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Five hip holidays abroad for 2016


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Five hip holidays abroad for 2016

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Five hip holidays abroad for 2016

  1. 1. Five Hip Holidays Abroad for 2016 Now is the time to be planning your summer holiday. If you are looking for something special in 2016, here are five hip holidays abroad that might just hit the spot and are bound to be topical hits this year: Eco Adventure in Oz:
  2. 2. Take your lead from the legendary David Attenborough and head to the subject matter of his latest documentary, the Great Barrier Reef. This 1,400 mile string of islands and coral reef offers plenty of eco adventures which will allow you to enjoy this great natural wonder of the world without contributing to its destruction.
  3. 3. Bracing Racing and Scintillating Sport in Rio:
  4. 4. You would have to have been living under a rock not to realise that the Olympic Games this year are being held in Rio, Brazil. While certain elements of the city and venues and organisation have come under fire when the country came under closer scrutiny in this run-up to the games, this would be a very exciting year to visit this lively Brazilian city. Sporting events will be great but the real star will ultimately be the riveting scenery that surrounds the city and the vibrant people who live there. Exploring the Jungles of India:
  5. 5. This April will see the release of a new 3D animated version of 'The Jungle Book'. To celebrate its release and to revel in its characters, why not visit the real Indian jungle to have your own Shere Khan adventure seeing real Bengal tigers and a host of other jungle creatures in their natural environment. There are several good areas of preserved jungle that would be good to visit: for example the three parks of Kanha, Satpura and Tadoba. It was the landscapes and wildlife of Madhya Pradesh that first inspired Kipling to write his classic tale.
  6. 6. An Iranian Rail Trip: With the easing of tensions between Iran and the West comes an burgeoning of the once thriving tourist industry. More and more people are returning to explore the Silk Route's historic and cultural charms. A
  7. 7. luxurious rail trip from Turkey is just one of the ways in which travellers are becoming reacquainted with Iran, historic and modern. While independent travel is still very difficult and likely impossible, more and more tour operators are offering holidays in the country. Find Your Adventure in America:
  8. 8. 2016 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the United States' National Parks Service. Why not make this year the year you explore one of the great, protected wildernesses of North America. Whether you take a classic all-American road trip or focus your attention more narrowly and camp, hike and enjoy outdoor pursuits of all kinds in one particular ecosystem, you are sure to fall in love with the varied and wondrous landscapes of the US. These are just five of the topical and exciting holidays abroad that you could choose to take in 2016. TraveleZe