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Best rated audio editing apps for android users! Download for free to compose what you want!


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This article lists out the 7 best free music editing apps for Android users.The article also shows the functions and features of the apps to help you decide your requirements.

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Best rated audio editing apps for android users! Download for free to compose what you want!

  1. 1. Best rated audio editing apps forBest rated audio editing apps for Android users! Download for free toAndroid users! Download for free to compose what you want!compose what you want!
  2. 2. Best rated audio editing apps for Android users!  Do we need to learn the ropes of recording music?  Do we need a music studio?  What about people who have never learned instruments but have a desire to compose a good song?  Are there any loop libraries or beat samples to download?
  3. 3.  The answer to these questions comes in an Android smartphone.  Not only pictures but you can also edit music, use looping libraries and beat samples to compose your song.
  4. 4. PocketBand  The best music editing app for Android with features such as 12-channels mixer with effects, 3- band parametric equalizer and automated PAN/VOL for each track channel FX delay, chorus, reverb, phaser, distortion, compressor and Mastering Toolbox.  Effects such as Polyphonic synthesizer, Drum machine, Modulator, Sampler and others.
  5. 5. Ringdroid  With this app you can create your own ringtones, alarms and notifications from existing music files, for your smartphones and tablets.  It does not and never will contain any ads.  This app is most popular in Play Store.
  6. 6. AudioTagger  Audio Tagger is an audio tag and an album cover art editor.  You can download album cover art online and organise the songs in your library.  You can Batch tag the whole album. It has one button search to list all albums in the sd-card.  AudioTagger supports file formats such as mp3, mp4,ogg,flac and wma.
  7. 7. Mp3 Ringtone Maker  This app helps you create ringtones, alarms and notifications from your MP3 music library.  Also known as MP3Ringtone Cutter is easy to use, just select the song, set the time duration and press SAVE.  This app supports formats like mp3, aac, ogg, wav, aiff, mid and many more.
  8. 8. DJ Spartacus Rex-Music & Audio  This is the most advanced mixing apps for Android with twin mixing decks which has super smooth 50fps OpenGL environment.  It has features such as Network Mode Multi-touch, AUTO-BPM detection and auto pitch set and a unique 4/4 Marked Beat system, coupled with an advanced AI.  The two versions are lite and pro.
  9. 9. Music Editor  Like the RingDroid app this also helps you create ringtones from music library.  It is more enhanced with respect to UI and comes with a lot of fixed bugs.  It is compatible with all versions of Android (1.6 to 4.1).
  10. 10. Editor Plus for Music Tapping  This app has also generated a lot of buzz on Google Play Store.  It helps you create your own music with this app.  The current version is 1.0, size is 3.2MB and is compatible for all Android versions.
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