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  1. 1.  Cause EffectTerms in Text:EmancipationAbolitionistsApathyTreason
  2. 2. •Distinguishbetween cause and effect bynoting what makes something happen (thecause) and the result (the effect).•One cause may have several effects.•One effect may have several causes.
  3. 3. Tigers are endangered species. In 1999 there were fewerthan seven thousand of them living in the wild. These feware dying off fast as a result of illegal hunting and loss ofhabitat. When land is cleared to make room for a growinghuman population, tigers have less land on which to huntand raise their young. To save wild tigers, governmentsneed to protect tiger habitats and impose stricter huntingpenalties.In order to prevent tigers from dying out, governmentneeds to ___.A. Clear land in the wildB. Encourage huntersC. Protect habitatsD. Place tigers in zoos
  4. 4. The extra half-hour of practice each day had paid off.Maya could hear the improvement in her violin playing.She was sure that her new-found confidence would resultin her being more relaxed at the audition for SeniorOrchestra. Just as she was about to raise her vow for thefirst note, she heard a ping. One of her strings hadsnapped. Maya’s face fell. “Don’t worry,” smiled thedirector. “I always bring and extra set of strings toauditions. We’ll have your violin restrung in a jiffy.”Maya’s new confidence was a result of ____.A. Being more relaxed at the auditionB. Getting anew stringC. Extra practice each dayD. The director’s friendly attitude
  5. 5.  What causes change? What are the consequences when people become apathetic to what is happening in their country? Once an effect is in motion, can you change the result? “If _______ caused ______, what can we do to start a positive cause and effect change?”
  6. 6. 1861 1865
  7. 7.  Abolitionists were one of the most controversial groups in American history. They were reformers who sought to end slavery in the United States. Abolitionists began their fight during the American Revolution. During the Civil War, however, the abolitionists Areas covered by the Emancipation movement was dissolving. Proclamation are in red. Slave holding areas not covered are in blue. Most of the abolitionists lived in the North, and encouraged Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.
  8. 8. As we readEmancipation, writea summary for eachpage of text.
  9. 9. _______. If President Lincoln was here today, he would bring ___________to everyone’s attention because____.
  10. 10.  If President Lincoln had never signed the Emancipation Proclamation what would the effect be either nationally, globally, or socially? • What judgments would you make about Lincoln’s leadership? • What could an alternate plan for emancipation have been? • How can one identify cause and effect statements? Numbered Heads Together 1. Students number off 2. Teacher asks a question 3. Students think and write 4. Heads Together: share & discuss 5. Teacher calls a number 6. The student with that number answers
  11. 11.  What causes change? What are the consequences when people become apathetic to what is happening in their country? Once an effect is in motion, can you change the result?
  12. 12. Bring in picture examples (2 for eachexample) of The Civil War, The Vietnam War,civil rights protesting, or any issue requiringactive participation of citizens effecting change.Each event will consist of two pictures. Yourclassmates will have to match the pictures andthen decide which one represents the causeand which one represents the effect betweenthe two pictures.