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Open Badges: IBM Initiative to Attract, Engage and Progress Talent


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David Leaser, IBM

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Open Badges: IBM Initiative to Attract, Engage and Progress Talent

  1. 1. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Open Badges IBM’s Initiative to Attract, Engage and Progress Talent DAVID LEASER Senior Program Manager, IBM @david_leaser
  2. 2. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Badging will generate thousands of IBM brand instances dripping into LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook every day. LinkedIn profiles with certifications/badges receive 6X more views. What is an Open Badge? • Digital emblem which symbolizes skills and achievements • Contains metadata with skills tags and accomplishments • Easy to share in social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, blogs • Tethered to IBM to validate and verify achievement • Based on Mozilla’s Open Badges standard Three topline benefits: • IBM: Differentiates IBM, increases our pool of talent, provides continuous engagement and progression • Earners: Instant recognition. Captures a complete skills profile, from structured training to code building • Employers: Provides IBM customers and BPs with verified “nano-level” skills data on employees and potential hires. An overview of Open Badges
  3. 3. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Explorer Knowledge Completes a quiz or assessment Advocate Skills Demonstrates a skill or has applied the skill Inventor Capabilities Designs and develops new solutions Certified Authority Has completed a solution, certification or developed a certification Excellence Eminence Deep understanding of highly complex subjects IBM’s Open Badge Levels
  4. 4. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Big Data University Case Study: 14 Online Courses
  5. 5. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Use cases for badges affect every area of the business at IBM
  6. 6. #OpenBadges @david_leaser The ROI of Open Badges is significant
  7. 7. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Open Badges are driving the behavior we want: "I find the badge program a great way of learning and hope more badge options will be offered soon.” ********** "In a recent interview, this badge gave me a chance to elaborate about a learning activity that helped improve my skills.“ ********** "More people are viewing my LinkedIn profile after adding the IBM badge to my list of accomplishments.”
  8. 8. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Social Media Impact: 2.5 million potential views for every 10,000 badges
  9. 9. #OpenBadges @david_leaser An Important Benefit: Digital badging creates a consolidated skills registry capturing all achievements across IBM
  10. 10. #OpenBadges @david_leaser IBM Open Badges have already been issued to more than 100 countries, creating a nanoskill registry and a lead generation database
  11. 11. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Dynamic Labor Market Data is built into every badge we issue through Acclaim.
  12. 12. #OpenBadges @david_leaser IBM’s “Getting Started” Checklist 1. Identify your badgeable activities (who, what, where, when, why and how many) 2. Determine how you will assess completion, track and maintain attendees 3. Complete a badge program profile 4. Meet with badge team to review and implement 5. Establish a landing page for the activity – badge needs to point to an external page 6. Incorporate persuasive messaging into the activity and notifications 7. Issue badges and notify badge earners 8. Survey and measure results
  13. 13. #OpenBadges @david_leaser IBM’s Lessons Learned 1. Develop a solid communication plan. 2. Badge issuer must own the relationship with the badge earner. 3. Build consent (privacy, info sharing) into the activity. 4. Provide strong benefits statements (marketing) into the intro letter to badge earner. 5. Follow the template for badge landing pages. 6. Add certification / skills paths into the metadata for all badges. 7. Retro badges are less successful; limit time period to 90 days. 8. Names are important: nobody wants a “newbie” badge.
  14. 14. #OpenBadges @david_leaser Thank You! Web Page: @david_leaser