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How to be safe in social networking


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How to be safe in social networking

Published in: Social Media
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How to be safe in social networking

  1. 1. How to be Safe in Social Networking
  2. 2. Social Networking sites and tools are exploding spontaneously these days and while some of these have breached the walls of the corporate firewalls, are a part of our most important smartphone apps, are also a vital tool for any job search and are the new way to connect with new and current friends. But using social networking sites and tools seems to be in direct conflict with the most important principle of using the internet which is to protect your information from identity theft.
  3. 3. Participating in any online social networking sites leaves a trail of any one’s personal information that can make stealing their identity a whole easier. To avoid this kind of circumstances each and every one of us should take responsibility for protecting ourselves and to make that possible here are some few tips that we can do for our own security:
  4. 4. Opening up and sharing some information online with others is one of the essence of social networking, but at some point there are some certain things that we should never do like sharing too much information online, and by doing this you can save yourself from identity theft and even protect your physical safety.
  5. 5. Since some of the social networking sites give their users the privacy control in their profile settings, always check the settings, privacy and configuration sections to see what options you have limited who and what groups can see a various aspect of your personal information.
  6. 6. Avoid accidentally share your personal details, always be aware of what information you will put out there which others might use for nefarious purposes.
  7. 7. Do some research in learning how sites can use your information since some of the social networking sites are typically free to use which means they are just making their money by advertising to you, which only means they are collecting information about you.
  8. 8. Searching your own name is a good idea. You can search your name on Google and check out your profile as others see it on social networking sites. See and understand where you show up and what information is available about you, and then adjust your settings, habits and profile appropriately.
  9. 9. Above all this you can avoid all the dangers that social networking sites can bring you by switching to private social networking site such as the Bebler private social Network app it has all the safety features that everybody are searching for when it comes to safety and security of a social network site, it is one of the most highly recommended and trusted providers of social networks on the internet. After all, there are bunch of social networking sites on the internet and choosing the best for us and for our family is what really matters most.
  10. 10. More info: be-safe-in-social-networking/