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Logistic foresight Engie


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Some elements of future of logistic

Published in: Technology
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Logistic foresight Engie

  1. 1. Sky is (not anymore) the limit
  2. 2. By ITinSell – France
  3. 3. Feeding & fueling the city 3 scenarios by La Fabrique de la Cité Dynamic management of the public space BAU scenario Fablab, urban agriculture
  4. 4. • Citizen / consumer : • Locally engaged • Informed (independant information + Pers. Consumer Assist.) • City : • Mastering Data • Mastering Public Space • Company (product – logistic) : • Connected to the Multitude (Alexa…) • Integrated (ecommerce + logistic) + Global parameter : Transparency of logistic and product production (origin, GHG, external cost, bio, …) Key parameters Digital Revolution is finished
  5. 5. CITIZEN / CONSUMER COMPANY Product & Logictic CITY Personal Consumer Assistant (PCA) 1 click command & delivery Sky is (not anymore) the limit Alexa everywhere Constraints & Rewards for Public Space Data co-production re-invested like Uber Mov.Fablab, microfactory Re-use/cycle/duce … Public Space plasticity Complexity / Simplicity « Keep it simple » Everywhere but no congestion Key parameters Digital Revolution is finished
  6. 6. • Which trends and challenges will influence city logistics the most, according to you? • Chaos, e-commerce, Amazon strategy (consumer 1st), new currencies, personal consumer assistant • Robotisation, IA (Alexa everywhere), Consumer Need anticipation • Capacity to be connected to the Multitude (like Amazon) instead of providing a logistic service : Value Chain position • What will be the user (consumer/business/..) needs in terms of logistics? • Not interest in “logistic”, 24h zero cost delivery => it’s not my problem, I want it now • Transparency on the product including logistic via a personal consumer assistant (like Personal Travel Assistant) • How will the organization of city logistics in the future (2030) look like? • Negociating with Logistics Company for Data re-investing in the city • Mastering public space utilization with Constraints/Rewards + Dynamic allocation + … • Which city logistics models will most likely be implemented by most of EU cities in 2030 (type of B2C solutions, B2B solutions, type of vehicles,..) ? • City as a hub, • And/or City as a service • And/or rooted city (recycling – reuse – re …) • Vehicles : adapted & locally produced/maintain • Which will be the key success factors for these models (policy framework, collaboration agreements, scale,)? • Collaboration agreements with leaders for win-win experimentations • New business models for public space, mutualisation and co-opetition • Data re invested in the city like Uber Movement • Open source data, soft and hardware • Transparency of logistic performances • What will be the next (first) steps before getting to these new models? • Open Challenge based on open source (data, soft, hard) : open source assets as a connector between stakeholders
  7. 7. Open Challenge with FabMob Why open resources : • Build open bricks, • Go faster, • Share resources & development, • Simplify co-creation without heavy contract, • Increase your connexion in a large ecosystem, • Reinvent your business model by focusing on your added value, • Create standard, increase reutilisation & business
  8. 8. Open Challenge with FabMob • Identify common challenges with cities and industrial partners, • Work with partners in order to identify open resources used for the Open Challenge : data, soft, hardware, fablab, skills... • Call for projects using Open Resources in order to mutualise, go faster, reinforce open resources, • Ecosystem collaboration to deliver new product or service, Benefits For industrial partners : • identification of open resource, improvment of open resources by external contributors, • exploration of new markets in several country via open resources, • connexion with large ecosystem, • benefits of feedbacks from all projects, • Create standard, increase reutilisation & business For cities : • Experiment solutions in your city for solving problems, • Connect to the ecosystem START NOW, SELECTION in JUNE