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  1. 1. Champion Horse待售中的马匹详细价格内容,请咨询我司人员。
  2. 2. Champion Horse德国品种马匹(所在地:美国)
  3. 3. Champion HorseSp.Pr.Floradonna•Florestan/Donnerhall/Anduc•2005 Special Premium Mare•Dam of 2011 N.A. GOV Tour•Champion Dressage Filly•品种:德国 Oldenberg  •2005 特种优质母马•盛装舞步小雌马冠军
  4. 4. Champion HorseSandarach•Sandro Hit/Florestan/Donnerhall•2009 Stallion - GOV LicensedStallion•USDF Horse of the YearColt/Gelding - 4th•California Dressage SocietyChampion Colt•Gelding•2009 骟马 – GOV 认证骏马•USDF 年度奖项骟马级别第四•加州盛装舞步赛会骟马冠军
  5. 5. Champion HorseSimone•Sandro Hit/Florestan•2011 Filly & Foal ofDistinction•Champion Dressage Filly ofNorth American GOV Tour•2011 小雌马和马驹优秀奖项•北美 GOV 比赛盛装舞步的小母马冠军
  6. 6. Champion HorseBeata•Bellissimo M/SirDonnerhall•2012 Filly - Premium FoalAward• 2012 小雌马 - 高级雏鹰奖项
  7. 7. Champion HorseSlipstream•Sir Donnerhall/Pik’sPride•2009 Premium Mare•2009 年顶级母马奖项
  8. 8. Champion HorseDespina•Diamond Hit/SirDonnerhall•2012 Filly & Foal ofDistinction•2012 小雌马和马驹优秀奖项
  9. 9. Champion HorseAmelie•Ampere/Feiner Stern•2012 Filly & Foal ofDistinction•2012 小雌马和马驹的优秀奖项
  10. 10. Champion Horse德国品种马匹(所在地:德国)
  11. 11. Champion HorseCumberry Boy2008•Dark Bay Holsteiner gelding•by Canto, Cantus, limbus,Landgraf from the aloe v.Athlet Z, Capitol•2008 年出生•黑色•品种:德国 Holsteiner•骟马
  12. 12. Champion HorseChoklat Jagger2007Brown Holsteiner gelding byCarentan, Caretino, Contenderfrom the aloe by Athlet Z,Capitol, Fantus•2007 年出生•棕色•品种:德国 Holsteiner•骟马
  13. 13. Champion HorseCallgirl 2007Brown Holsteiner mare v. Stm162 cm Collini, Contender,Landgraf ad M v. Arielle AlexisZ, Caletto. to Horses - M (3rdplace) and Comb. V-Asuccessfully.•2007 年出生•棕色•品种:德国 Holsteiner•母马
  14. 14. Champion HorseChristina 2006Holsteiner mare byCartani, Taggi, Landgraf,dam by Athlet Z, Lord,Wahnfried•2006 年出生•品种:德国 Holsteiner•母马
  15. 15. Champion HorseFerentino  2006SPZ Oldenburg gelding, Stm 168cm by For Pleasure, Furioso adIndiana, indigo. Super huntinghorse, very comfortable withother horses to ride together inthe field, but also a good hobbyor sport horse.•2006 年出生•咖啡色•品种:德国 SPZ Oldenburg•骟马
  16. 16. Champion HorseMiss Buckley  2006•Dark brown mare from Ireland,Stm 168 cm, v. touchdowngaloubet, Alme ad BaronessClare v. Clare Baron, I `m A Star.•Successfully used in Ireland inHunter Trail and hunts.•2006 年出生•品种:爱尔兰•暗棕色•母马•STM168 厘米
  17. 17. Champion HorseCycilien   2003Brown Hanoverian mare byContendro Stm 168 cm,Contender ad Lara by LauriesCrusador xx, Grandeparagraph. To CIC *, wonseveral successful VL, placeddressage, ready for CIC.•2006 年出生•咖啡色•品种: 德国 Hanoverian•STM168 厘米
  18. 18. Champion HorseCarlos  •2002 brown Oldenburggelding SPZ•Stm 170 cm v. Cartello,Caretino, same mother asChepito. Carlos has several M-Spr. won.•2002 年•棕色•骟马•品种:德国 Oldenburg•STM170 厘米
  19. 19. Champion Horse其他品种马匹(所在地:德国)
  20. 20. Champion Horse• German mare• 8 years• 176cm tall• Jump 130cm• 品种: 德国马•  8 岁•  176 厘米高• 跳 130 厘米高
  21. 21. Champion Horse• Gelding• 7 years• 175cm tall• jumps 130-140cm• 骟马•  7 岁•  175 厘米高•  130 - 140 厘米的高度
  22. 22. Champion Horse• Mare• Holsteiner• 6 years• 170cm tall• Can jump 120cm• potential to jump higherfor more training•母马•德国 Holsteiner•6 岁•身高 170cm•能跳 120 厘米的高度•经过进一步训练能跳得更高
  23. 23. Champion Horse系我 :联 们Champion Horse黄先生; QQ:1416568073 ; :电话 18018772763先生;杨 QQ: 309502486 ; :电话 18018772764:电邮 ;座机: 020-34253427公司网站:谢谢 !