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How To Land a Resident Blogger Position - TBU Rotterdam


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How To Land a Resident Blogger Position, a talk at TBU Rotterdam travel bloggers conference by Jane Meighan, Runaway Jane.

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How To Land a Resident Blogger Position - TBU Rotterdam

  1. 1. How To Land A ResidentBlogger Position!By Jane
  2. 2. A bit about Runaway Jane• was founded in Jan 2010.• Within 9 months I was earning a full-time income fromblogging.• In 2012 I became the Resident Blogger with PLUS Hostels• In 2013 I have been working freelance with a variety of travelcompanies on a consultancy basis.
  3. 3. What can you expect to learn today?• Where to find Resident Blogger jobs/positions?• Tips on how to pitch• What to charge / rate of pay?• What is expected of you in the role• Tips on dealing with invoices, contracts, and latepayments
  4. 4. Where do you find these roles??1. You’ll find more success pitching to companies thanwaiting on a job advert appearing.2. Sometimes you will see roles advertised on sites like,,,, Sometimes a company will approach you – usually ifthey have worked with you before on other things.
  5. 5. Before you pitch1. Know your niche2. Write down a list of companies who fit that niche3. Do any of these companies not have a blog yet or ifthey do - could they have a better blog?4. Is there any cross over with companies who youalready have a working relationship with?5. Engage with those companies online or in personseparately before you ever pitch
  6. 6. How to pitch a companyThe 5 most important rules ofpitching are;1. Find the right contact!2. A pitch should be in stages –keep the firstcorrespondence short.3. Point out the benefits forthem (not you)4. Always end in a question5. Always follow up
  7. 7. What to charge?• £50 - £95 per article for 500 to 800 words(approximately)• Charging per word = outdated concept• Charge higher for short term roles / beopen to charging less for long term
  8. 8. What does the job involve?• Expect part-time hours• At PLUS = 1 article per week which then grew to 2 perweek.• Many positions = 1 article per month• Promoting the company via your social networks• Guest posting / link building?• Skype calls / meetings / analysing stats
  9. 9. Invoicing & clients paying late• Same as invoicing for standard freelance roles - typical30 day invoicing period• = online invoicing service +expense tracker• Expect clients to pay late + charge a late fee when theydo!• Typical late fee = £40 to £70 + 8% over Bank of Englandbase rate• Late Payments of Commercial Debt Act (1988)
  10. 10. Contracts – should you have one?• Yes (if possible) – but I never had one withPLUS Hostels• As a minimum quote your rate of pay in anemail and have it confirmed by email• Hold up your end of the deal
  11. 11. Thank you!Jane Meighan <<< that’s me!