Ichange Spring Camp 2013


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We're taught to listen only
Our opinions are seen as immature and hardly appreciated
That's why we create this camp- a place where Vietnamese pupils can raise their voices, speak their own minds=> activate self-leadership via international environment.

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Ichange Spring Camp 2013

  1. 1. ICHANGESPRING CAMP 2013 AIESEC FTU HCM“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of him is his personality.” Erich Fromm
  2. 2. CONTENT1. Overview2. JD for interns3. Intern’s Preparation & Benefits4. Intern Services & Reference
  3. 3. AIESEC FTU HCMC was officially LC Introductionestablished in September 2008 andbecame the first stable universitybased branch in Vietnam. We havemore than 3 years of operations with7 talented generations recruited fromForeign Trade University- the bestbusiness school in Vietnam.An award for our high determinationand excellent work is “the fastgrowing local chapter” in the term of2010-2011.Camp Introduction Mission • Create an environment for potential Vission exposure • Activate self-leadership through“ Activate self-leadership and culture differences raise global mindset” • Raise awareness of global mindset among students OCP OC OC OC OC Special OC External Finance Event Event Promotion Relation Logistics I. Overview
  4. 4. JD 1: Building session content of camp based on main theme developing self-leadership in a multicultural environment JD 2: Getting basic training in Camp Introduction, Vietnamese cultures and skills such as: customer focus, organizing events, etc JD 3: Running pre-events promoting for Camp JD 4: Conducting/Facilitating sessions in charge during Camp JD 5: Cooperate with AIESECers to meet and negotiate with schools where the camp will be run JD 6: Integrating with Vietnamese culture, especially with AIESEC FTU HCMC. Understanding Preparation Camp & After 1st Dec – 8th Dec 9st Dec – 14th Dec 15st Dec – 24th Dec •Set & Get •Build session •Facilitating sessions expectation with OC content (*) & •Commmunicate •Mutual prepare materials with campers Understanding •Run pre-events •Day-by-day •Get Training from (**) Feedback OC Team •Rehearsal •Fill in intern valuation form(*) Interns build activities in sessions with decided themes(**) Under consideration II. JDs for Intern
  5. 5. Internet user Laptop bringing Creativity TeamworkMeeting Attendance Limited Traveling Preparation Intern’s Benefits •Work in a multicultural environment (with other 9 nationalities) •Understand Vietnamese culture and people •Experience in building and organizing events •Develop creativity and Public Speaking •Widen networking III. Intern’s Preparation & Benefits
  6. 6. Intern ServicesPre internship During internship•Home-stay •Functional bonding•Program/Hostel (Fee required) •LC activities•Pick up Interns at Airport•Host introduction Post internship•Bus map Reading Skills •Intern feedback•Culture Shock training •Intern farewell party Reference TN Details: TN-In-VN-HF-2012-247 TN-In-VN-HK-2012-248Previous Interns’ facebook: TN-In-VN-HF-2012-249 TN-In-VN-HF-2012-250 TN-In-VN-HF-2012-251Susan Qiu: Susan Chiu TN-In-VN-HF-2012-252Wee Yee : Ve Yap TN-In-VN-HF-2012-253Agathe Brun : Agathe Brun TN-In-VN-HF-2012-254 TN-In-VN-HF-2012-255 IV. Intern Services & Reference
  7. 7. ICHANGESPRING CAMP 2013 AIESEC FTU HCMContact:Ms. Tran Ha GiangSkype: giang.tran56Email: tranhagiangftu2@gmail.com