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Rkh webinar presentation 14 march


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Rkh webinar presentation 14 march

  1. 1. Enabling the digital railway Richard Kemp-HarperMark Glover12th January 2011
  2. 2. Enabling the digital railway• Up to £5m grant funding available• Joint TSB/RSSB programme with TSLG support• Specific, known industry challenges• Innovative capabilities from Digital, ICT and satellite applications worlds• Integrate these to provide a compelling value proposition to the clients and sponsors• Services that meet key objectives for the industry
  3. 3. Industry Objectives• Reduce energy usage and carbon emissions• Reduce cost: operations and infrastructure• Increase capacity and reliability• Increase revenues, protection and new revenue streams• Increase customer engagement and satisfaction
  4. 4. Innovative capabilities• Internet of things • Systems integration with• Data management physical assets• Visualisation for decision • Satellite applications support • Business models drawn from• Network capabilities and Digital and creative industries services • Crowd-sourcing and social• Modelling and simulation media supporting data • Digital services for engaging interpretation customers
  5. 5. The structure of an innovation in transport technologies Meets their key objectives Large institutional sponsor or client, probably public sector System Integration Design-led developmentTechnology enablers Business The people opportunity – perspective solution for a Social aspects market Behaviour Distinct capabilities Usability
  6. 6. What next?• Aiming to facilitate interaction with sponsors and problem owners and sharing of their challenges• Collaboration event 25th March• Competition opens 25th March• Closing date 15th May