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How webinars save your pockets


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Webinar can minimize your expenses lot more. Forgot all the old way of taking seminar, Change your sight in to webinar.

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How webinars save your pockets

  1. 1. Created by Transcriptionsservice.IncTranscription services for all audios and videos
  2. 2. Does reaching a mass audience burn hole in your pocket?
  3. 3. Immediate budget shrinks that comes to your mindwhen you think of webinars1. yours travel budgets2. your live expense accounts3. Communication expenses
  4. 4. Want To Save bucks,,,,Consider Following for your webinar…. Associated travel costs Associated print expenses Venue costs etc…
  5. 5. Want to reach your audiences even withoutstepping away from your office…. Leave It Use it •A spacious hall according to •News letters. your attendees numbers •Frequent blog posts •Refreshments •Social media status updates •Souvenirs •Short tweets in twitter •TV/media coverage •Print media
  6. 6. 4 basic amenities required to conduct a webinar
  7. 7. A moderate PC
  8. 8. A normal internetconnection
  9. 9. A webcamif necessary
  10. 10. A regular browser
  11. 11. Live Seminar vs Webinar Live seminar WebinarReach is limited No limitation – reach is possible across continentsEvent handling is cumbersome Event management is real-time and easyTravel, boarding and lodging No travel for both the host andexpenses the attendeeMarketing expense is high Marketing expense is pocket- friendly
  12. 12. Conclusion:  Use Webinar and web conference  Avoid unnecessary charges