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Cdgsx6 reviewers guide

  1. 1. Contents1 | Introducing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 ........................................................ 22 | Customer profiles ............................................................................................... 4 Graphics professionals .................................................................................................................... 4 Occasional graphics users ............................................................................................................... 43 | What’s included?................................................................................................ 64 | Top new and enhanced features ........................................................................ 8 Work faster and more efficiently...................................................................................................... 8 Create layouts with ease............................................................................................................... 12 Design with style and creativity .................................................................................................... 155 | CorelDRAW Graphics Suite user favorites ........................................................ 206 | Summary of new and enhanced features ........................................................ 24
  2. 2. 1 Image created byAlexandra Malysheva Ukraine
  3. 3. Introducing CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6 is a trusted and Create layouts with easecomprehensive solution for designing visualcommunications for any medium. Whether you’re With CorelDRAW X6, you’ll create layouts withan experienced or an aspiring designer, its ease thanks to robust vector illustration tools,intuitive workflow and content-rich environment improved Master Layer behaviors, and newwill help you to efficiently express your creativity. support for advanced OpenType®, which will helpYou can start smoothly, learn quickly, and create you produce elegant typography. Plus, enhancedwith confidence. complex script support makes it easier to work with foreign language text, so you can create layouts that resonate and engage your audienceWork faster and more efficiently — no matter where they reside.Developed natively for 64-bit processors,CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 continues to You can now instantly add page numbering insupport 32-bit processors. The suite provides various formats and lettering styles, and the newrobust vector illustration, page layout, photo temporary Alignment Guides will save you timeediting, tracing, web graphics, and web site when positioning objects on the page. Increation tools that help you work faster and more addition, the new Insert Placeholder Textefficiently. The refined Corel® CONNECT™ X6 command and interactive frame functionalityworkflow makes it easier to acquire content and make it faster and easier to create mockups oforganize your projects. It’s also your entry point your design ideas, which is especially useful forto a huge library of customizable content, which providing clients with a variety of choices.will help you save time bringing your concepts tolife on any screen. Design with style and creativityWith Corel® Website Creator™ X6 and its dozens CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 also provides manyof templates and Site Styles®, you can easily features that help you design with style anddesign, build, and maintain a web presence creativity. An overhauled styles engine, newwithout having to learn how to code. In addition, Object Styles docker, new Color StylesCorelDRAW® X6 provides four new shaping tools functionality, and the introduction of color— Smear, Twirl, Attract, and Repel — that extend harmonies all serve to let you focus on creatingyour creative possibilities when refining objects, expressive, captivating designs.and the redesigned Object Properties docker willsave you time by dynamically revealing only CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 also boastsavailable formatting options for the currently marketing-leading file format compatibility withselected object. enhanced support for Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Acrobat®, andCorel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X6 introduces the Smart Microsoft® Publisher, so you can assuredlyCarver™, a new tool that makes quick work of exchange files with clients and colleagues.resizing photos or removing unwanted areas. In What’s more, an updated and visually stunningaddition, the new Create Clip Mask and Pass Guidebook is included to enrich the experience ofThrough Merge Mode options lets you apply new and veteran users alike.effects or lenses to groups of objects withoutmodifying the individual objects within thegroup.Reviewer’s Guide [ 2 ]
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  5. 5. Customer profilesGraphics professionals Occasional graphics usersGraphics professionals in advertising and For entrepreneurs and small to medium-sizeprinting industries spend much of their time businesses interested in creating marketing andcreating and editing graphics, working with text, communications materials in-house, CorelDRAWand retouching photos. With time-saving features Graphics Suite X6 provides powerful text andsuch as interactive layout tables, live text page-layout tools that ensure professional-formatting, and independent page layers, looking results. Self-taught in graphic design,CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 provides innovative these occasional users can confidently turn todesign tools that optimize their workflow. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 to modify existing designs, to retouch photos, and to create ads,Other graphics professionals focus primarily flyers, and other marketing collateral.on sign making, screen printing, and engraving.These users frequently repurpose and combine Business users in medium-size to largesuch content as graphic designs, scanned logos, enterprises value the ability to work with moreclipart images, and fonts. With powerful image- than 100 file formats as well as createediting capabilities, specialized fonts, tracing professional, graphically rich projects — fromsoftware that turns bitmaps into editable vector sales presentations to web graphics. They alsographics, and high-quality content, spend considerable time working with existingCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 gives them a designs and retouching photos to use in theircomprehensive, versatile, and affordable solution. marketing and communications materials.Creative professionals focus primarily on Hobbyists use graphic design softwaregraphic design for print and for the web. In occasionally to create projects — such asaddition to its intuitive page-layout and design newsletters, calendars, banners, and phototools, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 delivers layouts — for personal or community use. Withmarket-leading compatibility with commonly an extensive collection of learning tools,used file formats. The suite also provides several CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 makes it easy tofeatures developed specifically for creating web create impressive results without needinggraphics, such as the new Pixels view, support for intensive training in graphics software.hex color values, and more.Reviewer’s Guide [ 4 ]
  6. 6. 3 Image created byPrem Kumar India
  7. 7. What’s included?Applications Content• CorelDRAW® X6: This intuitive vector- • 10,000 high-quality clipart and images illustration and page-layout application meets • 1,000 all new professional, high-resolution the demands of today’s busy graphics digital photos professionals and graphics non-professionals. • 1,000 OpenType® fonts, including premium• Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X6: This professional fonts, such as Helvetica® image-editing application lets you quickly and easily retouch and enhance photos. • 2,000 vehicle templates• Corel® PowerTRACE™ X6: This utility lets you • 350 professionally designed templates quickly and accurately convert bitmaps into • 800 frames and patterns editable vector graphics.• Corel® Website Creator™ X61: This Documentation application offers a fast and easy way to • An updated, visually rich Guidebook introduces design, build, and manage websites. each application’s workspace and includes tips• Corel CAPTURE™ X6: This one-click screen- and techniques for users of all skill levels, capture utility lets you capture images from in-depth tutorials, and insights from various your computer screen. industry experts• Corel® CONNECT™ X6: This full-screen browser • Quick-reference card lets you peruse the suite’s digital content and • Help files search your computer or local network to quickly find the perfect complement for a design. Fully integrated, it is also available as a docker in both Training CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. • More than 2 hours of training videos on DVD,• PhotoZoom Pro 2: This plug-in lets you and on Corel’s YouTube™ channel enlarge digital images and export them from Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6. Minimum system requirements • Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), WindowsSupporting applications Vista® (32-bit or 64-bit editions), or Windows® XP• Barcode wizard: This wizard lets you (32-bit), all with latest service packs installed generate bar codes in a wide range of • Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon™ 64 or AMD industry-standard formats. Opteron™• Duplexing wizard: This wizard helps you • 1 GB of RAM optimize your work for printing two-sided documents. • 1 GB of hard disk space for installation without content• Bitstream® Font Navigator®: This award- winning font manager for the Windows® • 1024 × 768 or higher monitor resolution operating system helps you manage, find, (768 × 1024 on a Tablet PC) install, and preview fonts. • DVD drive for installation by disc • Mouse or tablet 1. account required to download the application • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7 or higherReviewer’s Guide [ 6 ]
  8. 8. 4 Image created byDhananjay Garg India
  9. 9. Top new and enhanced featuresCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is trusted content. For example, you might be working on aillustration and design software. Its intuitive and project that requires photos, vector graphics, andcontent-rich environment fits seamlessly into your bitmap icons. By keeping these types of contentworkflow to help you express your creative ideas in separate trays, you can organize project assetscompellingly. You can get started immediately, for efficient discovery. As an added convenience,learn as you go, and design with confidence for you can open files from the tray to get a full-sizeany medium. preview. You can also rename trays or change the default folder to which trays are saved.Work faster and more efficientlyFrom organizing project assets and accessing thesuite’s vast content library, to more quicklyidentifying available formatting options andremoving unwanted areas in photos, CorelDRAWGraphics Suite X6 offers several workflowinnovations that help you be more efficient andproductive.New! Native 64-bit support: While the suitewas developed natively for 64-bit processors, itcontinues to support 32-bit processors. For 64-bitusers, you can now work faster than ever beforewith large files in CorelDRAW and with largeimages in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. You can keep multiple trays open in Corel CONNECT X6.New! Multi-core processor support:CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 has been New! Search capability in Corel® CONNECT™:optimized for the latest multi-core processors. The new Corel CONNECT search toolbar lets youThe increased support lets you keep working instantly extract images from a client’s web site.while the suite performs resource-intensive tasks In addition to searching iStockphoto®, Fotolia,in the background. The result is fast and and Flickr®, you can now simply type a webresponsive performance, which means less address in the Search box and Corel CONNECTwaiting when you export files, print multiple immediately gathers all images defined with andocuments, or copy and paste large objects. HTML <img> tag from the web site. This makes it quick and easy to leverage content assets fromNew! Multiple trays in Corel® CONNECT™: online sources. You can also type search terms orCorel CONNECT now lets you work with several a folder path to have Corel CONNECT scour yourtrays concurrently, which gives you increased computer, network, or other online resources forflexibility for organizing assets for multiple content.projects. Trays help you gather content fromvarious folders or online sources, and are shared New! Smart Carver: Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6between CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, and includes the new Smart Carver, which makes itCorel CONNECT. easy to remove unwanted areas from a photo and simultaneously adjust the photo’s aspect ratio.With the ability to maintain multiple trays, you For example, you might want to define an area ofcould use separate trays for disparate types of a photo that you would like to keep or remove,Reviewer’s Guide [ 8 ]
  10. 10. such as a person in the photo. The versatile New! Shape tools: CorelDRAW X6 introducesObject Removal brush lets you choose to paint four additional shaping tools that provide neweither the area of the photo that you want to creative options for refining your vector objects.preserve or the area that you want to remove. The new Smear tool lets you shape an object by pulling extensions or making indents along itsYou can also use the Smart Carver to change a outline. The size of the brush nib and the Pressurephoto’s aspect ratio without distorting anything setting let you control the intensity of the effect,in the photo. For example, if you want to resize a and you can choose between smooth curves orphoto to print at a certain size, you can paint the curves with sharp corners. Alternatively, you canphoto’s subjects and then use the Smart Carving use the pressure of your digital pen to determinepresets to contract or expand the photo’s the intensity of the smear effect.background vertically and horizontally. The new Twirl tool lets you apply twirl effects to objects. The size of the brush nib lets you determine the size of the twirls, and the Rate setting lets you control the speed of the effect. You can also choose either a counterclockwise or a clockwise twirl. In addition, you can use the new Attract and Repel tools to shape curves by attracting nodes or by pushing nodes away from other nodes in The new Smart Carver makes it easy to remove close proximity. To control the shaping effect, you unwanted areas and adjust the photo’s aspect ratio. can vary the size of the brush nib and the speed at which the nodes are attracted or repelled. Give it a try Using the Smart Carver 1 In Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6, open a photo that contains an area that you want to remove, and click Image  Smart Carver. 2 In the Object removal area, click the Remove button. 3 In the preview window, paint over the image areas that you want to remove. For precise control, you can use the Nib size box to adjust the size of the brush nib. 4 In the Smart carving area, click the Auto- contract horizontally or the Auto- contract vertically button to scale the image and simultaneously remove the area covered by the red overlay. 5 Click OK. The new shaping tools provide creative options for refining vector objects; for example, smearing an object (top left), adding a twirl effect (top right), using the Attract tool (bottom right), and using the Repel tool (bottom left). Reviewer’s Guide [ 9 ]
  11. 11. New! Freehand Pick tool: This new tool helps Give it a try you save time by giving you greater control over Using the Smear tool object selection and transformation. Especially useful for selecting curved objects and non-linear 1 In CorelDRAW X6, create an object of any kind. shapes, the Freehand Pick tool lets you drag a For example, choose the Ellipse tool to freehand marquee around the objects or shapes create a circular shape. you want to select. 2 Click the Smear tool. New! Pass Through Merge Mode: Corel 3 To adjust the radius of the brush nib, type a PHOTO-PAINT X6 introduces a new Pass Through value in the Nib radius box on the property bar. Merge Mode that you can apply to groups, which gives you more control when applying a lens or 4 On the property bar, click either the Smooth effect. For example, if you turn on Pass Through, smear or the Pointy smear button. the lens or effect will apply to all objects, The difference between a smooth smear and including those layered below the group. pointy smear is noticeable only with higher Pressure values. New! Integrated web development: The 5 To set the amount of smearing, type a value in Corel Website Creator X6 workspace supports a the Pressure box on the property bar. wide range of the latest web development technologies, such as RSS feeds, CSS, XHTML, 6 Click inside the object, close to its edge, and PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion®, and JSP. You can take drag outwards. advantage of a WYSIWYG design environment To smear the outside of the object, click outside that offers the simplicity of wizards along with the object, close to its edge, and drag outwards. advanced HTML object and CSS inspectors.New! Create clip mask: With Corel PHOTO- New! Drag-and-drop web design: CorelPAINT X6, you can adjust the properties of a Website Creator X6 provides drag-and-dropgroup of objects in a way that is non-destructive design capability. You can place images, text, orto the individual objects within the group. For other page elements exactly where you want.example, you can adjust transparency levels forthe whole group without altering the pixels of the New & Enhanced! Content: The refined Corelindividual objects. CONNECT provides quick and easy access to all CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 content, while also helping you to acquire additional content from online vendors. A thousand all new, professional quality high-resolution photos are included. The new Create Clip Mask option gives you greater Corel CONNECT helps you access the suite’s vast control when applying effects to groups of objects. content library.Reviewer’s Guide [ 10 ]
  12. 12. New & Enhanced! Object Properties Enhanced! Adobe® Plug-in support:docker: In CorelDRAW X6, the redesigned CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 now supports bothObject Properties docker now presents only 32- and 64-bit plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop.object-dependent formatting options andproperties. By grouping all object settings in one Enhanced! Hints docker: The Hints dockerlocation, this time-saving docker helps you fine- now includes a Videos tab, which provides atune your designs faster than ever before. collection of instructional videos that cover a range of topics, from creating basic shapes andFor example, if you create a rectangle, the Object basic object transformations to applyingProperties docker automatically presents outline, interactive contours and transparencies. Thisfill, and corner formatting options, as well as the helpful learning docker appears in bothrectangle’s properties. If you create a text frame, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT and providesthe docker will instantly display character, context-sensitive information on the currentlyparagraph, and frame formatting options, as well selected tool. This makes it easier for new users toas the text frame’s properties. learn how to use the tools in the toolbox. The redesigned Object Properties docker groups all object settings in one location.New & Enhanced! Adobe® CS andMicrosoft® Publisher support: The enhancedimport and export support for Adobe® Illustrator®,Adobe® Photoshop®, and Microsoft® Publisher, aswell as import support for Adobe® Acrobat®,ensure that you can exchange files with colleaguesand clients. The Hints docker provides information on how to use the currently selected tool. Enhanced support for Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Publisher files facilitates file exchange with colleagues and clients. Reviewer’s Guide [ 11 ]
  13. 13. Create layouts with ease New! Alignment Guides: With CorelDRAW X6, the new Alignment Guides help you positionWith new and improved Master Layer functionality, objects more quickly, appearing on the fly withnew temporary Alignment Guides, new advanced suggested alignments to the existing artwork onOpenType support, and enhanced complex script your page. These temporary guidelines appearsupport for working with foreign language text, when you create, resize, or move objects inCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 makes it easier than relation to the center or edges of other nearbyever before to lay out your project. objects. Alignment Guides interactively connect the centers and the edges of objects, and youNew! Advanced OpenType® support: With also can choose to display Alignment Guides fromCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, the reengineered the edges of one object to the center of anothertext engine lets you take greater advantage of object.advanced OpenType® typography features, such ascontextual and stylistic alternates, fractions, You can modify the default settings for Alignmentligatures, ordinals, ornaments, small caps, Guides to suit your needs. For example, if youswashes, and more. OpenType fonts are based on were working with a group of objects, you couldUnicode, which makes them ideal for cross- display Alignment Guides for individual objectsplatform design work, and the extended character within the group, or for the bounding of thesets offer outstanding language support. group as a whole. In addition, you can specify margins for Alignment Guides to help you alignAccessible from the Object Properties docker, the objects at a set distance. You can also choose toOpenType features let you choose alternative display the Alignment Guides to follow theappearances for individual characters, or glyphs, to margins only, or to follow the actual edges of thesuit your stylistic preference provided that the font object.supports advanced OpenType. For example, youcan apply a different number, fraction, or ligatureglyph to achieve a certain look for your text. Inaddition, with the Interactive OpenType feature,CorelDRAW X6 will suggest eligible OpenTypefeatures that you can apply to your text. The new Alignment Guides appear as you move an object, helping you position objects more quickly. Give it a try Using the new Alignment Guides 1 In CorelDRAW X6, click View  Alignment Guides. 2 Create an object of any kind. For example, choose the Rectangle tool to create a rectangle. 3 Move the object around the page and note Support for advanced OpenType gives you access to how the Alignment Guides appear. alternate appearances for selected characters.Reviewer’s Guide [ 12 ]
  14. 14. New! Interactive frames: CorelDRAW X6provides interactive frames that help you Give it a tryefficiently generate mock-ups of design ideas. The 2 Right-click the object, choose Frame Type,new empty PowerClip and text frame and click Create Empty PowerClip Frame.functionality lets you populate your designs with 3 To add content, simply drag an object to theplaceholder PowerClip and text frames, which frame.makes it easier to preview a layout before The frame will be highlighted when the objectfinalizing its individual content components. hovers over the frame.With CorelDRAW X6, you can also now drag 4 Drop the object into the frame by releasing thecontent over a PowerClip frame, and then choose mouse button.either to add the content to the frame or to New! Complex script support: Withreplace any existing frame content. PowerClip CorelDRAW X6, the enhanced complex scriptframes also now give you the option of centering support built into the overhauled text enginecontent within the frame or scaling content to fit ensures proper typesetting for glyphs used byproportionally within the frame. In addition, you Asian and Middle Eastern languages.can now easily create text frames from any closedcurve object, and you can then edit the frame totake on any shape imaginable. Support for complex scripts ensures that multilingual glyphs display correctly in your documents. New! Page numbering: With CorelDRAW X6, the new Insert Page Number command helps you The empty PowerClip feature helps you visualize a instantly add page numbers on all pages of a layout before adding content. document, starting on a specific page, or starting at a particular number. This flexibility is ideal for working with multiple CorelDRAW files that will Give it a try eventually become a single publication. Using interactive frames You can choose from alphabetic, numeric, or roman 1 In CorelDRAW X6, create an object that you formats, and you can display page numbers in lower want to use as a PowerClip frame. or upper case lettering. You can also insert a page For example, choose the Polygon tool to number inside existing artistic or paragraph text. create a polygon frame. Reviewer’s Guide [ 13 ]
  15. 15. New! Placeholder text: With CorelDRAW X6, New & Enhanced! Master Layers: Withthe new Insert Placeholder Text command lets you CorelDRAW X6, the new and improved odd,right-click any text frame and immediately even, and all-pages Master Layers make it easierpopulate it with placeholder text. This makes it to create page-specific designs for multi-pageeasier to assess the appearance of your document documents. It’s now a breeze to incorporateprior to finalizing its content. page-specific headers, footers, and page numbers, which is particularly useful for creatingFor convenience and flexibility, you can also use multi-page flyers, as well as 16- and 32-pagecustom placeholder text in any language brochures. For example, you might want asupported by CorelDRAW. You simply create an different header design to appear on even pagesRTF file containing the text you want to use, save than the one that appears on odd to the default placeholder text folder, andCorelDRAW X6 will use that text whenever youinvoke the Insert Placeholder Text command. Formore information on creating a customplaceholder text file, please see the online Help. CorelDRAW X6 page layouts with differing odd- and even-page master layers. You can instantly add placeholder text to preview layouts before finalizing content. Give it a try Inserting placeholder text 1 In CorelDRAW X6, click the Text tool. 2 Drag in the drawing window to size the text frame. 3 Right-click the text frame and choose Insert Placeholder Text.Reviewer’s Guide [ 14 ]
  16. 16. Design with style and creativity You can create and apply Styles and Style Sets to graphic objects, artistic and paragraph text,With its dramatically improved styles engine, callout and dimension objects, and objectsnew Object Styles docker, new Color Styles created with Artistic Media tools. For example,implementation, new Color Harmony you can define an outline style by specifyingfunctionality, and content-ready picture frames, attributes such as outline width, color, and lineCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 helps you focus on type. For text objects, you can define a characterbringing your unique sense of style and creativity style by specifying font type, font style and size,to your designs. text color, background color, character position, caps and more.New! Styles engine and docker: Thecompletely revamped styles engine introduces a With Style Sets, you can combine multiple styles,new Object Styles docker that simplifies the which lets you combine properties from differentcreation, application, and management of styles. types of styles at the same time. For example, youA style is a set of properties that governs the could use a Style Set to define fill and outlineappearance of objects in your document. properties for a graphic object, or you could defineCorelDRAW X6 also introduces new Style Sets, character and paragraph styles to set thewhich are groups of styles that make it easier to appearance of paragraph text. This makes it fasterhave consistent formatting across multiple and easier to later adjust those properties, which isobjects, produce iterative versions, and apply especially convenient for creating iterative designs.formatting with speed and consistency. You can also create child styles or child style sets that retain some but not all of the properties in the parent style or parent style set. This is particularly useful when working with long documents. For example, you could assign a parent character style for headings and a child character style for subheadings. New! Color Styles: The new Color Styles docker lets you add the colors used in a document as color styles, which makes it easier than ever before to implement a color change throughout a project. To create a color style from an object, you simply drag the object onto the Color Styles docker. If you apply that color style to other objects, you can quickly change the color and have it instantly applied to all objects linked to it. In addition, you can break the link between an You can use Style Sets to quickly modify objects that object and its color style at any time, so that you share formatting attributes. can then edit the object independently. Plus, you can also convert color styles to different color modes or to spot colors to prepare your document for production printing. Reviewer’s Guide [ 15 ]
  17. 17. New! Color harmonies: The new color harmony functionality lets you group a document’s color styles so that you can quickly and easily produce iterative designs with varying color schemes. By combining two or more color styles into a harmony, you are linking the colors into a hue-based relationship. This lets you modify them collectively, altering the color composition of your artwork in one step to quickly prepare a variety of alternate color schemes. You can also edit the individual color styles in a harmony. In addition, you can also create a special type of color harmony called a gradient, which consists of one master color style and a number of varying shades of that color. When you alter the master color, the gradient colors automatically adjust to the same degree that the master color was altered. This is especially useful when outputting multiple color variations of the same design.The new Color Styles docker makes it easy to manage the colors used in a document. Give it a try Creating a color style 1 In CorelDRAW X6, press Ctrl + F6 to open the Color Styles docker. 2 Create an object and fill it with color. 3 In the Color Styles docker, click the New Color Style button, and choose New from Selected. 4 In the Create Color Styles dialog box, enable one of the following options in the Create color style from area: • Object fill – creates a color style from the Color harmonies make it easy to change color of the object fill combinations of colors. • Object outline – creates a color style from the color of the object outline Give it a try • Both fill and outline – creates color styles from the object fill and outline colors Creating a color harmony 5 Click OK. 1 In the Color Styles docker, click the New Color The new color style appears as a swatch in the Harmony button, and choose New Color Color Styles docker. Harmony. You can also create a new color style by simply A folder icon for the color harmony appears in dragging any object onto the top portion of the bottom part of the gray area. the Color Styles docker. 2 Drag any color swatches or color style swatches to the harmony folder.Reviewer’s Guide [ 16 ]
  18. 18. New! Interactive websites: With a collectionof Asynchronous JavaScript® and XML (AJAX)widgets, Corel Website Creator X6 makes it easyto design websites that feature dynamic userinteractivity. You can instantly add customizablepage elements, such as accordions, tabbedpanels, and toggle panes, which provide a moreinteractive experience for website visitors. The Corel Website Creator X6 workspace.New! Timeline Editor: Corel Website CreatorX6 provides a Timeline Editor that helps you givelife to static website content, such as text,photos, graphics, and video. You can easily createsophisticated animations using the familar drag-and-drop editing environment. Reviewer’s Guide [ 17 ]
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  20. 20. CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite user favoritesCorelDRAW Graphics Suite users continue to Fit text to path: Both CorelDRAW andenjoy many of the following features that have Corel PHOTO-PAINT let you add text along the pathbeen cornerstones of the suite for years. of an open object (for example, a line) or a closed object (for example, a circle). You can easily adjustCorel® PowerTRACE™: This utility lets you the position of the text in relation to the path.quickly and accurately convert bitmaps intoeditable and scalable vector images, which is PowerClip objects: You can create PowerClipespecially useful for design work that’s based on objects by placing vector objects and bitmaps,existing artwork. PowerTRACE generates a color such as photos, inside a container object. Apalette, which lets you instantly edit, merge, or container can be any object, for example artisticdelete specific colors used by the original artwork. text or a rectangle. When you place an object into a container that is larger than the container, the object, called the content, is cropped to fit the form of the container. CorelDRAW® ConceptShare™: You can easily share your design projects with invited participants for markup and review. Interactive Fill tool: You can add uniform, linear, radial, conical, square, two-color pattern,You can use PowerTRACE to convert bitmaps to vectors. full-color pattern, bitmap, texture, and PostScript fills by using the Interactive Fill tool.Cutout Lab: This intuitive utility simplifies theprocess of accurately cutting out specific areas ofan image. For example, you might want toremove the background from an image.Image Adjustment Lab: This time-saver makesit easy to correct common color balance and toneproblems from a single dialog box. The Interactive Fill tool helps you apply bitmap (top row), fountain, pattern (bottom row), You can save time by correcting images and two-color fills. with the Image Adjustment Lab.Reviewer’s Guide [ 20 ]
  21. 21. Mesh Fill tool: You can create unique effects by Drawing scale: The drawing scale is especiallyfilling an object with a mesh fill. For example, you useful for technical or architectural drawings whichcan create smooth color transitions in any require accuracy and precision. CorelDRAW lets youdirection without having to create blends or choose a preset or custom drawing scale, whichcontours. The Mesh Fill tool lets you specify the ensures that distances in your drawing aregrid’s intersecting points as well as the number of proportionate to real-world distances. For example,columns and rows in the grid. you can specify that 1 inch in the drawing corresponds to 1 meter in the physical world.Smart Fill tool: This convenient tool detects theedges of an area and creates a closed path so Fillet / Scallop / Chamfer docker: This dockerthat the area can be filled. By using the Smart Fill makes it easy to shape the corners of curvetool, you can fill practically anything. For example, objects. Filleting produces a rounded corner;if you draw a freehand line that crosses over itself scalloping rounds and inverts the corner to createto create loops, the Smart Fill tool will detect the a notch; and chamfering bevels the corner so thatedges of the loops and fill them. it appears flat. The Smart Fill tool helps you fill enclosed areas.Dimension tools: CorelDRAW includes severaldimension tools that make it easy to detail precisemeasurements in your design. For example, You can fillet, chamfer, or scallop the corners of objects.dimension lines can be used to display the size ofobjects, or the distance or angle between objects. Contour tool: This tool helps you createYou can choose from angular, parallel, horizontal, interesting 3D effects and cuttable outlines forvertical, or segment dimension tools. output to devices, such as plotters, engraving machines, and vinyl cutters. When you contourDocument palette: When you start a new an object, you add evenly spaced concentricCorelDRAW document, a custom color palette is shapes that progress to the inside or the outsideautomatically created. The palette is then saved of the object’s borders.with your file, which gives you quick access to theproject’s specific colors in the future.Adobe® Illustrator® workspace: CorelDRAWincludes an Adobe Illustrator workspace, whichmakes it easier for new users to learn how to useCorelDRAW within a familiar environment.Adobe® Photoshop® workspace: CorelPHOTO-PAINT includes an Adobe Photoshopworkspace, which makes it easier for new users tolearn how to use PHOTO-PAINT within a familiar The Contour tool helps you create 3D effects.environment. Reviewer’s Guide [ 21 ]
  22. 22. Drop Shadow tool: You can create dropshadows that simulate light falling on an objectfrom either a flat, right, left, bottom, or topperspective. You can also easily adjust attributesof the drop shadow, such as color, opacity, fadelevel, angle, and feathering.Color Proof Settings docker: This dockerhelps you efficiently prepare artwork for variousoutput devices. You can save presets, choosefrom a list of output devices to preview youroutput, export soft proofs for client approval, andprint hard proofs from the docker. You can prepare artwork for various output devices with the Color Proof Settings docker.Artistic Media: The Artistic media tool gives youaccess to the Brush, Sprayer, Calligraphic, andPressure tools. With each of these tools, you cancreate pressure-sensitive lines which vary inthickness.Transparency: With both CorelDRAW andCorel PHOTO-PAINT, you can create interestingeffects by applying transparency to an object sothat all objects beneath it are partially visible.Reviewer’s Guide [ 22 ]
  23. 23. 6 Image created byKatarzyna Kobylkiewicz Poland
  24. 24. Summary of new and enhanced featuresThe following is a list of the new and enhanced • Quickly design website pages with simplefeatures offered by CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6. drag-and-drop capability that lets you place text, images, and other elements exactly where you want them.Work faster and more efficiently • Use the refined Corel CONNECT to acquire• Work faster than ever before with large files in content from online vendors, and to quickly and CorelDRAW and large images in Corel PHOTO- easily access all CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 PAINT thanks to native support for 64-bit content, which includes clipart, photos, frames, processors. and much more.• Export files, print multiple documents, or copy • Fine-tune your designs faster than ever before and paste large objects without delay, thanks by using the redesigned Object Properties to increased support for the latest multi- docker, which presents only object-dependent core processors. formatting options and properties.• Take advantage of greater flexibility when • Confidently exchange files with colleagues and organizing assets for multiple projects by clients because of enhanced import and working with several trays concurrently export support for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe in Corel CONNECT X6. Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher, as well as• Instantly extract images from a client’s web site import support for Adobe Acrobat. by using the new Corel CONNECT search toolbar. Create layouts with ease• Easily remove unwanted areas from a photo • Use the reengineered text engine to take and simulateously adjust the photo’s aspect greater advantage of advanced OpenType® ratio with the new Smart Carver in typography features, such as contextual Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6. and stylistic alternates, fractions, ligatures,• Explore new creative possibilities for refining ordinals, ornaments, small caps, swashes, and your vector objects by using the new Smear, more. Twirl, Attract, and Repel tools. • Position objects more quickly with the new• Save time and gain control when selecting Alignment Guides, which appear on the fly objects by using the new Freehand Pick and suggest potential alignments to the tool, which lets you drag a freehand marquee existing artwork on your page. around the objects or shapes you want to select. • Preview your design before finalizing the• Apply a clip mask on a group of objects individual content components by populating without modifying the individual objects within PowerClip objects with placeholder the group with the new Create Clip Mask graphic and text frames. option in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6. • Right-click any text frame and immediately• Enjoy greater control when applying a lens of popluate it with placeholder text by using the effect to a group of objects by using the new new Insert Placeholder Text command. Pass Through Merge Mode in • Enjoy proper typesetting for glyphs used by Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6. Asian and Middle Eastern languages thanks to• Take advantage of a WYSIWYG, integrated the new complex script support built into web development environment with the the overhauled text engine. new Corel Website Creator X6.Reviewer’s Guide [ 24 ]
  25. 25. • Instantly add pages numbers — alphabetic, numeric, or roman — on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, or starting at a particular number by using the new Insert Page Number command.• Take advantage of new and improved odd, even, and all-pages Master Layers to create page-specific designs for your multi- page documents easier than ever before.Design with style and creativity• Easily create outline, fill, character, and paragraph styles with the new Object Styles docker.• Use the new Style Sets to create groups of styles, which you can later edit once and have the changes applied instantly throughout a project.• Implement color changes throughout a project easier than ever before by using the new Color Styles docker to add the colors used in a document as styles.• Quickly and easily produce iterative designs with varying color schemes by using the new Color Harmony functionality, which lets you group a document’s color resources.• Instantly add customizable website elements to add dynamic user interactivity to your web designs.• Give life to static website content, such as text, photos, graphics, and video stills with the new Timeline Editor in Corel Website Creator X6. Reviewer’s Guide [ 25 ]
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