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Role of transmission system in cars


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Allows power to be sent from an engine or motor to a drive mechanism.

Use Gears and clutch to convert the speed of power source into torque.

It is often referred to as a gearbox.

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Role of transmission system in cars

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Manual Transmission Automatic TransmissionBoth carry out same function in turning engine speed intotorque.They also allow the drive mechanism to shift from forwardinto reverse
  3. 3. Manual TransmissionIt increases the speed of an engine, as a result ofshifting gears manually.Larger Gears convert higher engine rpm intohigher torque.Smaller Gears convert lower engine rpm intohigher speed.
  4. 4. Automatic TransmissionIt accomplishes same function through speed-torqueconversion.A torque converter automatically engages and disengages theaccurate gears in the suitable ratio using clutch hydraulics.Larger Gears increases the speed of the drive wheelsSmaller Gears decreases the speed of the drive wheels.