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  1. 1. Success in Ecommerce The story of Contents: 1. Overview of 2. How Taobao bested eBay 3. Lessons learnt
  2. 2. 1, Overview of • Founded in May 10, 2003. • website for online shopping in China, similar to eBay and Amazon, run by Alibaba Group. • facilitates C2C retail by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to open online retail stores that mainly cater to consumers in China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan
  3. 3. 1, Overview of • Around 760 million product listings (March 2013) • One of the world’s top 20 most visited websites according to Alexa. • In 2013, combined gross merchandise volume (GMV) : > 1 trillion yuan.
  4. 4. 1, Overview of • Sellers: post new and used goods for sale or resale through a fixed price or by auction. • Majority of the products: brand new merchandise sold at a fixed price, auctions make up a small percentage of transactions. • Buyers: assess seller backgrounds by information available on the site: ratings, comments and complaints
  5. 5. 1, Overview of • April 2008, Taobao introduced a B2C platform , Taobao Mall, to complement C2C marketplace. • October 2010, launched eTao as an independent searching engine for online shopping. • June 2011, Taobao would be split into three different companies: Taobao Marketplace ,, eTao. • 2012 onwards, began to accept international payments. • 1st August 2013, launched Weibo, allowing users to link Sina Weibo accounts with Taobao accounts.
  6. 6. 2. How Taobao bested eBay? ● Taobao vs Ebay - Founded in 1995, a notable success story of the dot-com bubble - Global revenues > $2bn in 2004
  7. 7. 2. How Taobao bested eBay? What lead to Taobao’s success? - Free listing - Innovative customer service - Clever move in advertising competition - Diversified ecosystem ●
  8. 8. 2. How Taobao bested eBay? - In 2006: Ebay shut its main website in China - By 2010, Taobao: served > 80 % of China’s ecommerce market + Had 170m registered users + Had revenues > Rmb 20bn Ebay moved its business, focus to cross-border ecommerce
  9. 9. 3. Lessons learnt • Keep up with trends and developments in online retail industry: Subscribe to industry journals and online discussion groups, keep an eye on the competition and adopt new technology • Create quality content and keep it fresh: Leverage existing content and repurpose old promos for the Web, develop and protect your brand. • Improve customer service: establish a good customer relationship management. Though consumers may interface with a machine, remind them at every step that there’s a human on the other end. • Focus on promoting the company: Focus your attention on promoting the company, getting its name out there to expand market share.