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An Overview of the Very Best Ground Handler in Kenya!

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  • Hemingways Expeditions - Keynote

    1. 1. Hemingways Expeditions The Very Best Ground Handler in Kenya
    2. 2. About Hemingways Expeditions...- Combining over 50 years experience in designing & operating bothscheduled and fully-custom safaris & tours in East Africa- With on-the-ground operations in Nairobi and Arusha, HemingwaysExpeditions is the trusted authority that our partners in travel counton for our unmatched safari product knowledge, expertise andconnections across East Africa.- Their deep, long-standing relationships with the region’s top guidesand safari properties ensure that your clients will be in the very best ofhands as they experience the rich and vibrant diversity of East Africa.- Each member of the team is driven by one overriding goal—to designa dream-come-true journey for every guest in East Africa.
    3. 3. What’s On Offer? The world’s most knowledgeable safari planning team in East Africa.• Enhanced internal itinerary crafting software• State of the art processes offer trade partners immediate responses and detailed itineraries.• Enhanced safari planning team focused on personal relationships with international partners
    4. 4. What to Expect: - They are always up-to-date on new properties, new safari experiences, the latest trends in East African social issues, and more.- They provide information, insight, andrecommendations to partners in a varietyof ways online, most importantly on theirblog.- They embody the authentic charm andpassion for classic safari experiences thathave made East Africa the best safaridestination for over 100 years.- Their team is down to earth,knowledgeable, accessible, and passionate.
    5. 5. Destinations:- Kenya- Tanzania- Rwanda & Uganda- Zanzibar
    6. 6. Sample Kenya Itinerary:- Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi - Accommodations: House of Waine- Days 2-3: Meru National Park - Accommodations: Elsa’s Kopje- Days 4-6: Laikipia Plateau - Accommodations: Ol Malo Lodge- Days 7-9: Masai Mara NR - Accommodations: Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp- Day 10: Nairobi/ Journey Home - Including game drives and other safari activities
    7. 7. Sample Tanzania Itinerary:- Day 1: Arrival in Arusha - Accommodations: Arusha Coffee Lodge- Days 2-3: Tarangire National Park - Accommodations: Tarangire Tree Tops- Days 2-3 (Alternative): Lake Manyara National Park - Accommodations: Lake Manyara Tree Lodge- Days 4-6: Ngorongoro Crater National Park - Accommodations: The Manor at Ngorongoro- Days 7-9: Serengeti National Park - Accommodations: Serengeti Migration Camp- Days 10-14: Zanzibar Island - Accommodations: The Palms- Day 15: Journey home
    8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions:- How do you pay commissions? - We quote all services to qualified trade partners in NET rates, so you can add on your desiredcommission on your side. Payments can be made to the Nairobi office via wire transfer.- Can you help organize Fam trips? - Absolutely. To make the most of the Fam experience, we typically work one-on-one with our tradepartners to create custom Fam trips, vs. group trips. Please contact the Nairobi office, or one of ourrepresentatives in the US or Europe, to discuss your Fam objectives and complete a Fam Request Form.From there we will discuss options and work to get you reduced rates through our partners for your Famexperience.- Can travelers book direct with Hemingways Expeditions? - No. If you are a traveler, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a travel agent or touroperator who will work together with our team in Nairobi to create an outstanding safari experience foryou in East Africa.- What type of vehicles do you use? - We own 4 Toyota Land Cruisers with extended bodies, the most comfortable and safe safarivehicles available today. These vehicles are used in both Kenya and Tanzania. We also own a fleet of smallersafari vans for use on longer driving itineraries in Kenya. The majority of our travelers in Kenya experienceflying safaris, so when not flying from park to park guests utilize safari vehicles and guides associated withthe individual camps.
    9. 9. Contact Information:- Website:www.hemingways-expeditions.com- Bookings:Kimjackson Njeru:kim.njeru@expresstravelgroup.co.ke- Blog:www.hemingways-expeditions.com/blog- Facebook:www.facebook.com/Hemingways-Expeditions