Smart video creation and editing tools


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Smart video creation and editing tools

  1. 1. Power your videos with these 10 smart video creation and editing tools Presented by
  2. 2. What’s your story ?  Heard this line before?  Well, this is the tagline of Pixorial, one of the most popular online video creation tools  You can load your raw footage and assemble it in the sequence you want it to appear, on Pixorial.
  3. 3. Drag and drop your way to a great video!  Strapped for time? You can trust PowToon to bail you out. Create 45 second explanatory videos in a jiffy.  And yes it is YouTube friendly. It has a simple and user friendly easy export system. You can export your videos to YouTube in a few clicks.  It is the smarter and quicker way to create online videos.
  4. 4. We make videos!  WeVideo can make the drabbest of videos look surreal. It has an array of visual effects that are easy to use and creative.  You can give your videos a unique look and feel by choosing one of the stylish themes in WeVideo.  The video editing options make editing a breeze through its drag and drop options.
  5. 5. For interesting videos!  Mixmoov offers smart drag and drop tools and follows a storyboard based clip creation. It provides high quality video export and streaming features.  The tool boasts of some of the best transition features and accepts almost all video formats under the sun. It offers a customizable editing platform.  It’s unique storyboard and multi-track interface makes it a dream video editing tool of those who want their videos to stand out from the crowd.
  6. 6. A shot in the arm for your videos!  . Ever wondered how your cousin managed to make a great video story of his latest vacation? Chances are he worked with ShotClip!  It guides users through an uncomplicated three step process. Users will just have to fill in the templates the tool offers.  You will just have to edit your movie using the editing features of ShotClip and your own backyard masterpiece is ready!
  7. 7. Send your videos for a lab test!  File lab video editor makes video editing fun! You can merge, cut or mix your videos. It offers hundreds of transitions to make the transition from one shot to another more interesting!  You could also use animated text to grab eyeballs. It is a flexible editing tool and is not fussy about the video formats you use.  It is certainly a wise choice if you are strapped for time and need to edit your videos real quick!
  8. 8. Magical tools…  Ever wished for a magic wand that transforms your bland videos into Steven Spielberg fantasies? Video Toolbox is for you.  An editor is as good as his tools and Video Toolbox offers a wide range of tools that can make your videos stand out.  And yes it is free, so use this online video editing tool today to see the difference it can bring to your videos.
  9. 9. For beautiful videos!  Animato can make your personal videos look like they were shot by a Hollywood crew. The videos are high definition and incredibly clear.  Hate template videos? You can opt for a video style that can stylize your video and make it look stunning. It is easy to share videos on social media sites.  You can add text to your videos and Animato and animates them beautifully. It is your best bet for making pretty videos without investing a lot of time.
  10. 10. Mix and match!  Stupeflix is for all those of you who want a lot in your videos. You can add text, music, images, photos, maps and what not, to your videos!  And did we forget to say that Stupeflix has the best video theme collections in town? The themes are neat, unique and uncluttered  It is used by video marketers as you can add an exclusive call to action button that leads to your website at the end of the video. Smart option for those of you, who use, web videos, to promote your business!
  11. 11. A mash of all good things!  Masher is a video tool that has one best user friendly interfaces. You can throw in music, text and special effects to your video, to make it stand out!  Want to share a video that can make your friends go green with envy? Creating videos that look utterly professional and beautifully creative can now be a walk in the park.  It is easy to use, free and can add loads of zing to your videos! You go-to choice to make videos that are fun.
  12. 12. Go shoot! Choose a smart online video tool and make your videos more fun! Shooting, editing and sharing videos has never been so easy.
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