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Job letters ppt


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Job letters ppt

  1. 1. Job Application Letters Module 28
  2. 2. Job Letter Components• Major requirements of the job for which they’re applying.• Points that separate them from other applicants.
  3. 3. Job Letter Components• Points that show their knowledge of the organization.• Qualities that every employer is likely to value: the ability to write and speak effectively, to solve problems, to get along with people.
  4. 4. Style and Content• Address the letter to a specific person. If the reader is a woman, call the office to find out what courtesy title she prefers.• Dont mention relatives’ names.• Omit personal information not related to the job.
  5. 5. Style and Content• Unless you’re applying for a creative job in advertising or Web design, use a conservative style: few contractions, no sentence fragments, clichés, or slang.• Edit the letter carefully and proof it several times to make sure it’s perfect.
  6. 6. Solicited Letter• State that you are applying for the job.• Phrase the job title as the source phrased it.• Develop major qualifications in detail.• Develop other qualifications, even if the source didn’t ask for them.• Ask for an interview.
  7. 7. Unsolicited (prospecting) letter• Catch the reader’s attention.• Create a bridge between the attention- getter and your qualifications.• Focus on what you know and can do.• Develop your strong points in detail.• Ask for an interview.
  8. 8. Content• Specific person.• Indicate the specific position.• Be specific about your qualifications.• Separate yourself.• Show knowledge of the company and position.
  9. 9. Content• Show knowledge of the company and position.• Refer to your résumé and ask for an interview.• Use a second page if necessary.• Use you-attitude.• Use positive emphasis
  10. 10. Thank you.