Why The Us Wants War


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Why The Us Wants War

  1. 1. Why to start a war? Back-stage of the American attack on Iraq in 1991 Source of information: University of Milan
  2. 2. Costs of Gulf War <ul><li>40 billions of dollars </li></ul>38 billions of euros
  3. 3. Who has paid them? <ul><li>You might think they have been paid by USA, but… </li></ul>But it is partially true only 40 Billions $ 25% of costs has been covered by USA (10 Billions $) 75% of costs has been covered by Arabian countries, especially Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (30 Billions $)
  4. 4. Where did they find that money? <ul><li>Oil price, before the war, was about 15 $ per barrell… </li></ul>… but with the Gulf War it increased to 42$ per barrel, generating an extra profit estimated to be at least 60 Billions di $ And who got this profit? In the Arabian country there is the so-called “fifty-fifty law”: 50% to local Government, 50% to the multi-national which controls the oil-field. Then…
  5. 5. Easy answer: <ul><li>Net profit from the price increase: 60 Billions $ </li></ul>30 Billions $ to oil companies 30 Billions to Arabian Government (Kuwait +Saudi Arabia)
  6. 6. Who owns oil companies? In the Middle East, oil drawing and trade is totally controlled by the 7 Sisters (Shell, Tamoil, Esso…), all Americans, 5 owned directly by USA Government. 30 Billions $ About 21 Billions $ to USA Government About 9 Billions $ to private Americans
  7. 7. Let’s count… 9 Billions $ profits Now it is clear… USA gained 20 $ Billions from the War! To liberate Kuwait? They just wanted to get money! 11Billions $ profits 21 Billions $ 10 Billions $ USA Government 9 Billions $ 30 Billions $ Profits from oil price increase 0 USA privates 0 30 Billions $ Arabian countries Results War costs
  8. 8. That is not all… <ul><li>At the end, who has paid the 1991 war in Iraq? </li></ul>Those who use oil… … then us!!!
  9. 9. Moreover… <ul><li>So USA, with the oil increase and war effects, has gained… </li></ul>11 Billions $ directly 49 Billions $ from effects!!!
  10. 10. But consider also this… <ul><li>2. Where the 40 Billions $ spent for the War are gone? </li></ul>To the war industry, which is almost totally… AMERICAN!!!
  11. 11. Remarks <ul><li>It is easy to imagine that the 1991 War was done for economical reasons and not for human reasons or freedom purposes </li></ul>But now it is also easier to understand 2 today issues: the reasons of Afghanistan War and most likely, next War in Iraq.
  12. 12. Remarks <ul><li>Especially, the Afghanistan War had as main target, the establishment of a puppet Government, which let the building of a oil pipeline (owned by Americans) 2,500 km long, across its territory. </li></ul>This pipeline, having strategic importance, has got a unique alternative: the building of another pipeline, 5,500 km long, much more expensive to be built and maintained, due to high taxes required from crossed countries to USA. Much easier, then, to destroy a country weakened by 20 years of War and make it a colony, having the opportunity to build the pipeline in peace.
  13. 13. Remarks <ul><li>To understand why Bush jr. wants to attack Iraq again, we need to know that USA is arguing with its main oil supplier in Middle East: Saudi Arabia. </li></ul>Break is getting serious, because Saudi Arabia is one of the most involved countries with Bin Laden terrorism, and because the international public opinion has pointed out the lack of human rights in this country. For Bush Government there is a priority now: find an alternative oil supplier in the Middle East.
  14. 14. Remarks <ul><li>The easiest way is to attack Iraq, remove Saddam and establish a puppet Government controlled directly by USA (as Bush already said it will be) </li></ul><ul><li>The spontaneous question is: Why Iraq? </li></ul><ul><li>For 3 simple reasons: </li></ul><ul><li>Iraq is a country who cannot defend itself (poverty due to embargo killed every year 300,000 children). </li></ul><ul><li>Iraq offers an easy pretext (mysterious mass-destruction weapons, which are developed having great technologies and capitals) to justify the attack to American public opinion, who ignore the real reason of the War: the control of oil. </li></ul><ul><li>At the moment, Iraq hasnot got any strong allied, to contrast American attack. </li></ul>
  15. 15. Last remarks Moreover, in the last 3 months, in Venezuela, the social revolution has broken out due to miserable life conditions of the people, controlled by the American oil multinationals Venezuela is the biggest United States oil supplier To find alternatives to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia is the main goal of Bush.
  16. 16. What to do? <ul><li>First of all, let as much as possible people know about real reasons of the war.If a person doesn’t know, he/she is easily controllable. If instead he/she can think with his/her mind, it is not impossible he/she will be against a barbarian war with economics reasons only. </li></ul>Support all the institutions and associations against this war. Translate this file into your language, to let people know. Show the peace flag on your balcony. All of us have to pay if this war starts.