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Is Getting Expat Health Insurance Better?


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Some people cannot afford typical long-term life insurance policies, but there is now an option to get expat health insurance in case you are financially incapable to get along-term plan. The perfect time to get this type of insurance is when you are planning to participate in a high risk activity in the coming months, since temporary health insurance can just cover you for a month to a year.

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Is Getting Expat Health Insurance Better?

  1. 1. Is Getting Expat Health Insurance Better? www.iexpatriatehealthinsurance.comReady for your trip?
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSIs Getting Temporary Health Insurance Better? 3 Tips to Determine the Best Short Term Health Insurance Policy 9
  3. 3. Is Getting Temporary Health Insurance Better?
  4. 4. Some people cannot afford typicallong-term life insurance policies, but there isnow an option to get expat health insurancein case you are financially incapable to getalong-term plan. The perfect time to get thistype of insurance is when you are planning toparticipate in a high risk activity in the comingmonths, since temporary health insurance canjust cover you for a month to a year. Anythingbeyond that, you will need to get the properlife insurance coverage .
  5. 5. Health insurance will help cover yourmedical bills just in case something badhappens to you. Think of it as protection forthe future. Expat life insurance coverage andpolicies will depend on you. Your insuranceagent will ask you for the specific coverage youwant and the duration for which you need cov-erage. Determine your budget for your healthinsurance and choose the most applicable cov-erage to you. Your premiums will also be
  6. 6. dependent upon your choice of coverage. Ex-pat health insurance is one measure of cautionyou should take when you have decided toleave the country for a period of time. There are also options where you canchoose to pay in full or through monthly install-ments. And with this type of insurance, you canstop at anytime. If you are getting short oncash and the insurance payments arebeginning to be a burden, you can easily stopand resume the plan when you are ready.
  7. 7. Think of it as a trial insurance plan and see howcompany works in your interest. During thetime you try out coverage, you can decide if anexpat life insurance policy is the most suitablefor your lifestyle. So if you are hesitant to get a life orhealth insurance plan that will be paid through-out the years, you can try a short term plan in-stead. Remember that health is very importantand we will never know what will happen inthe future. Do not risk your health thinking
  8. 8. Although times may be tight and you may thinkit is your only choice to go without insurance,there are short-term policies that may be veryaffordable. Illness and accidents do occur; andfor that simple reason, it is always wise tomaintain some sort of health and life coverage.
  9. 9. Tips to Determine the Best Short Term Health Insurance Policy
  10. 10. A short term health insurance oftencosts you less than a regular insurance. Unlikeregular insurance policies, some companiesdon’t even bother to check your current healthconditions. So, it can be difficult to determinewhether these policies are genuine. It is verycommon to suspect an insurance company ifthey offer to provide high coverage for a verylow cost. Hence, it is always important to checkwith the states department and find outwhether the insurance company is a genuine
  11. 11. company. Often a reliable insurance companywould have registered with a state. If you are a person who has lost a job or ifyou are individual looking to travel out ofcountry for a very short period, then you maytake advantage of the short term health policy.These plans help you meet your medical costsand emergency treatment costs for a shortperiod of time. If you are planning a trip awayfrom home for a short period of time,expat health insurance may be the ideal
  12. 12. option to give you the coverage you need foryour days or weeks out of the country. For the student who is studying abroad,a special type of insurance policy is necessary.The coverage that you have in your homecountry will not stay in effect while you areaway. Therefore, investigate the types of poli-cies that will best serve your needs as youstudy away from home. If you are going on abusiness trip, you can check with the employerif they would pay for the travel insurance. Ifyou are a tourist visiting your relatives, you can
  13. 13. have your relatives sponsor your visit, which iscomparatively a cheaper way of buying shortterm health insurance. However, beforejumping to this step, investigate different poli-cies and gain an understanding of whatcoverage you get for what price. Never assumethat travel insurance is too expensive orunnecessary! If you are planning to carry valu-able items with you, it is also important to buytheft insurance along with your healthinsurance.
  14. 14. Before you buy a health insurance from acompany, choose to read the coverage benefitsof the policy. Determine whether the companyis reliable by checking with a state department,or simply by reading reviews from individualswho have purchased insurance from thiscompany. It is important to know that what-ever company insures you is known for promptresponse to claims. Find the cost of the policy. Choose a policythat has good coverage options within your
  15. 15. budget. If you are on a tour, find out whetheryour policy covers activities like scuba diving,sky diving and trekking. As an alternative, youcan also check with your credit card company ifthey offer to provide any travel insurance poli-cies. You can read the customer reviews of theinsurance company to determine its credibility.You can choose the service of an insurancecompany with good customer rating. You canbuy short term health insurance policies onlineat discounted rates. When you know you are
  16. 16. covered as you travel, you can truly relax andhave fun.
  17. 17. For more information about expat health insurance and expat life insurance, please check