Blogging for Business - New Marketing and PR


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Presentation Slides - includes course outline for the Blogging for Business course taught by Mindie Burgoyne.

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Blogging for Business - New Marketing and PR

  1. 1. Blogging for BusinessCreating Conversations in a New Marketing Age S
  2. 2. New MarketingS Mass Marketing is Dead S Moved from Economy of Scarcity to the Economy ofS Replaced by the “Mass of Abundance Niches”S Customers have scores of S Markets have become choices “conversations”S Customers are the influencers S Your Customers are your Ad of buying decisions Agency
  3. 3. A Blog Makes You anOpinion LeaderS Enter ConversationsS Offer useful informationS Get Customer inputS Shape the conversation
  4. 4. What is a Blog? Blogging in Plain English By Lee Lefever
  5. 5. Blogging is ConstantS Blog ---> Newspaper S What’s the Conversation Today?S Throw-away ContentS Website is static S Every Conversation is a tentacle to draw into the main site WEBSITE BLOGS
  6. 6. When is ablogsuccessful?Linking & Conversing
  7. 7. BlogElements• Title• Tag Line• Post Title• Recent Posts• Subscribe Feed• Email Newsletter• Archives• Categories• Tags
  8. 8. Tools forBlogging• Camera• Smart phone (NTH)• Photo Editing software “Picnik”• Google Alerts• Google Keyword Tool• Google Analytics• Google Reader
  9. 9. Preparation #1 Niche and PersonalityS What is Your Niche?S What does your voice, your brand, your personality style?S Give your blog a name and tagline
  10. 10. Preparation #2Who is yourCustomer? Who are your customers? What are they talking about? Where are the conversations? What do they want to know? Develop 3 to 5 Categories for posts
  11. 11. Preparation #3 Blog bankSearch blogs and create a bank of“like” blogs using Google ReaderLook forniche, personality, conversation, great content
  12. 12. Preparation #4Headshot and bioFind a photo of your face andcreate a good headshot withphoto editor. 300 pixels wide.Write a brief bio aboutyourself. Include thingsappropriate to the“conversation” of youcustomers.Remember ---> Blogs AreFun!
  13. 13. Preparation #5 Choose CategoriesCome up with five to ten blogpost ideas that will fit yourchosen categories.Use Google Calendar to settentative dates for posts.
  14. 14. Static Pages forPages? Your Blog? S About Me S Products Page S Event Page S Contact Page
  15. 15. Blog ContentS Title is EVERYTHING S First Paragraph – key word rich. S Use Google Keyword ToolS Must have photo! S 500 to 700 words max – think …”conversation starter”S Videos NEVER longer than 3 minutes S Break up text – lots of white space. People SKIM content
  16. 16. Blog Content S Be Informal – funny if possible S Write tight – make every word count. Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision. Inscribe it on tablets so that the runner may read it.”
  17. 17. Some Legal PointsS Any content written by you is copyrighted by you.S Any photograph you take is copyrighted by you.S Copyright follows the individual.S It is illegal to reuse content from the web without permission (includes graphics, photo images, text) from that individual.
  18. 18. Business Blogging EthicsS Steer clear of creating Blogging or Social Media GuidelinesS Better to have a Communications Policy and apply it to all forms of communication.
  19. 19. GettingFollowers• Follow blogs yourself• Make thoughtful comments• Use Twitter• Use Instagram• Use Facebook• Post often – 3 to 5 times a week.• Guest bloggers (careful)• Consistently post
  20. 20. Blogging …… taps millions of televangelists to tell your story. Thecustomers become your ad agency.YOU become an opinion leader and can influence thebehavior of your customers … and in turn get them tomultiply that influence.
  21. 21. Finding the timeS A Blog post is similar to writing S Plan your posts / have a an email. 500 – 700 words can collection of ideas on your be done quickly. calendarS Use your aggregates, Google S Have a set time of day to post. reader, and Digg to gather ideas for future content.
  22. 22. 3 Great Books Click on book icon for more info
  23. 23. 3 More Great Books Click on book icon for more info
  24. 24. 3 Great E-books Click on book icon for more info
  25. 25. Web Resources
  26. 26. Blogging for Business Mindie Burgoyne 5775 Charles Cannon Road Marion Station, MD 21838 301.648.2010