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Magento Mobile Sales Tracking extension demo


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Magento Mobile extension for Tracking Sales

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Magento Mobile Sales Tracking extension demo

  1. 1. Magento Mobile Sales Tracking Follow the latest sales data of your e-store from any mobile device
  2. 2. HOW IT WORKS  Visit the extension page
  3. 3. WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT? Mobile Sales Tracking directly connect with your Magento system (no requirement for sharing your data with a third party), thus increasing the access speed and data security.  Visit the extension page
  4. 4. Login The login screen fits well in your mobile device  Visit the extension page
  5. 5. Sales data overview See the big picture of your sales performance from the dashboard  Visit the extension page
  6. 6. Total Sales You can see your monthly total sales.  Visit the extension page
  7. 7. Detailed report on bestsellers What products have sold well in the last 30 days? (The module counts the total number of items sold) Then use the data to build a suitable strategy to boost sales.  Visit the extension page
  8. 8. Detailed report on orders Keep track of your orders history to make sure they are processed well.  Visit the extension page
  9. 9. Search your orders precisely with filters  Visit the extension page
  10. 10. Get in touch with the customer Simply click on the ‘phone’ or ‘email’ icon on the order details page to help customer resolve any issue that may arise with an order.  Visit the extension page
  11. 11. Detailed report on customers  View your customer list with such basic details as email Visit the extension page address, phone number, location or order numbers.
  12. 12. Extension Configuration Build your custom dashboard  Visit the extension page
  13. 13. Try it your own  View Live Demo  Read more about the extension