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Elevator pitches from Digital Railways competition consortia building day


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20 x 2-minute, 2-slide presentations made during a networking session by delegates at the Transport KTN's Digital Railways information and consortia-building day on 25th March 2013.
Pitches from:
Selex ES
Cranfield University
University of Huddersfield
Bellrock Technology
Rethinking Transport
Coventry University
Loughborough University
TSE-n Metro UK
Delta Rail
Royal College of Art

Published in: Technology
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Elevator pitches from Digital Railways competition consortia building day

  1. 1. Elevator Pitches Transport Knowledge Transfer
  2. 2. Accelerating Innovation in RailElevator Pitch: Paul Bathgate25 March 2013
  3. 3. Creating Smart InfrastructureTransfer Key Information The Rail IndustryTechnologies 17,900 people Introduce new train born condition Airborne & Space Systems monitoring sensor technology to in- service fleet – with Partners Land & Naval Systems Security & Smart Systems Introduce remote fixed condition monitoring of signal assets and the rail environment – In response to NR needs Point of contact:Paul Bathgate M: 07793425112 Entrusted to deliver technology-enabled systems and solutions for a safer, smarter and more secure society
  4. 4. Integrated Vehicle Health Management Sense Vehicle Maturation/ New Product Design • Production, Asset certification & testing Engineering • Total ownership costs Manufacturing • System & life cycle • Requirements • FMECAs • Design models Acquire • Failure modes/models Act • System test data Operational Control Health Status • Current • Operational Demand • Operational Schedule • Predicted Transfer • Fleet Availability • Operational Effectiveness • MR & O leading • Maintenance Scheduling Maintenance & • Spares Supply Logistics • Asset Tracking Health Status • Maintenance Execution Analyse Contact: Prof Ian Jennions Data Repository & Ground Processing Ph: 01234 758390 Mob: 07590749222IVHM©2012 Cranfield University All rights Reserved
  5. 5. IVHM Centre ProjectAreasIVHM©2012 Cranfield University All rights Reserved
  6. 6. Questions• Who are we? Zircon Software• What do we do? Full life cycle software development and integration• Who do we do it for? LUL, Network Rail, Invensys, Siemens, Knorr Bremse, GE Transportation, Petards, Balfour Beatty• Can we innovate? 3D Train Graph - 2010 IET Innovation Award Finalist ATO/ETCS Interface, Web data distribution, Updated Architecture
  7. 7. Last Question• How do you contact me? Brian Hunt Managing Director Zircon Software Bellefield House Hilperton Road Trowbridge Wilts, BA14 7FP 01225 764444 07811 126649
  8. 8. Our core skills :Data access/extractionAdding value to dataRepresenting dataCataloguing data 8
  9. 9. TWIM – Two-Way Information Management Feasibility StudyTrial planned with British Transport Police 9
  10. 10. A low cost enhancement to HUMSCombining Novel adaptive threshold technology that provides automatic alerts without compromising detection sensitivity to achieve an acceptable false alert rate with Novel automatic trend detections that identifies the turning point in the data to provide the most accurate trend possible Research The CFAR-Autotrend technology needs to be extended to include the Interest prognostics interval (Remaining Useful Life) as an output that can be used for prognostics so that the alerts can be turned into actionable data. In a recent evaluation the CFAR-Autotrend technology: •Exceeded static thresholding detection accuracy •Provided earlier detection than static thresholds •Detected maintenance events (material faults) not identified by static thresholds •Demonstrated that the False Alert target of 10% of true alerts can be met (ref: US Army RDECOM; TECHNICAL REPORT RDMR-AE-11-0; dated December 2011) Contact: Ken Pipe | | |01730 269 725
  11. 11. Altran Solutions  Independent Safety Assessment › Trusted ISA for generic products, applications and complete systems both on Metro and Mainline  Conformity Assessment › Accredited European Notified Body (NoBo) and UK Designated Body (DeBo) for Command Control and Signalling  Safety Engineering and Consultancy › Creation of safety cases on behalf of a supplier or authority › Safety advice and support for suppliers and operators › Auditing and Assessment of core safety processes (ESM Gauge)  Rail Systems Engineering › Expertise throughout the full lifecycle from Concept / Requirements to V&V and full system validation.  Critical SW Development › Either as a part of a clients team or with full end to end responsibility  Safety & Critical Systems Training › Standard training course in Engineering Safety Management (previously Yellow Book) with over 7,000 engineers trained to date › Long experience in development and delivery of specific training course on Safety or Critical Software Processes11 Ken Greenwood
  12. 12. Value Proposition to Potential Consortia  Significant Expertise in development of innovative and safety critical systems  Member of the UK Advisory Board for INCOSE, promoting Systems Engineering best practice  Longstanding supplier to UK rail market including Network Rail, TfL and all the key product suppliers  Can bring expertise from across multiple industries › Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear  Access to large resource pool of approximately 20,000 engineers from more than 20 countries Ken Greenwood
  13. 13. Award-winning software platform connectingcontent, UX and UI and data to get the mostfrom themCore Engine helps Go Ahead deliver mobileticketing for transport nationwideCharge Your Car use Core Engine to enableconnect their NFC EV charging network withcustomers’ smartphonesDatahive uses Core Engine to processes vastamounts of big data for the media industryIBM partner with Corethree, integrating SmartCities via the web, mobile and back-office
  14. 14. Big User Integrated data content systems Smartphones Web Services 0845 557 0475 Tablets Desktop and Web
  15. 15. Opportunities to Collaborate …increasing reliability, availability, maintainability & safety…Andrew Ball • Professor of Diagnostic Engineering and Pro-Vice- Chancellor for Research and Enterprise • Web LinkSimon Iwnicki • Professor of Railway Engineering and Director of the Institute of Railway Research • Web LinkRoger Bromley • Visiting Professor of Innovation & Collaboration • Tel: 07710 486888 • • Web Link 15
  16. 16. Immediate OpportunitiesPerformance Critical Static Smart Washer The Static Smart Washer can be applied in a wide variety of operational environments to achieve significantlyFasteners and the Smart improved maintenance capabilitiesWasher • Direct measurement of the clamping force – 1 Hz • Unique RFID RFID Nut RFID/Transmitter/ transmitte • NRC/FFC Energy Scavenger r • Power options – wired, transponder, 1-2 year lithium battery Speed Check for Port Engine (20-23-Sep-2006) Member 2 Smart Dynamic Smart Washer 580 Member 1 Washer The dynamic smart alert 1% washer allows the condition of the system to be monitored e.g. switches. Speed 2 560 SmartWasher • Measurement rate of 10 Hz Speed(r/m) 0.01% alert Port Engine B Speed( 0 60) Port Engine B Speed( 60 100) 0.0001% alert Bolt Energy Harvesting 540 15 20 About to start 520 18 Speed(krpm) Speed(krpm) • High efficiency, 20 year “fit and forget” solution. 10 500 16 11:31:1211:45:3612:00:0012:14:2412:28:4812:43:1212:57:3613:12:0013:26:2413:40:4813:55:12 full data 5 Time(HH:MM:SS-21-Sep) 14 model data Speed Check for Starboard Engine (20-23-Sep-2006) fitted line 580 0 12Automated Abnormality 20 30 40 50 60 60 70 80 90 100 Speed 2 Rack Rack 1% alertDetection 560 4 Port Engine Turbocharger: B x 10 Speed(r/m) 0.01% alert 3 540 0.0001% alert Measured 2 predicted Speed(rpm) 520 Alert1 1 Alert3 500 0 11:31:1211:45:3612:00:0012:14:2412:28:4812:43:1212:57:3613:12:0013:26:2413:40:4813:55:12 Time(HH:MM:SS-21-Sep) -1 12:00:00 00:00:00 12:00:00 00:00:00 Time(HH:MM:SS) 20-Sep to 22-Sep 16
  17. 17. Adam Brown, Operations Director E: M: 0744 683 1489 Bellrock Technology Ltd Who we are  Engineering software company building intelligent decision support that helps industry manage equipment more cost- effectively  Formed in 2012 – spinout from University of Strathclyde  15 years of industry-driven research into advanced diagnostics Problems we tackle  Demand for better use of condition monitoring data  Numerous data gathering technologies in use  Converting data to meaningful information is difficult  Link not yet fully made to asset management204 George Street 0141 548 2655Glasgow, G1 1XW
  18. 18. Adam Brown, Operations Director E: M: 0744 683 1489 Bellrock Technology Ltd Our decision support platform – Lumen®  Intelligently adapts to the precise requirements of each end-user  Flexibly combines data from any source  Plug-and-play analytics automatically extract meaningful information  Open to deploy 3rd party analytics / diagnostics What we are looking for  Expertise in rail industry  Sensor designers needing support to deliver / contextualise data  Developers of novel diagnostics looking to exploit data / deliver results  Customers204 George Street seeking to reduce operational costs & extend asset 0141 548 2655Glasgow,lifetimes G1 1XW
  19. 19. Jon MayburyActive yield management to match demand to available capacity, through smart ticketing
  20. 20. Report of the Rail Value for MoneyStudy6.4.2 Fares policy and demand managementThe review of fares policy should focus , inparticular , on how fares structures can beused to aid management of peak demand. Itis clear that a major cost driver of cost in GBrail is on the provision of capacity to meetpeak demand …. More flexible fare structuresand the use of “intelligent ticketing” couldassist in making better use of capacity andthus improve efficiency.
  21. 21. About us:UK PV Technology Centre, based in North East England.Est. 2005 – Transferred from BP Solar Research Group retaining key personnel + IPProven R+D track record in TSB, EU FP6 and EU FP7.• Project Coordinator and Work Package leaders• Project Management PRINCE 2 qualified managers• Highly qualified and experienced research team (PhD, MSc..)• Published in solar journals and conference proceedings• Strong links with UK and European Universities and Institutes Name: Ian Baistow Tel: 01670 357733 Email:
  22. 22. Capabilities:Flexibility to provide custom designed and built PV solutions for off grid systemsState-of-the-art module manufacturing techniquesOver 40,000 working systems currently out in the field in the UK.Global customer network for applications such as:• Emergency Roadside Telephones – (UK Highways Agency)• Environmental monitoring• Data monitoring• Traffic management solutions• Ticketing• Security• Oil and gas………………..The possibilities for solar powered applications are endless!!!! Name: Ian Baistow Tel: 01670 357733 Email:
  23. 23. Freeing the railway from the 19th century track circuit:improve performance, increase capacity and reduce cost High dependability, low latency KEY ENABLERS wireless communications Position Position (track specific) of (track specific) of rear of (freight) train front of
  24. 24. The Location Aware Train• Towards train control without track circuits • £100M+ per year benefits (capacity, performance, cost)• We have positioning technology & comms proposals for low cost retrofit• Building consortium for shorter term benefits demonstrator (dependable, real-time position) – Operations experience, applications providers, researchers, safety/human factors Disruption & diversion Comms management Crossing emergencies Worker protection & ESRs Passenger info Driver Advisory Systems Door control and safe departure Traffic management
  25. 25. Transport Knowledge Transfer Network Digital Railway Event – March 2013 Wide Ranging Cross Faculty Expertise in: • Design, Engineering and Computing • From visualisation through to detailed simulation • Highly relevant transferable skills/experience • Automotive, Aerospace, .... • Well known for collaboration in industry led research • Design, Logistics, Cyber Security, Dynamics, Safety, ... • Low Carbon Vehicles, Integrated Mobility, ..... • Strong Business support structure
  26. 26. Advanced SimulationTransferable Advanced CAE and Simulation Experience RIDE QUALITY, DURABILITY Multibody Dynamics – ADAMS, SIMPACK CRASH SAFETY, STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Finite Element Analysis – Hyperworks, LS-Dyna Occupant Safety, Comfort MADYMO, Finite Element Analysis, CONTACT: Professor Mike Blundell -
  27. 27. People-driven design & systems areas of expertise User experience  mobile, ICT, social media, public displays Crowd-sourcing/volunteered info  how to capture, moments of opportunity, trust, visualising/representing, Inclusive design  older users, those with disabilities, access, technology use Safety and physical aspects  occupant safety, capacity, comfort, thermal environment Socio-technical systems  people in systems, resilience, complexity, efficiency, modellingLoughborough Design School
  28. 28. Areas for collaboration? (non exclusive) potential topics and a few examples of track record Crowd-sourced public data Socio-technical systems  How to encourage people to contribute  Built-in resilience for system failure/change  How to represent data to decision makers  Impacts of changing profiles of staff, customers and usage  Project with MySociety, creators of  Network Rail & RSSB ‘FixMyTransport’ problem reporting portal  Project on systems aspects of child, teenager  Collaborative projects with Ordnance survey re safety crowd-sourced spatial data  Project on building resilience capability into  User response to ‘volunteered’ geographic info future workforce and passenger safety vs ‘professional’ geographic info (PhD) End-to-end journey accessibility Physical ergonomics & safety  Information relevant to context of use &  Unintended outcomes of capacity increases, behaviours e.g. thermal environment, crowding  Information personalisation e.g. mobility  Public behaviors in response to information, limitations infrastructure crowds  TfL project on accessible journey planner  Project on Older Public Transport Users  AUNT-SUE project using digital simulation tools (Medical Research Council) for accessibility planning and evaluation  Use of mobile technologies by standing  Project with ITP (Integrated Transport Planning) passengers (PhD) on @ccess advisr  KTH & Indian Railways projectLoughborough Design School
  29. 29. TSE-n Metro UK Ltd Transportation Security Enterprises The Technology • Super broadband wi-fi on and off fast moving trains • Behavioral analytics that work • Real-time security alerts – terrorism to suicide • Real-time data on operational equipment • Real-time information on track aand surroundings • Real-time information on passenger movement • Effective commercial wi-fi on trainsTerrorism will return to UK rail
  30. 30. TSE-n Metro UK LtdTransportation Security Enterprises The Business Case • A competent secure fibre back bone • Large scale secure data analytics and storage • Security service to operators and police by license • Operational data and information service to operators by license • No capital cost to the rail system • NO PFI OR PPP • The commercial wi-fi pays the capital cost and the rail network shares the profits
  31. 31. What We Can Bring Control Solutions with a Digital Vision • Affordability and capacity improvements need Engineering Solutions & Digital Integration • Bring on the noise! • Bring the railways to the consumer Practical Support • Data about the operational railway • An interface to the operational railway • Test, simulation and demonstration facilitiesDaren WoodSolutions Development
  32. 32. What We Are Looking For Data Access • Record impacts on the availability of the network Data Storage • Somewhere to put it Data Analytics • Someone to apply it The Spirit of the “Gamesmakers” • Bringing the consumers into the systemDaren WoodSolutions Development
  33. 33. Elevator pitch: a predictable future Railways (and their engineers) are: Good at knowing what happened yesterday Not bad at knowing whats happening today Less good at knowing whats happening next week / year • Real time diesel engine / traction package fault predictionThe IRR wants to • Vehicle performance assessment (OTMR datadevelop new ways for based diagnostics)railway engineers topredict the future • Track degradation and asset life • Automated wheel tread fault detection and maintenance planningThis could make a • Reliability / utilisation (vehicle & infrastructure)significant contribution • Safetyto improving • Cost
  34. 34. Elevator pitch: a predictable future • Intelligent data analysis (rail vehicle & infrastructure) • Condition monitoring / sensing technologies • Railway systems engineering & cost modelling Our • Predictive maintenance expertise • Infrastructure managers • Vehicle manufacturers / maintainers • Train operators Potential • Sensor technology providers partners • Data collectors / integratorsContact: Julian Stow Institute of Railway +44(0)1484 473021
  35. 35. Citizen-centered railway planning• Railway users will be the ultimate beneficiaries of improved future railways• How do we make sure that future railways meet citizen needs?• To date digital technologies have been used as information / communication tools for railway users – but could they be doing more?• The Royal College of Art and Open City Labs are collaborating to answer this question
  36. 36. Citizen-centered railway planning• User-centered, iterative design reduces costs and improves product quality (e.g. software design)• ‘Social’ technologies are good at engaging people & providing different perspectives• Civic apps such as NRE, SeeClickFix, FixMyStreet show that citizens want to engage• We aim to apply these techniques to put railway users at the heart of future planning and service provision – and seek collaborators
  37. 37. Contact: tel. +44 203 102 5113On-board WiFi Channel & Internet mob. +44 773 990 9999There are two principal problems with current on-board passenger Wifi servicesProblem 1 - Passengers suffer from slow and intermittentconnectivity• Mobile infrastructure is focused on urban areas with poor coverage in rural areas• Intercity public transport journeys spend more time in rural coverage zones than urban zones• In urban zones mobile signals suffer signal congestion and structural interference• Mobile data bandwidth is reduced by 85% when moving• 4G will improve speed of mobile data connectivity but is subject to same coverage constraints as 3G The O2 map shows poor coverage along National Rail routesProblem 2 – High demand from passengers = high operationalcosts• Passengers opt for routes offering WiFi• Data connectivity through the GSM mobile networks is costly• Operators incur a data cost every time a passenger connects to the internet 37• Operators do not want to charge passengers for Wifi
  38. 38. Fully integrated solution for road and rail 3rd Party bolt-ons Equipment & Passenger Operator Eco-driving services Services Services Monetization Streaming Media Hardware sales/rental Unified and integrated platform technologies Tachograph Debit & credit card Passenger Information Custom development processing Alcolock On-board ad serving Internet Access plattform Ticketing Passenger counting Vehicle diagnostics Passenger feedback IP CCTV Geolocation services Panic button Traffic signal priority Development, management, control, security, reporting and support Fleet optimization 38
  39. 39. Who are Eurotech ? Tim Taberner Product Strategy Manager Eurotech Ltd 2 Clifton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BN tel: 01223 411200• Specialist in Machine to Machine communications and rugged electronics• World top 10 player in the Embedded Computers market, with portfolio of products pre qualified for rail applications• Behind the products of more than 20 Global 500 companies• Wide technology base from wireless sensors to supercomputers• Provide „device fabric‟ which handles the acquisition, communication & storage of data from remote static and mobile devices and sensors, making this available to multiple enterprise applications, clients and stakeholders 39
  40. 40. What do we do ? We turn this… -„Spaghetti Software‟ @ Business Applications ? RTUs, PLCs, PIS, Ticketing, Sensors, Actuators, displays, etc…..… into this - Social Networking for Machines ! @ Device Data IntegrationEveryware Software PlatformFramework • Data Mgmt• JAVA based application Enterprise Service Bus for M2M • Device Mgmt framework • Data Storage• Device Management • Real-Time Data Delivery• Connectivity Management • Real-Time Analytics• Application Management • Advanced Queries• Field data acquisition • Publish & Subscribe• Available on Eurotech and • REST APIs for third party hardware • Secure • Scalable