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Trainingportal Competence Days 2013 - Lars Helge Strand - Ocean Rig


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Trainingportal Competence Days 2013 - Lars Helge Strand - Ocean Rig

  1. 1. Working globally with TrainingportalLars Helge Strand, Training Supervisor 24.04.13
  2. 2. Ocean Rig 2013Ultra deepwater drilling contractor.2 Semis: Leiv Eiriksson and Eirik Raude4 Drillships: Corcovado, Olympia, Poseidon and Mykonos3 Drillships delivered 3rd and 4th quarter 2013: Mylos,Skyros and Athena1 Drillship delivered 1st quarter 2015: ApolloAt present roughly 1300 offshore employees, 1800 by endof year. 25 nationalities.Main office in Athens, Operating hubs in Stavanger, Rioand Luanda. HR-department located in Aberdeen.Increasing focus on competence in audits. Client,Authorities, Classification societies.
  3. 3. Operating globally…
  4. 4. Situation May 2012OR committed to Mintra as corporate LMS1300 employees – > 8000 user profilesTP had not been maintained properly for years.Badly thought out structure and packages had led to lowcompletion percentages.Satellite bandwidth and window dressing hadslowed down the system.The brand needed to be rebuilt internally.No dual language content (Brazil/Angola).Far too many people had access to the system.Growing pains!
  5. 5. Training set upExternal training covers legal and client requirements.Subject to Flag and Class – Training Coordinators.Station bill and area of operation.Examples: HUETS, BST, Well Control, G20.Internal training covers what OR defines as importantfor positions – Training Supervisor.Examples: Vessel safety induction, equipmentcompetence, procedural knowledge.Some external requirements can be covered by coursesin the LMS.Internal training is also subject to auditing, but not ashow stopper.Trainingportal and OCS integrated, training completion inTP is streamed into OCS.
  6. 6. 3 regimesTraining Matrix Vendor training Mintra• OCS• Minimum requiredtraining• Station Bill/EmergencyPreparedness• External providers, costly• International standardsSTCW, ISM• Minimum Safe Manning• Subject to audit• Training Coordinators• OCS• Equipment training• External providers, costly• Not required, but oftenrecommended.• Training Coordinators, atdiscretion of Rigmanagers• Trainingportal• Internally defined• Position packages• Courses/competences• User driven• Managed on board• Some required training• Training Supervisor• Subject to audit
  7. 7. ChallengesExtreme variations in competence of local content: Language,skills, computer literacy and attitudes.Visa policy used to enforce development of local personnel.National legislation can differ greatly.Client requirements are not standardized.Flag state and STCW requirements in constant development.Training on offer is often country specific. UK built courses willrefer to UK legislation, Norwegian courses will refer to Ptil etc.At moment no courses in line with Brazilian legislation.Audits challenge accountability. Who has approved, and inaccordance with which criteria?
  8. 8. OpportunitiesClient interest in training constantly increasing.Replace costly conventional training with e-learning.Solve training needs quickly when off the shelfcourses are available.Perform part of training onboard – popularsolution internationally.Manage training from remote location.Roll out training in other languages than English.Attach documentation.
  9. 9. SolutionsPut in place a strategy for use and development of the LMS.Designate one person to take ownership. Improved quality ofdatabase, information up to date, knowledge of content.Technical support handled by one Mintra employee. Improvescommunication tremendously. And Mintra will get a far betterpicture of OR requirements.Separate OR employees and 3rd party. The majority of accountsare 3rd party, and will pollute the reports if mixed with ORpersonnel.Use Mintra publisher to build dual language courses.Trainingportal Offline eliminates running of courses via Satellite.WIZARD AT WORK
  10. 10. Trainingportal offlineSatellite links (speed and bandwidth) have hampered onlinetraining. Courses have been extremely slow to run.Olympia first ship in the world to get the Offline Trainingportalin June 2012.All courses loaded onto servers on board, enabling to runthem at the intended speed.User data synchronized with main database every 24 hours.Offline courses have led to a surge in training on the unitswhere this is installed.Dedicated training computers set up within the companynetwork onboard.At present Offline installed on 5 out 6 units.Requires maintenance: uploading and updating of courses.
  11. 11. Mintra PublisherWeb based course building tool.Allows for building of multi-language coursesinstead of having two separate courses for samemodule.User interface in selected language: próximo instead of next.Develop ppt for course, get ppt translated, changecontent.Also allows for interactive exercises as drag anddrop, click on correct object etc.
  12. 12. Dropped objects orQueda de objectosRolled out fleetwide November 1st 2012
  13. 13. Portuguese content…Portal and notifications are dual language.10 dual language training modules publishedto Mintra in August, Angola enrolledSeptember, Brazil November.Dropped objects course developed with QHSEAngola, published in English and PortugueseNovember 1st.In total 15 dual language courses built.All new courses will be dual language.If capacity permits old courses will be rebuilt todual language.
  14. 14. Feedback – Excerpts from Total SQM appraisalAngolanization / Training: OR proactive &ahead of set targets. all the moreimpressive since ORO was working in adifferent country before the start of thecontract hence had to adapt quickly toreach the local content target.Note that this was done withoutcompromising general HSE or operationalperformancesTarget is to reach 50% Local Content after18months.ORO uses MINTRA, a web based learning program.ORO selected 10 courses from the above program which were translated intoPortuguese – these were cascaded to Brazil where OR has 2 drillships operating.Target is for all ORO to reach 100% completion of the training course program (Expat+Local) - completion rate end of November 2012 is 73%
  15. 15. Future developments…• Focus on rolling out new and updated position packages fleetwide.• Improve accountability with new competence tracking system.• Documentation to added when competence is greened out.• All new courses to be dual language.• Launch an internal Training & Development discussion forum to ensure commonsource of information and discussion fleetwide.• Revision and translation of older courses.• Further integration between Trainingportal and personnel management systemOCS.• Attempt to get TP data into dashboard.• Replace conventional training with e-learning where possible/natural.• Revise customer relationship with Mintra, goal to establish a free use portfolio ofcourses.