A Semester Abroad in the United States


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Travelling to a foreign country to study is an exciting and rewarding experience, especially if you choose to go to the United States. The US boasts some of the best colleges and universities in the world because professors from all over the globe can be found in their classrooms, laboratories, theaters, and concert halls.

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A Semester Abroad in the United States

  1. 1. A Semester Abroad in theUnited States
  2. 2. Travelling to a foreign country tostudy is an exciting and rewardingexperience, especially if you choose to goto the United States. The US boasts someof the best colleges and universities in theworld because professors from all over theglobe can be found in their classrooms,laboratories, theaters, and concert halls.However, if you decide to study at a USinstitution of higher education, it is
  3. 3. important to prepare well in advance,even if you are only there for a few shortweeks or an entire semester. It isimportant to understand student visas,local laws, and insurance. Student visas are required for foreignstudents to study in the United States. Inorder to obtain a student visa, you mustfirst be accepted into a United Statesschool. The college or university that
  4. 4. accepted you will provide the properdocuments necessary to apply for astudent visa. As soon as you receive theseforms, fill them out and send them backas soon as possible. The earlier, the better! You can learn more about theprocess and requirements for applying fora student visa here: US Department ofState Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  5. 5. Before going to the United States,learn the law. Even though you are not acitizen, you are still required to abide bythe laws that govern the United States.For instance, if you live in a country thatdoes not have a minimum drinking age,you should know that the US does notallow anyone under the age of 21 to buy orconsume alcohol, and you cannot servealcohol to anyone under 21 years old.
  6. 6. Also, there is a minimum age forbuying cigarettes (19 years old). It isimportant to also find out the local lawsspecific to the city and state where youwill be studying. Some laws are unique tothe area where you will be living.
  7. 7. You are not allowed to enroll forclasses in any United States school with-out proof of insurance. Applying forInternational Student Insurance USAcosts less than applying for the insuranceprovided by the college or university youwill be attending. You can find information onInternational Student Insurance USA onthe web.
  8. 8. It is wise to obtain student travelinsurance. In the event that you get sickor injured while in the United States,student travel insurance can reduce thecost of medical bills. Will an American hospital take my health insurance if I am visiting the USA? Sadly, this is a question that few ask.The United States is a popular vacationdestination, with millions of people
  9. 9. visiting each year. Yet, how many ofthese travelers know that their healthinsurance will not pay for medical billsaccrued while visiting the United States? Most people do not realize that theirpersonal health insurance policies arepowerless the moment they step outsidetheir native country. Of course, there area few exceptions, and there may be somepolicies that cover medical bills in some
  10. 10. foreign countries and not others. Butbottom line is that countless businesstravelers and tourists come to visit theUnited States every year, completely un-aware that they are taking a huge risk:were they to require emergency medicaltreatment, they would be stuck with pay-ing for those costly medical expensesthemselves.
  11. 11. Also, if you need to cancel your trip,you can apply for insurance that covers upto a certain amount of the trip, so that youdo not lose all of your money if you nolonger can travel abroad for any reason(this is only for those who plan on beingin the US for 30 days are less).
  12. 12. Those are just some tips forensuring that you are well prepared foryour study abroad. Another piece ofadvice: family members such as yourmother or father should obtain currentpassports. In case of an emergency, theycan travel to the United States as quicklyas possible if they have current passports.Also, understand the currency rates andhow your country’s money measures up
  13. 13. to the US dollar. Find out what kind offees credit cards may hold for exchangingcurrency. It is also extremely importantto know how to protect yourself and yourpossessions. For instance, never travelalone at night, and have a safe to keepexpensive items or important documentssuch as your passport and cash.
  14. 14. Above all, have fun! By choosing tostudy abroad in the United States, youhave given yourself the opportunity toexplore a whole new world, to learn theAmerican culture, and to experienceexactly why so many students like youchoose the United States as their studyabroad location.
  15. 15. For more information about international travel insurance andinternational student insurance USA, please check out www.zinternationalinsurance.com