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The Ffort Raichak by the river. Indulge, experience, rejuvenate and rediscover the lost times at Raichak~on~Ganges. With infrastructure that pampers both high-end business and leisure visitor.

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  1. 1. The Ambuja Realty journey, under the stewardship of Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia,started nearly two decades ago with a simple mission – to make a difference tothe way people live.Supported by the Government of West Bengal, we initiated Bengal Ambuja, one ofthe first joint sector companies in the state. This led to the creation of a pioneeringPublic-Private Partnership which holistically addresses housing demand across allsections of society through a cross-subsidised model that allocates 50% of all thehomes for LIG and MIG, with the rest for HIG. The success of Udayan on the E MBypass, inspired us to create Ulhas in Bardhaman, Urvashi in Durgapur, Utsa inNew Town, Kolkata, Uttorayon in Siliguri, Upoban in Santiniketan, Ujjwala in NewTown, Kolkata and Upohar, off the EM Bypass, Kolkata.
  2. 2. Today, we have stepped beyond housing and are nurturing the domains ofrealty (residential, retail and commercial), hospitality (resorts, hotels, spas,restaurants and clubs), healthcare (multi-speciality hospitals, clinics andresearch) and education. Our successful foray in the retail infrastructuresegment is seen with City Centre, Salt Lake and City Centre, New Town atKolkata and City Centre, Siliguri. Our other diverse ventures include The FfortRaichak, Swabhumi, Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre, AfraaLounge and Restaurant, Afraa Deli and the Institute of Technology and MarineEngineering.
  3. 3. Our Hospitality Ventures
  4. 4. The Conclave in Kolkata – adestination where businessand pleasure melt togetherin an atmosphere of grace. The Ffort at Raichak on Ganges was our first stride into hospitality. It is a luxury riverside resort with 62 tastefully appointed, river-facing rooms and extensive conferencing and banqueting facilities.
  5. 5. The Ffort Holiday Klub at Raichak onGanges is a timeshare resort affiliatedto RCI and a recipient of RCI’s GoldCrown certification. Afraa at City Centre, Salt Lake, Kolkata is a stylish Lounge and Restaurant offering eclectic global cuisine and a classy lounge experience.
  6. 6. Afraa Deli at City Centre, Salt Lake is adeli which offers quick eats like pizzas,salads, pastas, etc. along withconfectionery, breads and a temptingcollection of cold cuts.The Tea Junction is Kolkatasfavourite destination for hot tea,snacks and a quick chat.
  7. 7. Hangout, the food court at CityCentre, Salt Lake, Kolkata offers awide range of food and beveragesin a great ambience. Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista, a 5-star business hotel located at City Centre, New Town - the very heart of Kolkata’s emergent urbanscape.
  8. 8. Upcoming Hospitality Ventures• A 4-star business hotel in City Centre, Siliguri, embedded inthe holistic infrastructure of the Uttorayon township.• Lake Village at New Town, Kolkata is a lake-front developmentwith deck villa, outdoor sports, ghat tourism village,amphitheatre, art centre, karigar ghat, Bengal-themed pavilionand many more delights.
  9. 9. The Ffort stands proudly on theedge of the river Ganges as itflows majestically by themeandering ripples and rollinggreens of Raichak~on~Ganges,about ninety minutes drive fromKolkata, West Bengal, India.
  10. 10. The Ffort is an architectural excellence following an ‘old fort’ theme against the backdrop of the river Ganges, harmoniously blending the contemporary with the medieval.
  11. 11. In another time on anotherday, by the great HooghlyRiver, Stood a mightystructure, a fort, a symbol ofimperial power. Here the riversnaked and bent, on its wayout to the sea, An importanttrading avenue, but alas,plagued by piracy. The sweat, tears and blood of the new knights in their shining armour, steely resolution, Saw an ambition take shape, grow from a seed, guiding it towards glorious fruition. A new age dawns, in hope of peace and harmony, golden days, The Ffort stands tall again, bathed in splendours and kissed by a new sun’s ray.
  12. 12. The Ffort, a place where the naturalsurroundings cast a spell on you touplift your body, mind and soul.Capture the warmth of themesmerizing sun on the sereneGanges while savouring the royalindulgence.
  13. 13. Step into the royal lobby and thefabled Captain’s Deck at The Ffortand soak yourself in the remarkablehistory of its origin while you sipyour favourite champagne and wineat General Watson’s Bar.
  14. 14. Submerge in fine luxury at the perfecthideout for stressed souls at the wellappointed rooms of The Ffortoverlooking the gorgeous Ganges andboundless nature.
  15. 15. Cherish being close to the heaven from the lofty balconies as you look at theshimmering stars in the velvet sky merging with the blue river in the horizon.
  16. 16. Stay connected with the restof the world from thecomfort of your room or staycontent with the nature asyour companion during yourlavish vacation at The Ffort.
  17. 17. Reflections, the multi-cuisine restaurant at The Ffort offers you the best vistasof the Ganges and its various moods from dawn to dusk with minimal andcrisp décor to let natural lights create a special lively atmosphere.
  18. 18. The Alfresco Dining Deck charms you with its English character, with The Ffort in the background. The dining space is surrounded by exotic plantation in designer pots. There is also a small stage for live music performances to set the perfect mood for an enchanting evening.The Reflective Pool Deck is theperfect setting for romanticcandle light dinners for couples.The small boat anchored on theside of the pool presents theseasonal flower bonanza.
  19. 19. Take pleasure in savouring thespicy, traditional North-Westfrontier cuisine developed withsecret recipes by our own masterchefs at the Indian Quarters.
  20. 20. Raise a toast or grab a fast burger fused with organic garden fresh saladsand relish the beauty of the serene waters alongside at the Poolside Café.
  21. 21. Pamper yourself at the Courtyard, a bar cumrestaurant by getting served the best ofcontemporary and traditional multi-cuisinefood along with fine wine and spirits alongwith delightful cocktails and mocktailsprepared by our expert bartenders.
  22. 22. Revel in the majestic shadows of TheFfort in the stunning swimming pool.
  23. 23. Anaya Spa
  24. 24. The architectural marvel Anaya Spa offers enough options to rejuvenate the mind and bodyin the calm environment beside the mighty river. Expertly trained therapists offertreatments from around the world to pamper you… Aroma, Ayurveda, Swedish, Javanese,Thai, Reflexology and Stone therapies are a few examples of the exotic fare.
  25. 25. Relax, re-energise and get refreshedat The Ffort’s impressive health club, The Club Magna Charta.
  26. 26. Sail on Pari, the silken vessel, waitingjust to take you for a sunset cruise and on-board party or even a high-power mid-river meeting.
  27. 27. Bring out the rock-star in you by grooving to the best beats belted out by our DJ atthe world-class Sport Bar and Lounge of The Ffort, Footloose. Take a sip of yourdesired drink, sink into the plush sofas, dance to rocking tunes and just be yourself.
  28. 28. Conferences
  29. 29. Boost your business byhosting grandconferences and businessmeetings at The Ffort’sstate-of-the-art twinconference halls, CitadelI, Citadel II or at theConfluence - a 1000 sqftbanquet hall or at theSummit - a 540 sqftboardroom.
  30. 30. The 1476 sqft banquet hall, Citadel I offers you special seating arrangementfor over 150 guests with exclusive conferencing facilities. The smaller versionof Citadel I is an 876 sqft banquet hall, the Citadel II, which caters about 50guest with extraordinary conferencing services.
  31. 31. Your dream wedding at The Ffort will make youbelieve in the saying the marriages are made inheaven. Make your wedding dream a reality at TheFfort, Raichak with international food & beverageoptions, inbuilt mandap, decoration, entertainmentservices along with complete wedding solutions.
  32. 32. Welcome to The Ffort Raichak by the river. Indulge, experience, rejuvenateand rediscover the lost times at Raichak~on~Ganges. With infrastructurethat pampers both high-end business and leisure visitor. An experience thatis sure to make you indulge yourself again and again.
  33. 33. List of Projects Residencies Udayan ~ The Condoville, Kolkata Utsa ~ The Condoville, New Town, Kolkata Ujjwala ~ The Condoville, New Town, Kolkata Upohar ~ The Condoville, Kolkata The Residency, City Centre, Salt Lake, Kolkata Ujaas, The Condoville, Lake Town, Kolkata Townships Country Homes, Raichak~on~Ganges Ulhas ~ The Minitownship, BarddhamanUrvashi ~ A Residential Neighbourhood, Durgapur Uttorayon ~ The New Township, Siliguri Dream City, Amritsar
  34. 34. Retail City Centre, Salt Lake, KolkataCity Centre, New Town, Kolkata City Centre, Raipur City Centre, Siliguri City Centre, Haldia CommercialEcospace, New Town, KolkataEcostation, Salt Lake, KolkataEcosuites, New Town, Kolkata Ecocentre, Salt Lake, Kolkata Ambuja IT Park, Nagpur
  35. 35. Hospitality The Conclave, Kolkata Ganga Kutir, Raichak~on~Ganges The Ffort Raichak The Ffort Suites, Raichak~on~Ganges Swabhumi, Kolkata Afraa, City Centre, Salt Lake, Kolkata Afraa Deli, Kolkata Afraa Creperie, Kolkata Swissotel, Kolkata Neotia Vista, City Centre, New Town Lake Village, New Town, Kolkata Healthcare Bhagirathi Neotia Women & Child Care Centre, Kolkata Neotia Mediplus, Kolkata Getwell Pharma, Kolkata EducationCII Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership, Salt Lake, Kolkata Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering, Sarisa More, Kolkata
  36. 36. Reservation:+91 33 4040 4040Resort: +91 3174 275444
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