each other 2. Inside Circle answers first 3. Outside Circle answers second 4. Outside Circle Rotate to new partner 5. Repeat
    10. 10. As you are identifyingsequential events inthe biographicalsketch, record a listof SIGNAL Words on asticky note.
    11. 11. 1. Why might an author use flashbackinstead of presenting events in theorder they occur?2. In what ways does the TONE of TheVision differ from The Wall?
    12. 12. Writing SituationMany writers, scientists, and politicians have a view ofwhat the world will be like fifty years from now.Directions for WritingThink about what the world will be like by the time youare in your sixties. Think about the future and thedirection you think the world is headed.Write to explain what you believe the world will be like infifty years from now.