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Tips to check before renting a car. Checklist to look into before, while, and after renting a car.

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  1. 1. What you should check before renting a car?
  2. 2. Before Renting a Car While Renting a Car After Renting a Car And what you should check...
  3. 3. There are ways to save time and money if you plan well. Renting a car is not as same as renting a hotel room. Renting a car and renting a hotel often go together, the users may both need a hotel accommodation as well as a car for rent. How important, how easy, and how costly renting a car is depends primarily on a few things, such as the location you are planning to rent a car, the type of car you are planning to rent, etc. Some efforts and time spent on a little bit research can help save both time and money, and avoid last-minute stress.
  4. 4. So, what are some of the things you need to look into before, while, and after renting?
  5. 5. Before Renting...
  6. 6. Prioritize your requirements : Consider prioritizing your requirements which include type of the car you need: economy, mid-sized, or luxury, VIP, Sports, Four-wheel, etc, number of members going with you, number of hours/ days you need the car for, etc.
  7. 7. Collect Information: Collect as much information as possible, such as list of car rental agencies, list of services they offer, best deals and packages available including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly rentals and packages, customer service contact Information and their working hours, hours of operation and return policies of the agency.
  8. 8. Get to know the Requirements: Make sure you know the legal and other requirements when you rent a car. These include requirements such as, parking fees and requirements, driver’s license, additional driver requirements, age requirements, insurance cover (if covered in credit card used), emergency contact information, etc.
  9. 9. Compare Rentals: Compare car rental companies in tariffs, packages, discounts, deals and offers, extra amenities, customer support, services offered, etc. Read reviews and check web sites that provide valuable information. Travel Auto is one such site for car deals and budget car hires. The site offers car rental search in numerous locations around the globe and accepts booking online. Many membership programs have tie up with car rental companies and the members qualify for reward programs or other offers and discounts. Memberships in travel organizations, hotels, frequent flier programs, etc. may have these offers and coupons available. Also look for any general offers or discount coupons.
  10. 10. Check for Insurance coverage: Please check if insurance is already covered, so that you don’t pay for that which is already covered. Check if your own car insurance or your credit card covers it already. Please also note that such an insurance cover your credit card may provide will be available upon your having used that particular card for renting the car.
  11. 11. Check what is included: You may check beforehand what is and what is not included in the car. Child seat, GPS system, radio, etc. are a few things you may look for, and check if it is worthwhile carrying your own.
  12. 12. Know your car rental agreement: Be aware of the terms and requirements as in your car rental policy or agreement. Some companies prohibit use of their cars on unpaved roads. Also know your rights as a consumer and how best are you protected.
  13. 13. While Renting... With such preparation beforehand, there is also a need for you to look into a few things when you actually take the car.
  14. 14. Check the brake, lights, fuel, air: Check the brake, lights, and fuel. You may check if the lights are working, both front and rear lights, as well as parking/ brake lights. You may check the lights even if you take the car during the day time. Make sure there is sufficient air in the tires. Check whether the car has enough fuel to travel before you can refill in the next gas/ petrol station. Also remember to look for the petrol/ gas stations soon after you pick the car up.
  15. 15. Check the condition of the car you are renting: In the event of you finding any unusual condition or problem in the car, you may immediately report it to the agency. The problem may be as big as a dent in the car or a crack in the windshield, or it may be as simple as a minor scratch or damage in the upholstery. Whatever it is, it is best to take a picture and report of any evident problem soon after you notice it. Sometimes, it is possible that the damage was caused by the person who rented the car before you, and the agency did not notice it when the car was returned. Therefore go around the car and check thoroughly both outside and inside. It may be best to take pictures of the car or a video if required.
  16. 16. Keep a map: Keep a map handy. A map of the locations you are visiting will serve a great help and avoid stress of going in circles. Get to know the locations and landmarks of your visit areas.
  17. 17. Know how to operate: Become familiar with the basic functions of operating the car. Know how to operate headlights, windshield wipers, trunk release, GPS system, parking brakes, etc. Ask for a owner’s manual if the car doesn’t have one, and keep it for a quick reference just in case. Check if there is a spare key, and check if you may need one, just in case of loss of key.
  18. 18. Have a pleasant drive: Wear your seat belt! You can indeed have a pleasant drive if you have looked into the details as explained before, and especially if you treat your rental car as if it is your own car and return it clean and on time.
  19. 19. After Renting... Take back your stuff: Last, but not the least, do not forget your belongings in the car. Return the car clean and on time. Visit Travel Auto site for more such valuable articles. Travel Auto also offers online car rental bookings in several locations across the world. Its powerful search filter displays results in local prices.
  20. 20.