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Trainingportal #hms2013 aibel - ansetter 2000 personer på kort tid - hvordan ivareta hms


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Offshore og Energibransjens HMS-konferanse - Et initiativ fra Mintra Trainingportal i samarbeid med Offshore Media Group.

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Trainingportal #hms2013 aibel - ansetter 2000 personer på kort tid - hvordan ivareta hms

  1. 1. Aibel ansetter 2000 personer på kort tid –Hvordan ivaretas HMS?Offshore og Energibransjens HMS-konferanse, Stavanger 05.02.2013Kjetil Sævareid, Vice President Modifications
  2. 2. Contents■ Aibel in brief■ Growth and HSE results■ People, values and leadership■ HSE in Aibel
  3. 3. Company history & major events 1882 1993 2000 2004 2007 2012 Elektrisk Bureau ABB Offshore Technology ABB Offshore ABB Offshore Aibel is Aibel is (EB) is established (later named ABB Systems Systems is acquired owned by Offshore Systems) is acquires UMOE acquired by an by Ferd Ferd and established Oil & Gas international and Ratos investor group. Herkules 1900 1990 Vetco International is established with subsidiaries Vetco Gray and VetcoHaugesund Mekaniske UMOE AibelVerksted (HMV) is established acquires HMV Changes in the ownership of Aibel Contract signed on December 17th 2012
  4. 4. Company overview■ Industry pioneer with a 100 year old history■ Eight locations in Norway and four internationally■ Staff of 5.600 worldwide■ Annual turnover of approximately 10,5 billion NOK (2012)■ Backlog of 20 BNOK + options 19 BNOK
  5. 5. Scope of servicesAibel is a leading service company within the oil, gas and renewable energy industry Concept studies Engineering Fabrication Maintenance FEED Procurement Installation Operational support System completion Decommissioning
  6. 6. Business units MMO Modification Field development Wind■ Long term onshore ■ Modifications to ■ New offshore ■ New offshore and offshore MMO existing offshore installations and facilities, AC/DC contracts installations and onshore plants platforms onshore plants ■ International ■ Maintenance and FPSO market facility services
  7. 7. Current projects MMO Field Development ■ Statoil M&M, onshore and ■ Gudrun Topsides offshore ■ Troll 3-4 ■ GEM Contract – Conoco Phillips ■ CO2 Technology Centre ■ Ula F&G - BP ■ OSX3 Thailand Modifications Wind ■ Snorre Robustness ■ Dolwin Beta ■ K-Lab & KDP (Kårstø) ■ Oseberg C & D ■ NCP – Ekofisk ■ Visund Sør ■ Skuld ■ Draugen EPCM ■ Gullfaks B
  8. 8. Organic growth in 2011 – 2012■ Net increase of 1834 employees 9000 (incl. temps), equal an increase of 8000 48% 1308 Hired in Manual ■ Average of 87 per month 7000 Workers 975 Hired in Non Manual 6000 w orkers■ Net increase of 3168 employees and 479 5000 hired ins, equal an organic growth of 434 Apprentices 67% 4000 515 Temporary ■ Average of 151 per month Employees 3000 5071 Permanent 2000 Employees 3661 1000 0 31.12.2010 31.10.2012
  9. 9. HSE results - 2012Area Objective KPI FY Target Result Des. KPI Des. HSE Serious Lost Time Injuries Last twelve months rolling 0 1 Serious incident frequency last twelve HSE Serious Incident Rate (SIR) < 0,7 0,6 months rolling pr. million working hours TRIR last twelve months rolling per HSE Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) < 3,5 3,2 million working hours Falling object frequency last twelve HSE Falling Object Frequency (FOF) < 0,7 0,4 months rolling pr. million working hours HSE Sick leave Sick leave calender year to date < 3,5% 3,36
  10. 10. Values, People, and Leadership Guiding our behaviour and describing what we expect from our company, our people and our leaders.
  11. 11. Career phasesYoung in Aibel Aibel Academy Senior Policy■ Professional and ■ Leadership development ■ Extend career beyond social network ■ Management in projects 62 years old ■ Advance development ■ Mentor role; shareTraining programs experience with■ Introduction young/new employees programme Job opportunities■ Aspire development ■ Internal job opportunities programme
  12. 12. HSE in Aibel – supporting groups■ Working Environment Committee (Arbeidsmiljøutvalg, AMU)■ Local HSE Committees■ Health committees, central and local■ Safety delegate system: Employee involvement■ Company Health Care provider (BHT)
  13. 13. Safety Delegates – The Elected Safety Service ■The Safety Delegates are responsible for safeguarding the interests of the employees in matters concerning the working environment. ■The Elected Safety Service has an inspection function and the Safety Delegates participate in safety walkabouts.© 200813
  14. 14. HSE Management System■ Strategy, Policy and Key Performance Indicators■ Processes, work instructions and supporting documentation■ HSE Programmes and action plans (Company, locations and projects)■ Competence and training■ Reporting, follow up and continuous improvement■ HSE organisation: Managers, process owners and resources■ Working Environment Committees
  15. 15. HSE Training■ Basic HSE training ■ HSE introduction for all new employees ■ HSE introduction for yard (all) ■ Basic HSE training (40 hrs basic course) mandatory for Safety delegates, representatives of "AMU" and HSE Committees and line managers■ Compulsory HSE training (recorded in SAP/Dawinci) ■ Safety training ■ Olf guidelines (SJA/AT) ■ Client specific HSE requirements■ Special training: ■ Example: Tools and equipment■ Training in industry regulations (Petroleum)
  16. 16. HSE follow up■ Local activity plans■ Project activity plans■ Specific work instructions for fabrication sites(examples) ■ HSE Specific Requirements and Information: HSE meetings, PPE, check lists, etc. ■ Minimum Safety Requirements Aibel Yards ■ Prevention of falling objects■ Management programme “HSE – My responsibility!”■ Campaigns■ Training■ Project specific HSE incentive (good safetyperformance)
  17. 17. HSE Implementation - ”HSE myresponsibility”■ HSE Management Program ■ ”HSE – my responsibility!” defines and gives a common understanding of the HSE responsibility of each manager in Aibel projects■ Implementation ■ In every project ■ This will be further improved by implementing all employees and managers in the same program.
  18. 18. HSE Implementation - Campaigns
  19. 19. HSE Implementation - Posters
  20. 20. HSE Competence Management
  21. 21. HSE 2011 – 2012: Work at heights■ New scaffolding procedure■ Campaign “Prevent falling objects”■ Aibel a part of “Samarbeid for sikkerhet”improvement groups for industry recommendations■ Focus day: stand – how to secure equipment■ New training hall for documented training “Workat heights” 3 hours for Gudrun and Troll project
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention
  23. 23. ©2008