Digital Railways presentation by Technology Strategy Board


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Technology Strategy Board presentation at Transport KTN's information and consortia-building event in Coventry on 25th March 2013 supporting the £5million Digital Railways r&d competition

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Digital Railways presentation by Technology Strategy Board

  1. 1. Enabling the digital railway Richard Kemp-HarperMark Glover12th January 2011
  2. 2. Concept to CommercialisationAccelerating the journey - concept tocommercialisationConnecting the innovation landscapeTurning Government action intobusiness opportunityInvesting in theme areas based onglobal potentialContinuously improving Organisationalcapability 2
  3. 3. Enabling the digital railway• Up to £5m grant funding available• Joint co-funded TSB and RSSB programme with support of TSLG• Key technology area within the Rail Technical Strategy• Global business opportunities for systems and services• Recognised UK business and academic capabilities
  4. 4. Business innovation in transport Meet key objectives Large institutional sponsor or client, probably public sector System Integration Technology enablers Design-led development Business The people opportunity – perspective solution for a market Consider human behaviour Apply distinct capabilities
  5. 5. Competition scope• Specific challenges faced by a key rail problem owners• A range of capabilities in digital, ICT or satellite application technologies• Integrate these capabilities into end-to- end proofs-of-concept• Include consideration of human behaviours
  6. 6. Challenge Address one or more specific challenges faced by a key rail business client, or ‘problem owner’
  7. 7. High level industry objectives• Reduce energy usage and carbon emissions• Reduce cost: operations and infrastructure• Improving capacity and utilisation of existing capacity• Increase revenues and identifying new revenue opportunities• Further improving safety• Improving the customer experience.
  8. 8. CapabilitiesCombine a range of capabilities in digital, ICT or satellite application technologies, linked to rail expertise, to develop a solution that could yield significant business benefits for the problem owner
  9. 9. Innovative capabilities• Network capabilities and services, • Visualisation and decision support including cloud services • Satellite applications• Internet of Things • Business models drawn from the• Management and analysis of big digital and creative industries data • Crowd-sourcing and social media• Modelling and simulation • Digital services for engaging supporting data interpretation customers through feedback or• Systems integration with physical incentives assets• Communications technologies • Not an exclusive list
  10. 10. Integration Aim to integrate these capabilities into end to-end proofs-of-concept, to show how the technologies involved can be scaled up in a flexible way
  11. 11. Structure of a digital railway project Meet their objectives Key rail organisation NR, LUL, Operators, Tier 1 System Integration Technology enablers Design-led development Rail employees, Business decision-makers, opportunity – passengers services for rail clients Influencing behaviour, Ways of working, Apply digital capabilities Unmet needs
  12. 12. Human behaviour Include consideration of human behaviour in the potential solution, to ensure that it will be accepted by end users, whether they be rail industry employees or passengers.
  13. 13. The people perspective• Who are the users and what are their needs?• Can influencing behaviour be part of the solution?• How will your proposal address this up- front?• Do you have the right capabilities in your consortium?
  14. 14. Consortia• Not necessary to include client in consortium, not excluded either - for discussion with the clients• Problem owner can be a business close to the industry challenges such as tier 1 supplier• A range of capabilities – a couple of partners is not going to cut it• Innovative capabilities + rail expertise
  15. 15. Collaboration and engagement• Client engagement• Business collaboration• Academic expertise• Use today!• Unlocking Innovation event run by RIA 18th April• KTNs – Transport, ICT, ESP, Creative Industries• RRUKA
  16. 16. Role of clients in the process• Network Rail and London Underground are directly supporting this programme• Defining challenges• Access to points of contact and links to business sponsors and resources where appropriate• Ongoing, but managed, discussion through this application process
  17. 17. And finally...• Customer Experience competition from the Enabling Innovation Team• Rail capability analysis led by AD Little and Atkins• Rail KTP call launching in April – modelling simulation and synthetic environments• Transport Systems Catapult
  18. 18. Thank you•• 07824599610• @kemp_harper 18