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  • Monday 10/8
  • Use Picture Books to emphasize the difference between Flat/Round and Static/Dynamic Character
  • Tuesday & Wednesday Block day
  • Friday 10/12
  • Show United Streaming Videos
  • Tuesday 10/16
  • Kagan Structure
  • Kagan Structure
  • Kagan Structure
  • Kagan Structure
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Drummer boy of shiloh

    1. 1. Drummer Boy of Shiloh By: Ray Bradbury
    2. 2. Bell Work Read the friendly letter. Determine the1 meaning of each underlined word. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
    3. 3. -Characterization -Direct or Indirect Flat or Round Character Static or Dynamic Character-Conflict -Internal or External
    4. 4. Personality of a character / method an author uses to reveal that personality1. Direct = author states facts directly about a character2. Indirect = character’s personality is revealed little by little
    5. 5. 1. author states directly what the character is like2. author states directly the appearance of the character3. author allows the reader to hear the character speak4. author shows the reader how the character acts5. author tells the reader what other characters say & think about him6. author allows the reader to enter the head of the character to become familiar with his/her thoughts and feelings
    6. 6. Types of Characters { Round Or Flat Static Or Dynamic
    7. 7. ShowdownLet’s review ournew academicvocabulary
    8. 8. Wednesday,October 10, 2012Materials Needed:Pencil ONLY Developing Essay Writing Skills
    9. 9. Corner 1 Corner 2 Introductory Paragraphs Sentence Expansion and Elaboration of IdeasCorner 3 Corner 4 Author’s Style and VoiceStrong Body Paragraphs & Effective Essay PlanningTransitional Phrases Scavenger Hunt
    10. 10. 10/11/12 Bell Work How would you feelif you were far fromhome, staying in acamp like the oneshown? {Directions: write afew sentencedescribing how youwould feel. WINSLOW HOMER’S HOME SWEET HOME
    11. 11. Flat or RoundStatic or Dynamic
    12. 12. Mix Pair Share1. Students Mix around the room2. Teacher calls, “Pair”3. Students place Hand Up, Pair Up4. Teacher asks a question related to the following slides of characters…Are the characters Round or Flat Are the characters Static or Dynamic5. Students verbally share response with justification why
    13. 13. Drummer Boy of Shiloh By: Ray Bradbury
    14. 14. Flat or RoundStatic or Dynamic
    15. 15. Bradbury grew up in Waukegan, Illinois,and later moved his family to California. As ateenager, he read science fiction stories andsoon began writing his own. He has publishedmore than five hundred works- short stories,novels, plays, screenplays, television, scripts,and verse. He eventually became an award-winning science fiction author, known for suchworks as The Martian Chronicles, The IllustratedMan, Fahrenheit 451, and Something Wicked ThisWay Comes. Bradbury wrote this story after reading thedeath notice of an actor whose grandfatherhad been “the drummer boy of Shiloh.” Thisphrase inspired him to write his tale. To paintan accurate description of the setting, he wentto the Los Angeles library before writing anddid research on the weather conditions duringthe Battle of Shiloh.
    16. 16. Shiloh is a Hebrew word meaning “place of peace.” The battleof Shiloh took place on April 6, 1862, in southwesternTennessee, close to Corinth, Mississippi, near a church calledShiloh. Despite the peaceful surroundings of peach orchardsand the small church, there were more than 3,000 deaths and20,000 casualties as a result of this battle..
    17. 17. Symbolism of the Drum…From earliest history, the sound of a drum has been animportant part of many cultures. Drums have been used insacred settings and on the battlefield, where the drum beatcould energize soldiers. Early war drums were often kettledrums, which produced low booming sounds that carried formiles and could frighten the enemy. As smaller drumsbecame more popular for battle, rhythmic patterns weredeveloped to communicate among groups, such as signalingsoldiers to march or charge. Typically, it was considereddishonorable to wound or kill a drummer, althoughcapturing the enemy’s drum was a celebrated achievement.
    18. 18. { North 1862 { South 1862 Battle of ShilohDiscuss the differences between the Northern and Southern States during the Civil War.
    19. 19. Bell WorkDirections: Read the figurative language below and decide if it is asimile, metaphor or personification.1. “Soldiers put on their bravery with their caps.”2. The soldiers’ whispering “was like a natural element.”3. “The sun might not show its face because of what was happening here.”
    20. 20. Mix Pair Share1. Students Mix around the room2. Teacher calls, “Pair”3. Students place Hand Up, Pair Up4. Teacher asks a question related to the following slides of characters…Are the characters Round or Flat Are the characters Static or Dynamic5. Students verbally share response with justification why
    21. 21. Flat / RoundStatic / Dynamic
    22. 22. Rally Table1. The teacher will ask questions with multiple possible answers. (See next 4 teacher prompted questions)2. Partners will take turns writing answers on the paper, then verbally discussing (rally) possible answers.
    23. 23. What does the author mean when heuses this phrase? (underlined)“If he lay very still, when the dawncame up and the soldiers put on theirbravery with their caps, perhaps theymight go away, the war with them, andnot notice him lying small here, no morethan a toy himself.”
    24. 24. On page 8 of the text, the drummerboy contrasts his possession of adrum with the guns that the othersoldiers have.What is his point?
    25. 25. At the bottom of page 10, the authorwrites that the general may need to lightpiles of dry leaves for light “to see hisway through the coming days when thesun might now show its face because ofwhat was happening here and justbeyond.”What does he mean?
    26. 26. The writer never states thespecific horrors of war, but doesimply them.Give reliable and valid examplesfrom the text to support yourinference about the horrors ofwar.
    27. 27. Materials Needed: Pencil Today’s tasks: Character Map handout 1. Laptops- FOCUS assessmentsBell Work: -Context Clues Read today’s learning -Character Development goal from the board. Think about it… how 2. Joby Characterization Chart would you rate you understanding of the 3. Writing Activity - Draft goal?
    28. 28. Joby is a dynamic character.Pretend you are Joby. In a friendly letter format explain howyou change during the course of the story.Include the following points: -The setting of the story & significance of the war -Before the general talks to him -How Joby feels about the upcoming battle and his place in it -What Joby learns from the general that changes how he feels -Use the character sketch to include Joby’s traits
    29. 29. Friendly Letter Format
    30. 30. Drummer Boy of Shiloh Written Extension RubricCriteria Needed Possible PointsIncludes at least 3 Sensory Language 30details about the settingIncludes at least 4 details of 40Characterization about JobyUses the friendly letter format 10Includes at least 2 vocabulary terms 10from our literary selectionUses correct grammar, punctuation & 10spelling. 1 sentence starting withsubordinate conjunction. Total Points 100