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WordPress as Custom CMS


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • Saya juga sangat senang menggunakan WordPress. Saat ini saya selalu menggunakan CMS WordPress di salah satu bisnis online saya yaitu Jasa Pembuatan Website
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WordPress as Custom CMS

  1. 1. WordPress as Custom CMS Jason Paul @iAmJasonPaul
  2. 2. About Jason Paul Designer/Partner at Trasaterrawith EwaOrzech in Dumbo. We focus on Branding, Design &Digital Strategy Designing websites since 1998 Sometimes blogger at Built first WordPress theme for a client in early 2010 (pre-3.0) Built a lot of sites on WordPress for clients since then
  3. 3. Why WordPress as CustomCMS? It’s easy to use! (for content managers) Client’s have heard of it. Client’s want to use it. Designers/Developers can make it do a lot with low overhead costs. Has WordPress won the CMS “war”?  Clients seeking to transition from other CMS platforms (Drupal, EE, Joomla)  More and more functions and plugins available for WordPress
  4. 4. Custom WordPress:Philosophy It’s all about the client experience on the dashboard (user experience – UX) Understand the client’s website needs Don’t assume just because WordPress is “easy” that out-of-the-box is right for your client Customize the dashboard to facilitate precise interactions for:  E-commerce  Portfolios  Catalogs  Case-Studies  Galleries  Multisites with Microsites
  5. 5. How We Create Sites that will runon WordPress Wireframe  Design (branding)  Develop (WordPress)  Theme Framework  Functions  Plugins
  6. 6. Pick a Good ThemeFramework I prefer a framework with a good grid and as little stylistic design as possible. Always child theme! Theme frameworks I use and like:  Twenty Ten – An oldie but a goodie. Very well documented. (Responsive Twenty Ten and Twenty Till Noon are great child themes to build responsive sites off of a Twenty Ten parent)  Yoko – A pretty good, free, responsive theme with 1140 grid  Fluid by Themefit – a really great premium responsive framework
  7. 7. Functions: Custom PostTypes WordPress comes with two native post types: posts and pages Custom Post Types help organize the dashboard for your clients Examples of Custom Post Type tabs I create a lot:  Products  Work (or Portfolio)  Case Studies  Team
  8. 8. Functions: Taxonomies Categories and Tags are the native taxonomies that come with the native WP Post Type Posts (Categories are hierarchical and tags are non hierarchical – both useful for Custom Post types!) Example of how taxonomies could be used for custom post types  Custom Post Type: Work • Taxonomies name for work = Filter (hierarchical) • Term names for Filter could be: Consumer, Healthcare, Commercial, Featured • (Term names operate just like category or tag names)
  9. 9. Plugins: Advanced CustomFields My vote for WordPress MVP. If you’re serious about WordPress as a CMS for client work you need this plugin! Allows flexible design of dashboard custom fields  You create an experience your client will use Replaces the need for many additional WordPressplugins such as sliders by allowing easier integration directly with jQueryplugins IMO you can’t really claim WordPress as a full CMS unless you are using a plugin like this
  10. 10. Plugins: Advanced Post TypesOrder plugins/advanced-post-types-order/ Intuitive drag and drop re-ordering of your Custom Post Type Posts and Taxonomies
  11. 11. Plugin: Previous and Next Postin Same Taxonomy taxonomy/ Page click through to posts within taxonomies Once you start using Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in conjunction you are going to be glad Bill Erickson created this plugin
  12. 12. Plugin: Gravity Forms The best WordPress form creator for developers to create forms
  13. 13. Plugin: Cart66 (e-commerce) Doesn’t get in the way of your theme Comprehensive e-commerce dashboard Integrates with Gravity Forms (caveat: this integration may be too involved for some clients…leave it to the developer!) WordPress can be used for a great e-commerce site. (Developing E-commerce requires a lot of administrative work. Get ready to to put in a lot more time than you planned for)
  14. 14. Networks: Multisite Useful for spinning off microsites without involving the “main-site” Sometimes multisite is a better solution than Custom Post Types (I’ve learned the hard way) Creating microsites with Multisite can sometimes be easier  It’s subtractive: just delete code that you don’t need  It’s lightweight: just use posts, pages, categories and tags  Multisites are disposable (which can take the pressure off!)
  15. 15. A Few Sites We Designed andDeveloped on WordPress Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, E-commerce, ACF Taxonomies, E-commerce, Multisite Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, ACF Custom Post Types, ACF Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, ACF, E-commerce, Gravity Forms
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. That’s it for Now! Any questions?
  18. 18. Thank You for Your Time! Jason Paul Twitter: @iAmJasonPaul Design Studio: Blog: