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Conference is Just Two Clicks Away


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Check out the 2012 Minnesota Mentoring Conference live streaming option.

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Conference is Just Two Clicks Away

  1. 1. The conference is just 2 clicks awayBefore the conference, those who have registered and paid for the live-streaming option will receive anemail that includes a link to this page. Enter your name, click enter room, and voila! Need to step away for awhile and come back? No problem. You can go in and out of the conference as often as you want, using thesame link and the same simple process.**For best video and sound quality, a hard-wired internet connection is recommended.
  2. 2. Slides Chat and ask questions here Attendee list – see who else is participating remotelyRemote participant viewThis is an example of what you will see on your desktop after you “enterthe room.” In this example, you see two presenters, one in-person andthe other participating remotely.
  3. 3. 2 presenters – 1 in person, 1 remoteFor the Stump the Evaluator workshop, Dr. David DuBois will be in-person forthe workshop and Dr. Michael Karcher will be presenting remotely, from SanAntonio, TX! We will have a black “pipe & drape” background hanging behindthe podium to make the in-person presenter more visible on screen.
  4. 4. View with no slides, cameras and chat onlyWhen the presenters are done presenting slides and transition to Q&Awith attendees, the camera views can be enlarged.
  5. 5. In-person participant viewIf you are coming to Minnesota and attending one of the live-streamed workshops, this iswhat it will look like in the room. You will see the live presenter, of course, but you will alsobe able to see and read comments from virtual participants. And, in the Stump the Evaluatorsession, you will see Dr. Michael Karcher on screen, presenting from San Antonio, TX.A microphone in the room will allow online participants to hear comments and questionsfrom the in-person attendees as well.
  6. 6. In person and remote participants see the same screenIf you are sitting in the audience, you are seeing the exact same screen asremote participants, sitting in their conference room, at their desk, or ontheir couch!
  7. 7. Want to participate on your iPad?This gives you an idea of what it would look like. You will see the video of thespeaker, any slides or visuals being projected, the chat box so you can interactwith other participants and the presenter(s), and the attendee list.