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Technical debt

Ignite talk about Technical debt given on ZgPHP Meetup #46


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Technical debt

  1. 1. Technical debt TOMISLAV RAŠETA @TRASETA
  2. 2. Debt • I want to do or buy something but I have no money • bank credit with yearly interest for n years • monthly/quarterly/yearly payment plan • do or buy now and return it later • OK thing if you have an idea how to follow your payment plan
  3. 3. Technical Debt • doing this quick and dirty way incurs technical debt • this debt has to be paid back with interest • smoking addiction – it’s very bad for you but you can’t stop • same thing with technical debt
  4. 4. Bankruptcy • too much debt leads to bankruptcy = spending more time maintaining old quick’n’dirty stuff then doing actual new stuff • real life example – ex-employee rumors from Netscape – too much technical debt led to technical bankruptcy causing the need for complete rewrite which caused, in the end, company closure
  5. 5. Kill it with fire • if you have a feeling that you’re doing too much maintenance of old stuff, don’t hesitate • killing old stuff and starting clean can save you time and money
  6. 6. Business • “I need this now” • “This has to be done quickly” • “Deliver it ASAP” • “If it’s late, your bonus is in jeopardy” • …
  7. 7. Project Manager • ideally – successfully connecting business side with technical side • real life – not so much • big projects – technical manager?
  8. 8. Avoid bankruptcy • refactor continuously (10% of your time?) • go into debt if it’s justifiable • paid it back when you can • insist on following your “payment plan” • start clean if you think that’s better (complete rewrite)
  9. 9. Collaborate and communicate • don’t be afraid to speak out • point out the benefits of doing things clean • enjoy the fruits of your work later
  10. 10. Interest • even small debt can become huge if you count in the interest
  11. 11. Awesome links • Tomislav Car • • Croatian only • Jeff Attwood •