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Top tips to thrive as a freelancer

From clarity, and connections to a business mindset, in this presentation we explore those strategies that help freelancers run their businesses (and live their lives) with the right priorities in mind.

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Top tips to thrive as a freelancer

  1. 1. Top Tips to Thrive as a Freelancer Jaquelina Guardamagna | Translator in London translatorinlondon @jaquitranslates spanishtranslatorlondon
  2. 2. Connections Business Mindset Clarity @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  3. 3. Translator in London English-Spanish Chartered Translator. Chair of 'The Linguist' Editorial Board. Member of CIOL Council. #Ialso100 UK F:entrepreneur 2020. Jaquelina Guardamagna CL, MCIL, IAPTI, APARU Translatorinlondon Spanishtranslatorlondon Spanishtranslatorlondon jaquitranslates
  4. 4. Clarity What do you want?
  5. 5. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  7. 7. Urgent - Important 1. A post on IG. 2. Deliver a translation today. 3. Answer an email with a quotation. 4. Meet a prospective client online. 5. Update your phone number on your website. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  8. 8. Clarity What do you want?
  9. 9. Clarity What do you want for yourself? Why? What do you want for those you serve? Why? @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  10. 10. Before Christmas, I would like to translate the website of a London manufacturer of electric bikes who exports to Latin America. Why? Because I can help them to communicate effectively with their distributors and contribute to their business growth, and because I adhere to their environmentally friendly values and procedures. What is your SMART GOAL? @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  11. 11. SMART Goals Who - A UK boutique hotel marketing manager - A sales rep of a Spanish Wine exporter When? - In 1 month - In 3 months What? - Problem/s you will solve
  12. 12. Exercise Describe your ideal client in 5 words. List 2 ways in which you can help them. Give 2 reasons why they should work with you. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  13. 13. Plan Keep It Simple
  14. 14. Exercise 3 words you will type on a search engine to find your ideal client. 2 social media channels you will use to network with them. 1 sentence to pitch your value and uniqueness. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  15. 15. Action
  16. 16. Action Email with a link to your website Phone Call Attend one event and meet your client there @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  17. 17. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  18. 18. Connections Social relationships Respect. Empathy. Trust. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  19. 19. Speak their language. Provide information. Clients HOT Communication. Exceed expectations. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  20. 20. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Relationships Maya Angelou
  21. 21. Exercise Share your Linkedin profile. Connect on Linkedin. Set up a zoom call before December to discuss your goals and action plan. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  22. 22. Connections EXERCISE Hannah Cruz French Tutor Jeremy Barny Copywriter Kayla Myers Subtitler
  23. 23. Business Mindset. Master your numbers. Build your self-management skills.
  24. 24. Decisions Rates: Project, Time Value Working hours Average output Numbers
  25. 25. Numbers Keep records Expenses Income WHAT? HOW MUCH? HOW OFTEN? Mobile Ink Postage Professional membership Liability Insurance Conferences Website Domains Ads Accountant Rent Travelling Stationary Hardware Software Budget Planner @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  26. 26. Mastering numbers: How? Keeping records A business bank account: TIDE, STARLING Software or spreadsheet: QUICKBOOKS, XERO, FREE AGENT, SAGE LSP. Expert An accountant More tips:
  27. 27. Self-management
  28. 28. Self-management Discipline Kaizen Self-care @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  29. 29. Discipline Emotional connection WHY? Intention. Purpose. Dream. Time-blocks Plan. Schedule. Organize. @jaquitranslates #languageshow
  30. 30. Kaizen CPD Self-assessment Ask for feedback Adapt Embrace change Learn from challenges Be better than the person you were yesterday
  31. 31. Exercise. Sleep. Go out. Say “No”. Self-care Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.
  32. 32. Kaizen What skill do you want to improve? Find a course/ webinar/ placement. Self-care What are your going to say “No” to today? Exercise One bad habit you will change to improve your discipline. Discipline
  33. 33. Connections Respect. Empathy. Trust. Business Mindset Master your numbers Develop Self-Management Skills Clarity Goals Plan Action
  34. 34. ‘Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible’ Top tips to thrive as a freelancer. St. Francis of Assisi
  35. 35. Translator in London spanishtranslatorlondon jaquitranslates translatorinlondon spanishtranslatorlondon Thank you! COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS?