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Hotel Executive Discussion: Anthony Del Gaudio


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A view from the top, gain insights into how executives from the hotel industry evaluate online media trends like mobile and social media and how they directly impact their brands. The panel moderator will facilitate a discussion where case studies from leading hotel chains are examined and discussed. Understand how companies are responding to current economic challenges and leveraging lessons learned from past recessions.

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  • This was a really good session! It gave me an opportunity to compare our strategies and 2009 results with the results of industry leaders. I was particularly interested in their perspectives on the roll of On Line Travel Agencies.
    Felicia Fairchild, Exec. Dir. Saugatuck-Douglas CVB
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Hotel Executive Discussion: Anthony Del Gaudio

  2. 2. Presentation 2009 KEY RESULTS DRIVEN BY LOEWS HOTELS EFFORTS Call volume paced only 15% behind 2008 as opposed to the expected 20% Web Traffic grew 30% over 2008 Web Bookings grew 30% quarter after quarter International RNS up 20% GDS RN Production grew 10% year over year Group Booking Pace and OTB in line with Industry pace
  3. 3. Presentation LESSONS LEARNED IN 2009 TO AGAIN IMPLEMENT IN 2010 Comprehensive plans targeting every channel are critical, since today’s critical today s consumer are not loyal in their buying habits Offering the option of buying either “Value-adds” or “Room Only” meets all consumer needs Limiting amount of offers is important: Too many offers proved confusing to the consumer and the travel planner Attaching to Expedia-like offers is very effective (i.e. % of length of stay) AAA is a good closing tool for qualified members The government market is a great source of base occupancy and should be available on a regular basis
  4. 4. Presentation LESSONS LEARNED IN 2009 TO AGAIN IMPLEMENT IN 2010 – Cont’d Consistent and on-going messaging in the GDS coupled with consortia marketing keeps Loews top of mind The new international effort is a big success and will be expanded Reservations agents were struggling in this increasingly competitive market with how to be relevant and how to handle a “haggler”. They needed a new training and approach A Global Group Offer is important, giving salespeople a reason to call and stay front f i d ith l f t of mind with planners Being visible in the industry at a senior level sets Loews apart from the rest. Jon Tisch is our big differentiator as a Brand The more creative we are the more impact we have are,
  5. 5. Presentation YOUFIRST/CRM Objectives: Critical to the 2010 plan, we will increase loyalty of frequent guests, expand our database and grow new Loews-loyal customers. YOUFIRST/CRM – NEW TACTICS: Develop Core Automated messaging Preference Segmenting of guest and trimester communication base on 4 core groups: Culinary, Pets, Family and Business y, , y Division of database by room-type preference and grouping regional hotels for marketing offers to match, i.e., suite, premium deep discount Re-Vamp YouFirst Tweak of program benefits p g Automated e-marketing campaign program Aggressive sign-up program and data collections E-newsletter to communicate the Loews experience Trip of a Lifetime Contest partnering with E Prize Contest…partnering E-Prize
  6. 6. Presentation OVERALL ELECTRONI MARKETING STRATEGY Loews Hotels com On-Line Marketing Search Engine Marketing and Optimization OTA Maximizing traffic and exposing as many consumers as possible to Loews Hotels is the on-line marketing goal for 2010. Therefore it is critical Loews website site be consumer Friendly, market-competitive and visually appealing. y p y pp g Objective: • To increase web traffic • To increase on-line revenue from all channels • To increase visibility and acquire new customers • To turn lookers into bookers
  7. 7. Presentation OVERALL ELECTRONIC MARKETING STRATEGY LOEWSHOTELS.COM – NEW TACTICS: Complete new platform to improve functionality and booking tool Plus enhancements: Mobile Technology Specialty pages for Weddings, Spa and Restaurants Loews Meetings Site Loews Vacations com Shopping Cart Feature ON-LINE MEDIA – NEW TACTICS: RETARGETING Site Retargeting: 60% of on-line marketing spend Behavioral Retargeting: 30% of on-line marketing spend Search Retargeting: 10% of on-line marketing spend
  8. 8. Presentation ON-LINE MARKETING, SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING AND OTA SEM – NEW TACTICS: • Strategic sessions with each hotel each trimester • Ensure that all local events are incorporated • Review key word performance • Support trimester promotions with key words OTA – NEW TACTIC: The 2009 OTA plan of working with multiple players will continue; however, however our new initiative will allocate marketing dollars to maximize our exposure in Off-season value campaigns, while shrinking overall production in the opaque OTAs