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Instant mobility general presentation

  1. 1. Multimodality for People and Goods : the Instant Mobility Project June 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Summary o The FI-PPP Programme Context o Optimizing Urban Moves & Mobility o The Instant Mobility project in more details
  3. 3. The FP7 PPP-Future Internet Source :
  4. 4. Presentation Summary o The FI-PPP Programme Context o Optimizing Urban Moves & Mobility o The Instant Mobility project in more details
  5. 5. Urban Mobility and IntermodalityNumerous initiatives are today adressing transports optimization in urban areas . Among them: Some looks at improving the use of Public Transportation means:  Means occupancy rates vary today from 25 to 46 % in the best case (Paris area, STIF data) Some attempt to optimize car and trucks traffic in cities Some promote alternative transports means (car sharing, bicycles, …) Some aims to push intermodality (use of multiple means) … Improvements requires now to address the widest possible scope in mobility optimization & to target the global optimisation of transports and space in urban areas
  6. 6. A mix of Macro and Micro views In transportation, optimizing moves has many meanings :  For local autorities : a statistical view  having more people transported for the same cost  Polluting less by lowering the amount of traffic jams, …  For travellers & drivers : an individual concern  Moving faster, in a more comfortable way, cheaper …  For Public Transport Operators : looking for better operations  Adjusting demand and offer, while ensuring increasing safety and security needs  Adapting more dynamically to events and expectations,…  For professional drivers and Car fleets members : ressources efficiency  Better access and use of urban space and ressources Global optimisation requires to simultaneously address these meanings both in their micro and macro dimensions
  7. 7. Optimization Directions Optimization of Urban Transportation may be achieved by different ways :  Limiting and avoiding moves  Leisure moves versus required utilitarian moves, …  Enhancing existing means of transportation  Tramways versus busses generalisation, driverless buses, …  Enhancing uses of means of transportation  Better car pooling & car sharing, …  Enhancing the moving environment  Managing urban space & crossroads, …  Providing new ways of moving  Bicycle pools in cities, community electric cars, … Each depending on exchanges from others
  8. 8. Presentation Summary o The FI-PPP Programme Context o Optimizing Urban Moves & Mobility o The Instant Mobility project in more details
  9. 9. Multimodality for people and goods in urban areas In the Instant Mobility vision, every journey and every transport movement is part of a fully connected and self-optimising ecosystem. Whatever the travellers situation (office, home, on-trip…) Instant Mobility will deliver useful Future Internet enabled services. The traveller will receive personalised and real-time solutions to support him reaching his destination according to for instance real-time traffic status, public transport availability along his journey. Instant Mobility will develop sustainable transportation practices with a dedicated focus on sharing modalities of all kind of vehicles. Instant Mobility will also provide new ways to optimize urban traffic. Fleet operators’ management and goods delivery monitoring are key components of Instant Mobility holistic vision of urban mobility. All this made possible through a web of online services using a new Transport and Mobility Future Internet…
  10. 10. Complementary Use Cases / Scenarios Sc. 1 – Multimodal travel made easy  This scenario will show the possibilities provided by the availability of complete multi-modal travel information and the capabilities provided by additional competing third party services Sc. 2 – the sustainable car  This scenario will demonstrate privacy friendly ways to collect travel information from current and future travellers and drivers and the car usage optimisation that its anonymous processing will provide. Sc. 3 – collective transport 2.0  This scenario will show the benefits of a coordinated multi-modal information exchange in a traveller oriented way, between multiple public transport operators and the benefits of a fully dematerialized dynamic payment system Sc. 4 – trucks and the city  This scenario will address the topic of urban space usage optimisation and regulation for trucks and goods related issues Sc. 5 – online traffic & infrastructure management  This scenario will address the topic of traffic optimisation and the benefits expected both for cities and users of a smart use of real-time information The Scenarios will fuel a managed data exchange platform in PPP-FI phase 2
  11. 11. The Future Internet hypothesis The FI-PPP speak for “a Future Internet hypothesis”:  FI-PPP request its actors to imagine tomorrow Internet capabilities (called enablers)  This is not rocket science as things on a worldwide scale evolves more slowly than new ideas  However, it forces to imagine what will be of widespread & common use in 5 to 10 years  Instant Mobility makes three such assumptions:  Availability as needed of location information of each possible transport element and/or each traveller (all the time, anywere, in real time)  Availability of immediat communication with guaranteed QOS for the required bandwith (anyware, anytime)  Capability to provide specifically crafted solutions to each traveller and adjust it in real time (simultaneously for millions of travellers) With first answers in four years and improvement over time
  12. 12. Betting on “Complete Information”What kind of travel optimisation would be possible if for someone knowing continuously and in real time ? The location and destination of each traveller  Including their requirements and preferences (travelling with a pet, blind person,…) The location and status of each possible means of transports  Each bus, tram, taxi, private car, bicycle, …The INSTANT MOBILITY project assume that: This information may be made available in a secure & privacy safe way It will become possible to greatly optimize urban mobility using such “Complete Information” It is possible to devise some “leader services” able to start the creation of the overall system (collecting & publishing this information) Instant Mobility will define such a system and prove its feasibility
  13. 13. Instant Mobility main objectives (1)1. Define, specify and validate a real-time multi-modal navigation and planning subsystem to optimally match individual journey request with available means of transportation, including private ones  real time continuous update of means of transportation and travellers for travels individual planning2. Define, specify and simulate the Instant Mobility framework for Mobile Devices to automate multi-modal transport solution offers  Automate sharing of cars space (car pooling/sharing on the fly)3. Define, specify and prototype a common vocabulary for real-time localization, destination and capabilities of public and private transport information  Publish PTO information in a standardized way
  14. 14. Instant Mobility main objectives (2)4. Define a dematerialized multi-modal automated payment system for nomadic devices  Allow multi-modal virtual payment (billing & pricing)5. Study the acceptability and safety conditions for a generalization of demand-driven multi-modal transportation in particular using social networking tools  Guarantee acceptability and promote the system6. Multi-modal freight transport in urban areas based on customers profiling  Integrate management of parcels, trucks and parking in real time7. Demand-driven transportation  Study the impacts of exactly knowing all travel plans and provide transport recommandations on global and local levels
  15. 15. Structure of INSTANT MOBILITY ProjectFive functional WP WP3 : Scenarios  Define complementary sets of Use case /scenarios WP4 : Enablers specifications  Specify the required enablers to implement the scenarios WP5 : Prototypes  Demonstrate feasibility and prototype critical issues WP6 Societal Issues  Address Security, privacy and acceptability issues  Identify best business cases for project success WP7 : Dissemination  Make the project largely known and capitalize on it
  16. 16. The Instant Mobility data platform Producer side Real-time data Collection People data Commercial Equipped Public Other & social Fleets private Transports sources … networks & trucks Vehicles Data validation, Public organisation , Authorities annotation & constraints Presentation Instant Mobility Services Platform Consumer side Data set User selection preferences Optimisation loop Individualy User Request optimized Constraints &(& info/location transport offer / user preferences update) solution
  17. 17. A consortium addressing all major issues Telecoms Transportation Urban planning Navigation and georeferencing Logistic (last mile) Car Equipment Cities User associations Professional drivers Social Networks ...
  18. 18. Thank You