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MKT 575 Final Exam | MKT/575 Strategic marketing final examination | Transweb E Tutors

Obtain the recent data of MKT 575 Final Examination University of Phoenix, visit Transweb E Tutors to discover previous year questions of MKT 575 Final Exam and their proper answer. Purchase latest updated study material of MKT 575 Final Exam.

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MKT 575 Final Exam | MKT/575 Strategic marketing final examination | Transweb E Tutors

  1. 1. MKT 575 Final Exam Get the University of Phoenix MKT 575 Final Exam question papers on Transweb E Tutors. Find MKT 575 Final Exam answers for free. Get the MKT 575 Final Exam study guide on Transweb E Tutors. Come to know the mkt/575 strategic marketing final examination. MKT 575 Final Exam (Newest) 1. In the _____ step of the new-product development process, a marketing manager evaluates how well the idea fits with the company's objectives.  commercialization  development  screening  idea generation 2. When Chase Bank mails a 30-day offer for a new pre-approved credit card with a $2,000 limit to a college student, this is an example of__________.  mass selling  indirect-response promotion  direct-response promotion  integration 3. A firm with a marketing orientation is MOST likely to__________.  view advertising as an unnecessary expense  recognize that effective advertising is the key to sales  not use any advertising  advertise how a product meets customers' needs 4. Which of the following observations concerning sales analysis is NOT correct?  There is no one best way to break down sales data.  It is a detailed breakdown of a company's sales records.  Data can easily be obtained from basic billing and accounts receivable procedures.  Product category is the best way to analyze sales data.
  2. 2.  It is easy to do, and usually it's inexpensive. 5. Managers should make operational decisions___________.  on a month-to-month basis and never daily or weekly  within the guidelines set down during strategy planning  with great care as these decisions are the same as strategic decisions  for the long-run to help formulate strategic plans 6. When Fresh Produce Wholesaler Inc. buys fruit and vegetables from a variety of different farmers and takes large bushels and breaks them into smaller package sizes. Fresh Produce is addressing__________.  discrepancies of assortment  discrepancies of quantity  discrepancies of need  discrepancies of time 7. A(n) _______ is a marketing mix that customers see as better than a competitor's mix and cannot be quickly or easily copied.  competitor analysis plan  sustainable competitive advantage  resource combination  competitor matrix 8. Studies have shown that customers who weren't satisfied with response to their complaints__________.  on average told ten people about their experience  spoke about their experience only when prodded by researchers  on average told one person about their experience  usually never spoke about it 9. Strategy decisions pertaining to product features, packaging, product line assortment, and branding will be most affected by which target market dimension?  Geographic location  Behavioral needs and attitudes of consumers  Urgency to get need satisfied  Demographic characteristics of potential customers
  3. 3. 10. The Bijou Classic Movie House changes ticket prices as demand for a movie increases or decreases. Prices can change every hour as ticket sales go up or down for particular shows. Bijou Classic Movie House appears to be using___________.  cumulative discounting  seasonal discounts  status quo objectives  dynamic pricing 11. All of the following are supply chain risks except:  supplier viability  stock market volatility  availability of raw materials  fluctuating transportation costs 12. Alpine Auto Repair keeps a record of customer oil changes and sends a reminder postcard to its customers when it's time for the next oil change. This is an example of a ______ system.  customer relationship management  qualifying dimensions  geographic targeting  clustering 13. New products that are minor variations on existing products, and which require no change to consumer behavior, are called __________.  second movers  continuous innovations  new products  discontinuous innovation 14. Whitewater Corp. is looking for a new vendor for basic plastics because the present vendor has been inconsistent about meeting delivery schedules. Which of the following buying processes is the firm's purchasing agent MOST LIKELY to use?  Selective buying  Modified rebuy buying  Straight rebuy buying
  4. 4.  Intensive buying 15. When planning a marketing strategy, managers have control over__________.  their response to forces in the external market environment  the political and legal environment  consumers  the economic environment 16. At Home Depot, a customer can purchase a gallon of one-coat paint that contains the ingredients for both a primer and a color. What is the primary economic need being satisfied by this type of paint?  Improvement of earnings  Convenience  Dependability in use  Economy of purchase 17. In general, marketers that seek greater control over their marketing mixes in the international environment will__________.  invest more financial resources and take greater risks  set up traditional global channels  hire more marketing managers  use intensive distribution 18. A marketing manager wants to know why her sales are down. She talks with several sales reps and finds that a competitor has introduced a successful new product. This "research" seems to be part of___________.  the situation analysis  the data interpretation stage  the problem solution stage  obtaining problem-specific data 19. Clairol Corp. is introducing a new brand of shampoo in a highly competitive market. Wholesalers might be willing to handle the new product, except that retailers are already complaining about overcrowded shelf space. Therefore, Clairol has decided to spend $10 million on TV advertising and send free samples to 3,000,000 households to convince
  5. 5. consumers of the new product's superiority — and to get them to ask for it at their retail store. Clairol is using__________.  a "pushing" policy  direct marketing  a "pulling" policy  dual distribution 20. Brand recognition, brand preference, and brand insistence are various levels of __________.  brand marks  branding  brand familiarity  brand equity 21. Firms develop _____ to promote fair and honest dealings with all stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.  intermediaries  codes of ethics  marketing departments  a marketing orientation  marketing plans 22. The process of market segmentation involves__________.  identifying broad product markets and segmenting then into narrower target markets  identifying small target markets and expanding them into broad product markets  selecting a marketing mix to reach everyone  identifying target groups with the fewest potential customers 23. The main difference between a "marketing strategy" and a "marketing plan" is that___________.  a marketing plan does not include a target market  a marketing strategy provides more detail  time-related details are included in a marketing plan  a marketing plan includes several marketing strategies
  6. 6. 24. Which of the following is the most comprehensive goal of marketing contingency planning?  understanding the changing internal and external environments  preparing for any possible natural disasters  remaining relevant in the eyes of customers and stakeholders  meeting competitive challenges 25. Which of the following advertising approaches delivers ads to consumers based on the interactions they exhibit in media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter?  Behavioral targeting  Click fraud  Digital targeting  Social targeting 26. A marketer will likely need to reposition a product if__________.  marketers see the product as very similar to other products in the market  marketers see the product as distinct from other products in the market  customers see the product as distinct from other products in the market  customers see the product as very similar to other products in the market 27. Vision Co. manufactures and sells tea, coffee, desserts, shoes, and sporting goods — all under the Vision brand name. These products are__________.  sold with a family brand  dealer brands  the firm's product line  generic products 28. Which of the following is a key trend affecting marketing strategy planning?  Less international market development  Growth of marketing information systems  Slower new-product development
  7. 7.  Senior and ethnic submarkets are getting smaller. 29. A marketing auditor for a firm will most likely__________.  develop marketing plans for the firm based on the current plans being implemented  interview employees of the firm to determine the level of job satisfaction  set company-wide objectives and targets in line with the marketing plan  evaluate the marketing plans being implemented by the firm to see if they are still the best plans the firm can offer 30. Which of the following would be relevant in the marketing company era?  bringing all marketing activities together under the control of one department  planning for five or more years ahead  focusing on production  reselling goods to consumers and intermediaries Find other UOP course details on Transweb E Tutors: MKT 575 Final Exam (Newest) LDR 300 Final Exam LDR 531 Final Exam MKT 421 Final Exam MKT 571 Final Exam LAW 575 Final Exam LAW 421 Final Exam FIN 575 Final Exam Get the complete course details at: