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Buy a voice recorder that ticks the right boxes!


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Are you confused? We help you to choose the right voice recorder by listing features that you must definitely be looking for

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Buy a voice recorder that ticks the right boxes!

  1. 1. DO YOU WANT A SPOTLESS RECORDING OF YOUR MEETINGS? Presented by, TranscriptionStar
  2. 2. The Basics ! One of the first things that you’d want to look for is battery life. There are some digital voice recorders that offer up to 48 hours of battery life. Choose a recorder with AAA rechargeable battery for better battery longevity. Opt for a recorder that comes with a USB cable to charge quickly. Another basic feature that a voice recorder must have is a built in pop filter. Filters can cancel out background noise and prevent audio distortion.
  3. 3. USB Friendly Recorders… It is important that your recorder can be easily connected with your computer. You should be able to move your recorded files to your computer without a hitch This will ensure your meetings don’t get mistakenly overwritten in your recorder, and also frees up a lot of space. There are recorders like the DVT5500 with an USB port that allows you to connect to different systems Having a recorder that is USB friendly helps you to download recordings, transcribe recordings or create audio notes and podcasts easily.
  4. 4. How Functional is the Recorder? The functionalities of a digital voice recorder, goes beyond just recording and storing audio data. The functionalities of a digital voice recorder, goes beyond just recording and storing audio data. This is a great asset when you want to locate one particular segment of your meeting, and don’t have the patience to sit through the entire recording.
  5. 5. Oops not enough storage space! You don’t want to know this after you’ve painstakingly recorded your entire meeting. Choose a voice recorder that offers high storage capacity Check if additional slots are offered for external SD cards, to increase storage capacity There are certain recorders that have a voice activation feature. The recording device goes into sleep mode when it cannot detect voices. Look for this feature as this saves a lot of time and storage space.
  6. 6. Is there a jack for an external mike? Agreed the mike in your recorder can be of great quality but it still helps to have a provision for attaching an external microphone. If it is an all-important meeting or conference, you certainly want the audio to be clear to help in documentation purposes . External mike inputs can help you get almost 360 degree audio coverage. Look for that jack!